The Ghost of Hippocrates

The ancient cult of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, existed for approximately a thousand years and was a competitor to early Christianity. In fact, Socrates dying words were said to be a tribute to Asclepius. Alexander the Great was also said to visit the temple. Spread across the Mediterranean these healing centers would be set atop a hill in a secluded area often by a stream among trees and nature. Along the path to the temple patrons would see testimonials on placards of wood or marble in ancient Greek and Latin of those healed of various illnesses. As they approached the temple they would see a statue of Asclepius, a young bearded man, subduing a lion to sleep. The ritualized process of cleansing and seclusion would last days until they finally enter the temple. Those with clean minds and imbued with faith were instructed to enter the temples. They would be greeted by Asklipian physician priests and then guided to a ritual bathing area with chanting and drums in the background.

There was an inner chamber for the priests and an outer chamber for the patients. Once in the outer chamber healing remedies were utilized. An inventory of the patient’s physical status was taken. Herbs and ointments were provided. Healthy diets and exercise were often prescribed. At times even paradoxical prescriptions were prescribed with success. The hypnotic induction was long as it was acted out literally over days.

The ancient cult of Asclepius was a dream and hypnosis cult. As patients waned in and out of trance into a dream like state, they were given healing suggestions. During the night in an induced trance or dreamlike state, Asclepius, or more likely, a priest dressed as Asclepius, would roam about the chamber with a staff in his right hand and a non venomous yellow and black snake in his left hand. Asclepius would lay his staff on patients, even allow the snake to lick the patient while providing healing suggestions. In this all too real symbolic healing process Asclepius would often revisit the patient in the dream state and additional impart healing words. Then in the morning their dreams were ‘interpreted’ by the priests, thus, reinforcing the healing effect. Of course, surgeries and other procedures were implemented too. Essentially it was a combination of cognitive, affective, behavioral, social, physical, and spiritual therapies.

The staff and the snake of course make up the caduceus of modern western medicine, as Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, was an Asklipian physician priest on the island of Kos in ancient Greece. The sacred Hippocratic oath to ‘first do no harm’ is said to originate in this dream and hypnosis cult. This may surprise many, however, it shouldn’t, as a review of the scientific literature will show more medical studies involving hypnosis than mental health.

Sadly, over the past two and a half years the sacred Hippocratic oath has been decimated. Most physicians have looked the other way and dismissed questions about safety and efficacy regarding Covid shots, and have done little to no investigations on their own. Some denied informed consent out of political allegiance, others out of fear, and others out of genuine ignorance and blind trust in authority. For those of us that actually paid attention to the data these crimes are inexcusable. The dangers of these Covid gene therapy experiments were represented early in the VAERS data and elsewhere. The pharmacists are equally guilty. In fact, in many cases, they assisted the government in thwarting the honest doctors that attempted to provide early treatment of Covid with Ivermectin and other off label medications.

The basic human right to informed consent enshrined in the Nuremberg Code and codified into U.S. law stems from this precept to ‘first do no harm’. Doctors have not provided informed consent, pharmacies have not provided informed consent, big tech and bid media have blocked informed consent, corporations and governments have denied informed consent and coerced medical treatment, and hospital systems denied medical treatment to those that have not been injected with Covid gene therapy shots.

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