Children of The Free States #2

Young lovers of the future across two worlds.

The first letter from Olivia (Oregon) to Jacob (Texas) was published here in February. Please share these letters with other Good Citizens if you enjoy them.

“I know what’s out there. I’ve seen a different time. I’ve seen a different world with my own eyes.” – Olivia

“I guess people around here ain’t never been easy to push around. They tried it many times and each time they pushed, people around here just pushed back harder.” – Jacob


United States of America
Guthrie, Texas

June 18, 2049

Dear Olivia and Francine,

Your letters came a couple weeks ago and I was meaning to write you back sooner but I started a new job and they got me working long hours on the ranch. I’m on a different ranch now near Guthrie, which is on the other side of Lubbock. It’s a bigger outfit and they’re giving me lots of responsibilities pretty quickly so I got to constantly be on top of things.

I’m sorry about using the wrong vaccine box to hide the chip with my letters last time. I’ll use the ones you sent from Oregon just as you said. I couldn’t bear the thought of getting you all in trouble because of my carelessness. You have to understand it’s much easier here to send things, to do anything. We just don’t need to be sneaky about nothing.

It makes me sad thinking about all those vaccines they give you there. We got all the same viruses but nobody takes none of those shots here. At least nobody I know. They still have them but people get to choose if they take it or not and since there was so much lying in the past, a lot of people just don’t trust that those shots do any good at all. From what I seen they do nothing but harm. I can send you all kinds of studies and digital books that show most of these shots increase the chance of death in healthy people. And that’s why it makes me sad that they risk harming you over there for something that don’t even do nothing. A person ought to be free to decide what they put in their body. They ought to at least be told the truth about what it is they’ll be putting in their body. At least that’s how folks around here feel about it.

I know they keep all this from you with your own networks and all that, but you should know most people here believe the state ain’t got no right to tell them how to live their lives cause the state gets their power from the people and only the people. The people don’t get their rights from the state. And our lives come from God or nature and those laws are different, they’re sacred and not to be messed with by the government. That’s what my grandpop George always taught me, from a young age. You said you really wanted to know what makes free states so different, well, that’s probably it.

When I read those words in your letter, “They can take away my body, restrict my movement, but my spirit will always be free” well that’s just about one of the most beautiful things I ever read. I think folks around here take their freedoms for granted sometimes. They don’t think too much about what you all deal with in them blue states even though most people there don’t know they ain’t free.

We know all the things they do to you over there, and whenever we learn something new it makes us more determined to stay free. At least it ought to, but like I said, sometimes people get caught up in a spell, where life just keeps going and they get stuck in a routine and the blue states and free states grow farther apart and the liberation movement dies down.

The liberation movement was a group of free states that was planning to combine their armies and go in and liberate neighboring blue states. For many years it was being planned, but the federal government put a stop to it believing that a few blue states secretly had nuclear weapons. The separation agreement said that all socialist states had to get rid of those weapons in order to peacefully leave the republic and declare their independence. But they say China pretty much controls you all now and they gave you nuclear weapons and that ended the liberation movement. Though there still are some patriot movements planning actions, especially in the Arizona panhandle to cut off New Mexico and Colorado since they could be liberated from all directions. There’s also lots of people against liberating blue states. They say it’ll be too big of a shock to the people there and cost too much money in reintegration. They think blue state folks dug their own graves, and now they best lay in them.

I don’t know what people there think about all that. I assume not much at all if they don’t know anything about it. It’s probably easy to keep you all in the dark there if they allow only certain stories to be told about what happens in the world.

I honestly don’t know what to tell you sometimes. I just worry if I give you too much information too fast it could be like a shock or something. Well, I ought to not spend so much time on depressing subjects. I told myself before I started writing to stay mostly positive and here I am rambling about liberation movements. I guess I just see horrible injustice in how they treat you all there and to know we used to all be one people and one nation. I just don’t see why we can’t go back to that again.

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