California, Here They Go.

Right back where they started from

“California, here I come right back where I started from. Where Bowers of flowers bloom in the sun. Each morning at dawning, birdies sing an’ everything. A sunkist miss said, “Don’t be late” that’s why I can hardly wait. Open up that Golden Gate,

California here I come.”

Al Jolson, 1946

I grew up in Santa Barbara county (Goleta) and attended Dos Pueblos High School. Our families lived in the area. I worked in the Lemon and Avocado orchards. We still have family and friends there. Having a young wife and hoping to build a family, I decided to try to get “an education”. With no inheritance or savings, the only option open to me was (what was then) the amazing community college system that the State of California provided. I graduated from Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) in 1982 with an associates degree in computer science. I was the class president and the valedictorian. My GPA was a perfect 4.0 (as high as you could get back then). I don’t say this to brag – but rather because it is important to this story.

In the 1990s, after I finished my MD and had become somewhat “famous” for inventing DNA/RNA vaccines – (when all the world cared about about was the DNA vaccines), Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) had promotional brochures made to help convince people to donate to the college building fund. Those brochures featured me heavily. Below is an image from the brochure. I was proud to support SBCC, and this was not the only time that I did so freely.

My, how things change.

Fast forward to February of 2022. A SBCC student contacted me in 2021 and asked if I would come and speak to the students at SBCC about my role in the creation of the mRNA vaccines, the COVID-19 policies, mandates, etc. I happily agreed and decided not to charge a fee. I then suggested that they add a VIP dinner, where the funds raised could go back to the college – and in particular I requested that the money go to the Santa Barbara Foundation.

Planning proceeded. Until this.

SBCC foundation President was hesitant to put their name on it yet because you are “far right” and a “pariah” …

In the end, the SBCC Foundation refused donations from the event. Then Santa Barbara City College didn’t want a student event with someone as controversial as me using their stadium. I think the SBCC leaders also used some pretty strong words to describe me -but as I don’t have the exact quote, I won’t write it here.

So, we had to find another venue, and the money raised instead went to a newish group called: “Stand Up Santa Barbara.” Which are basically students and supporters of SBCC who believe that corruption, including the COVID-10 vaccine mandate policies, can not be allowed to stand.

Being called “far right” and a “pariah” by the Santa Barbara CC Foundation is laughable. In fact, I am kind of still shaking my head in disbelief – “far right” – really?

I can only imagine what woke politics have infiltrated the SBCC Foundation and SBCC. They would rather turn down thousands of dollars (maybe tens of thousand of dollars), than.. you know, that I might taint their reputation by being associated with some greenbacks. Wow!

Now – I can laugh about this and do. But behind that laugh is sadness. Sadness not just because of “my” treatment, but what it means about the state of affairs of SBCC and the Santa Barbara CC Foundation. How woke can they go? Over me?

When a public institution will not allow speakers on campus because their politics or policy stances don’t match those of the institution’s leaders. When a non-profit foundation won’t allow donations from people who don’t have the same politics. Do you think maybe they are making decisions on grants and scholarships for students using these same types of criteria? Why wouldn’t they? Because if the SBCC foundation won’t take money raised by me, do you think they would give money to someone who shares my beliefs?

But let us hope that as goes SBCC, the SBCC Foundation and the State of California, this great nation does not follow.

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