A Reader’s Response to My Piece on the Media’s Ukraine Propaganda

This is a comment that a reader posted on my article “The Lying Media’s Ukraine Propaganda.” It sums things up rather well:

“I’ve just finished Laptop from Hell, Miranda Devine’s very thorough account of Hunter Biden’s financial escapades and the Biden dynasty’s web of connections with, most profitably it seems, the PRC and President Xi.

The revelations are truly awful: influence peddled, vast sums of money changing hands, drug use, suppression of troublesome evidence, confected family histories, deranged emotional rampages. Particularly compelling was the suppression of John Isaac’s report on Hunter Biden’s hard drive, handed to the FBI and then buried by the intelligence chiefs’ letter denouncing it as Russian disinformation.

It seems that the PRC’s leaders considered The Donald to be insufficiently cooperative, the implication being that the suppression of the hard drive findings might have contributed to his failure to win a second term. This is still denied of course.

As to lies, lies and more lies, I no longer know what, or whom, to believe, but suffice it to say that I do not trust the MSM’s accounts of events in the Ukraine, nor do I have any respect for the likes of Boris, Biden and co., who seem determined to prolong the conflict from a safe distance, providing materiel and plenty of sound bites.

As to the apparatchiks in Brussels: cracks are appearing, even as Von der Leyen [President of the European Commission] cranks up the rhetoric: Poland has fallen out with France and Hungary; Hungary is refusing to join the boycott; Germany is in a bind and France is considering gas rationing, while Spain considers food rationing.

Finally, how can one have any respect for an administration led by a senile DOTUS which has stood biological fact on its head and celebrated Dr Levine’s ‘womanhood’? Nevertheless, Vlad the Bad is the gift who keeps on giving, providing our leaders and MSM with endless halo polishing opportunities. The bloodshed in Ukraine needs to stop; its people have suffered enough, and the West should stop the meddling and commit to negotiations for a ceasefire and an acceptable settlement.”