Requiem for the Gray Lady (Part 2)

Once the paper of record in the USA, under Dean Baquet the New York Times has become a left-wing tabloid with an antique type font

Continuing the email thread between NYT reporters Davey Alba, Sheryl Gaye Stolberg and myself from Part 1

January 28th, 2022

From Robert Malone to Davey Alba and Sheryl Gaye Stolberg

“and, my editor says, it would also be great if we could send a photographer over to where you are to take your portrait.”

that would be Maui at the moment.

We are here for a legal deposition and providing CME medical training on the mechanism of action of the genetic vaccines and on the data supporting our current COVID-19 clinical trials involving famotidine and celecoxib.

And to start writing the book.

We fly back on 01 Feb.  Then off to Tucker a week later, but have a large legal strategy session on the farm from 04 – 06 Feb.

Davey, I am going to be frank.

I keep having a situation where reporters act all nicey-nicey and then do hit pieces on me.

I am getting a bit tired of this subterfuge, and quite wary of reporters that I cannot trust to- at a minimum- attempt to be objective.

The Washington Post hit jobs are the latest.  The Atlantic Monthly being the most egregious. Even the Nature piece was biased, mostly by not reading/citing the patents .

I am also getting attacks basically from concern trolls, for example these little slices of happiness:

Or this “factchecker” hit from Thompson-Reuters “factcheckers”, which pretty much disregarded all the evidence that we provided them to support my comments to Niel Oliver on GB News.

See here

and here

And I have very little faith in the NY Times running an objective “fair and balanced” piece on me at this point.  Please forgive me for that.

Each time, I have to waste time on addressing the criticisms of “journalists” who (typically) create a strawman argument by taking some fragment of a comment and then misconstruing it and then refuting something that I did not say.

And now the the WaPo has gone over the top, lawyers are having to get involved (yet again) and write cease and decist letters, threaten lawsuits, etc.

In both of these cases, the WaPo took a fragment of my speech on the Lincoln Memorial and misrepresented it, rather than addressing the actual points made.

Speech can be found here

And the data to back up everything I said are abundant.  This was not controversial.

So, can you understand why I am a bit wary of your inquiry, and why I have asked that Sheryl get involved?  At least I have some confidence that she would not put out something that was so transparently slanted to just punch me in the gut.  Because she would then have that on her resume.  And she has a solid body of work to date.

Not accusing you, just that I have had too much water under the bridge with journalists that act all nicey-nicey and then do not put out objective investigative work.  And I do not know you personally.

On a positive note, when NY Times put out a puff piece pushing Katie Kariko when she was gunning for the Nobel, where she claimed to have been the original inventor and then Jill objected, they deleted that part of the interview and changed the piece up a bit.  So there is that.

Historically, the AP hit piece on the famotidine story really hurt esprit de corps within the team that was trying to move that forward into the randomized clinical trials.  These little nasty pieces about medical research have consequences which I suspect reporters rarely consider.  Delaying the clinical trials was one example in this case.

Looking forward to your reply.


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