A White Band To Show Support Against Political Despotism and Medical Tyranny

A bit of string, a ribbon or a silicon band to recognize likeminded freedom fighters.

“We wear this bracelet as a sign of:

Freedom and democracy, respectful interaction and peaceful coexistence regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and immunization status.

We wear this bracelet as a sign against:

political despotism, denunciation, exclusion, disinformation (by governments), force, dictatorship, health fascism (medical freedom) and scare.”

Dr. Martin Haditsch is a trusted member of the “Doctors For Covid Ethics” organization and has been on the side of good science from the start of the Pandemic.

Moreover, Dr. Haditsch is host of a very prominent documentary in Austria called, “In Search of the Virus“ on a Mainstream TV channel (ServusTV), which was aired primetime in three parts over the past six months. A fourth sequel is currently being produced and his Dr. Haditsch and his film crew came to our farm last week to tape an interview for his upcoming documentary series.

During our discussions, he told me about the wrist band he wearing and its significance.

He was trying to find a way for people to identify with each other, to find like minded individuals in this freedom fight against political despotism and in particular, medical tyranny that has taken over the world.

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