Police and Military....Atten-hut!

Remember the Constitution?  Didn’t you take a solemn oath to defend it? How far would you go in violating someone’s rights? When do you say nein, nicht, niet,… NO?

Would you squander your personal integrity or very life for a corrupted government?  Why would you obey orders from tyrants drooling over the spoils of yet another resource grab?

Police and military members are the most dedicated protectors of society, but many times you are forced to do reprehensible things.  That situation needn’t be!  You will be asked to  arrest or murder,… against every fiber of your conscience. Your perfectly “legal” crimes will haunt you forever.  You will live with the shame that you didn’t stand up and refuse.  How did they strip away your innate sense of morality?  How were you tricked into becoming a troop of baboons bent on enforcing chickenshit “laws” or participate in mass mayhem?

A number of sheriffs refused to enforce inane covid regulations. Brave soldiers in Viet Nam tossed grenades into officers’ tents because they were suicidally gung-ho. Students were shot at Kent State for opposing a fake war.  Politicians and their paranoid police chiefs need to control the public with force once their propaganda campaigns wear thin.  Generals must prove their loyalty by ordering men to do the unthinkable, just to be given stars and juicy board positions with defense contractors. To say no means loss of a job or court martial, while following orders can result in Nuremberg-style convictions.  You’re a pawn, screwed either way in this “Strange-lovian” game of Catch 22.

They praise your service and hold motorcades to “honor your deaths” as they spout tired platitudes to honor themselves and justify their dubious decisions.  To besmirch a dead “Hero” like warmonger John McCain is a mortal sin according to all those other “Honorable” neo-cons participating in mass murder. They blanket the networks and question your patriotism with loud voices from the summit of hypocrisy.  The list of genocidal hawks and defense industry shills is longer than a rattlesnake’s belly.  Real men of honor despise these vipers.

TV, Hollywood and recruitment commercials glamorize SWAT agents and Elite units, poisoning the minds of young men and women. Guns and uniforms confer superpowers?  If you are considering a career in the military because you think it is cool, you fell for the promise of benefits or are driven by poverty; please consider other options.  If you are in service, remember following unconscionable orders can result in imprisonment or execution if the slow wheels of justice should ever turn.  Police departments frequently quash protests or provoke violence to justify force or simply allow demonstrations to escalate into looting and full-blown riots.  Whistleblowers are unwelcome.  Every administration in recent history has been guilty as hell of false flag operations and multiple war crimes claiming national defense.  Only a mountain of bullshit can distract “some of the people” from the truth, but not all of the people or their innate sense of justice.

Many thousands of veteran suicides and countless homeless soldiers prove the actual level of regard your government has for you. Just another empty shell-casing.  The VA gave you anti-depressants which didn’t help your PTSD and ignored underlying causes of cancers and other diseases. Did you sign up for extreme stress, lousy foods, numerous vaccinations and medications, battlefield concussions, toxic burn pits and the heavy metals and depleted uranium you poured out on a make-believe enemy…..And maybe the shame at participating in such a fiasco haunts you.  Proud intentions became your slow sickening demise.  Who loves ya baby?  Certainly not your Uncle Sam.

The demonstrations you stopped violated our rights of assembly.  Your missions were said to bring freedom and democracy to insubordinate countries but yielded only chaos, failed states, mass migrations and death while the elite architects of the empire gained unimaginable wealth from unwinnable imaginary wars of aggression.

Anyone who stands up for peace and an end to bloody genocides is shouted down by the traitors in charge calling these real patriots “treasonous.”  Doesn’t it hurt your heads to hear their backward accusations and upside down speeches?  Or the way media warps all perspective by magnifying politically chosen events and hiding those not aligned with the narrative. They play on emotions and game the blame.  Recent school shootings are now of paramount importance, with blame laid purely on guns by the sly scum who surround themselves with armed agents but wish to leave you defenseless.  What about thousands of innocent kids vaporized by drones?  The millions dead from bad foods, bad drugs and a bad pharma-medical monopoly… or the doctor suicides brought on by stress and built-in failure?  Deaths by fentanyl, traffic accidents, economically-driven crime or the aforementioned suicides get lost in deference to political agendas. Their wrong-headed solutions are never cheap?

Parades for war dead are possibly the most ironic. Why weep for lost warriors in wars that never needed to happen?  There is an old saying, “What if they threw a war and nobody came?”  It’s easy to go along to get along, but to all men and women of conscience in uniform; “politely refuse to participate in any violations of human rights and the U.S. Constitution.” They can call it a strike or mutiny or disobeying orders.  When others put their foot down and say No, and mean it, they may listen.  If not, remember the Praetorian guard of Ancient Rome who stopped several evil emperors from believing they were gods….here they can simply be arrested.

We are reaching a point of no return if not surpassed it.  Government policies are becoming untenable at home and abroad. Police and military are our last lines of defense.  You are sworn to protect the public.  If you fail, you can dig yourselves and your children out of the ashes…carrying the guilt for what you could have prevented.

How long will civilizations be anchored in our simian past? How long will greedy alpha-chimps rule the world?  The planet has been horribly mismanaged; mostly in recent technological centuries.  Burgeoning populations have deforested and polluted Earth and her oceans with modern innovations in toxic chemical agriculture and industry.  Man has been enslaved by inappropriate technologies, yet cries for more clever solutions to fix the inherently retrograde “advances” that sourced our problems.  How were gentle homo sapiens reduced to a species of killer apes?  We were blinded by “science” and left confused and dependent on monopoly  products.  The same monopolies destroyed traditional resources, small businesses and family farms leaving zero alternatives in the sick sick world they designed. In order to pull this off they buried common sense and human compassion.  With robotics, AI, non-personal communications and computer driven production, many have become useless to the system and will be depopulated six-ways to Sunday.

Perhaps Bible prophecy was meant for the first few centuries A.D., or maybe applies to today?  Either way and otherwise the future is yet to be written. If we ignore current realities, we will fall into the dusty pages of history.  Cops and soldiers can prevent what seems inevitable, but only through the support of freedom-loving men with a mass vision for a viable tomorrow.

We spend our days hypnotized in the sameness of a status quo, but refuse to read the writing on the wall.  One day the bottom must drop out.

In the immortal words of Bob Marley….

Reflexes had the better of me
And what is to be must be
Every day the bucket a-go a well
One day the bottom a-go drop out
One day the bottom a-go drop out