Roe v. Wade Leak Was Deep State ‘Propaganda Operation’ to ‘Radicalize’ Abortion Debate, Influence Justices

‘The embarrassing silence of the Hierarchy’ on ‘Catholic’ politicians like Joe Biden who support abortion, said Archbishop Viganò, ‘reveals itself as a confirmation of the sense of inferiority of those who ought to be wisely leading the people entrusted to their care, but who instead are following them off the edge of a cliff along with the politicians whom the bishops supported in the last electoral campaign.’

In recent days, the media has leaked the news that, according to a draft obtained from the Supreme Court of the United States, the justices of the Court are about to declare that the Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973, is unconstitutional and must be overruled. 

First of all, a widespread misunderstanding needs to be clarified: this potential decision of the Supreme Court does not address the moral legitimacy of abortion, but rather whether the 1973 decision conforms to the Constitution of the United States with respect to the sovereignty of the individual states. It is not therefore addressing an ethical or moral question with regard to the legitimacy of abortion, but rather a question of jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under the Constitution. 

The vulnus [wound] that the Roe v. Wade decision inflicted on the sovereignty of the states of the Union is a constitutional matter, and the justices will have to make a ruling on it as such. 

It is significant that this aspect of the decision has been deliberately not spoken about by the media, emphasizing instead the specific content of the decision and making it an ideological banner. It is also clear that this propaganda operation, maliciously conducted by the Deep State, has the purpose of radicalizing the debate that the news will stir up in public opinion, with the intention of influencing the motivations of the decision, which has yet to be finalized by the justices. It does not escape anyone’s notice that the premature leak of the draft of the decision has provoked violent protest demonstrations organized by pro-abortion groups and Antifa, while at the same time scandalous provocations and sacrilegious attacks on Catholic churches during services are multiplying. The courageous witness of the Catholic laity ought to be encouraged and supported by the Shepherds of the Church, precisely in the name of that freedom of worship and preaching that is an inalienable right of the Church of Christ, as well as an inalienable constitutional right of all Americans under the First Amendment. 

Thus, while Americans have yet to fully comprehend the scandals that are emerging about the criminal management of the pseudo-pandemic and the imposition of an experimental treatment that irreversibly modifies the human genome with still unknown long-term damage and serious side effects that have been culpably concealed by pharmaceutical multinationals and control agencies; while Special Counsel John Durham is preparing to conclude the investigation into Russiagate which will soon see Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Biden – whose accomplices include members of the highest levels of the Italian government at the time – investigated for their role in the suppression of Trump’s presidential campaign (and hopefully condemned for high treason and attacking the institutions of government); while Joe Biden desperately seeks to cover up the cases of corruption involving his son Hunter in Ukraine, which disturbingly include his involvement in the biolaboratories located there in which research on the “gain of function” was carried out on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, altering its pathogenesis and its transmissibility; while the White House desperately seeks to blame the problems in the U.S. economy of inflation and the rising price of raw materials on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis; while NATO acts as an arms salesman in the service of the American lobby and tries to impede the peace negotiations between Putin and Zelensky at all costs – behold, the operation is ready with which to distract public opinion and radicalize the clash between pro-life and “pro-choice,” after having successfully experimented with the same method of mass manipulation during the pandemic farce and even earlier with the George Floyd case and the exasperation provoked by the “Black Lives Matter” movement.   

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