CRISPR Technology: The Gateway to the New Breed of Unhuman Species

The media and the world are focused on Russia’s WMD stockpiles and the threat of nuclear exchange, but the most lethal doomsday weapons of mass destruction which are being ignored by the media are gene-altering bioweapons in the form of vaccines, drugs and CRISPR science.

These sneaky types of warfare are worse than any weapon in history because psychological persuasion is used for dispersal, meaning the public is tricked into consenting to the bioweapon either as a necessary prophylactic for a virus or as treatment for a disease. Not only do these weapons have the capability to eliminate billions of people (which is already in progress through the mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations), but they can end the cycle of human life as we know it and refashion in its place a totally new breed of lab-engineered unhuman beings.

Whenever science or technology uses any method to tamper with the human genome, either wittingly or unwittingly, and manmade material is transported directly into the nucleus of a human’s cell, causing genetic changes to occur and alter the composition of the body’s original DNA, this is catalogued as a biological weapon. Under the 1975 Bioweapon’s Treaty, all bioweapons are illegal. Of course, per what we have witnessed the last few years in this mad world of coerced mRNA bio-vaccinations, it is obvious this treaty has been scrapped, and is no longer being upheld by the criminals running the nations.

Such bioweapons are brilliant strategies of warfare because they can render populations useless, with citizens unaware that vaccinating or using something as simple as nasal spray (something that should normally protect their lives) has led to their demise. Using bioweapons as prophylactics against viruses is like removing air bags from the dashboards of cars and reinstalling them in the backseat. There is never a safe reason to use bio-technology in vaccines or drugs.

Now, let me effectively throw a few curve balls and bring in some home runs on why mRNA vaccines are bioweapons and have nothing to do with protecting public health. First and foremost, a declaration of the Covid pandemic was based on fear propaganda and a non-existent coronavirus the Chinese tagged SARS-CoV-2. A pure unadulterated isolate from a human host was never provided by Chinese health officials or obtained by CDC. Later, to hike up deaths, hospitals were bribed with big money to report all flu-like symptoms as Covid, and CDC moved the annual flu cases and fatalities under the Covid column. The bogus PCR tests, performed en masse, showed a 100% false reading (which is why CDC did away with this test two years after establishing enough false readings to justify a pandemic). There was no need for vaccines because the virus did not exist, and if it did, by some sleight of hand trick, it was too mild to be a concern.

Was the pandemic deception all about big pharma and the government using vaccines as a means with which to get obscenely rich? Not a chance. Yes, big pharma and the government (FDA) have collaborated before in committing fraud against the public, such as the billions that were extorted from the deadly painkillers, OxyContin. Raking in barrels of profits certainly is part of the equation, but the real reason the makers of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines decided to violate international laws and use bioweapons on the population was to depopulate, taint human DNA, and jumpstart the transhuman agenda.

Bio-vaccines have already been proven to be effective weapons through the recent rollout of the Covid-19 vaccinations. Over 50% of the world’s population submitted to the mRNA jab, causing millions of injuries and deaths that are still ongoing. Recent news shows that 60,000-some excessive deaths occurred on vaccinated young people between the ages of 18 and 40 in just the latter half of 2021. These excessive deaths for this millennial group are up 84% and equal to war-like fatalities!

Swiss Policy Research, an independent nonpartisan research group, reveals that the median age of covid deaths is over 80 years old in most Western countries, with 50% of those deaths occurring in nursing homes. The mortality rate for these young people is no fluke. Mass deaths in such a short time cannot be coincidence—there is no other name to call it but targeted extermination.

Bio-vaccines are not new. They have been around for at least a decade. For example, China’s military has had weaponized vaccines nicknamed “Biological Time Bombs” stockpiled in their military for the last ten years. This was confirmed by Colonel Ji-Wei Guos, of the People’s Liberation Army, in his 2010 book entitled, “Bio-based War-Reconfiguring Military Strategy for a New Era.” Those bio-vaccines are obviously meant to be used as kill switches for their enemies.

The mRNA vaccine companies like Pfizer and Moderna (all funded by US DOD because biological warfare will always be in the hands of the military) have been feeding the public quite a bit of bunk about their weaponized “prophylactics” because they know that the bio-technology they are using is banned under law. Despite what they have professed on their websites, the material in their vaccines absolutely does enter the cell’s nucleus of the people who have been immunized.

This is why the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) refused to provide requested information about Covid-19 vaccines and their side effects, which spurred a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit by Judicial Watch; and why the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) tried to stall Pfizer’s vaccine details from being circulated to the public by asking for a 75-year time frame with which to release the information. That would have stopped the release of safety and effectiveness data, adverse reaction reports, and the list of active and inactive ingredients. The latter is what the heads of Pfizer worry about.

Swedish researchers at the Lund University in Malmö, Sweden, on February 25th of this year, proved that Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines are akin to drug smuggling, and do indeed transport illegal genetically-modified materials directly into the nucleus of liver cells. Their study revealed that RNA can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the genome of human cells.

CDC, who has been fudging data since the Covid-19 pandemic began, provided this absurd “promise” on their website, counting on the fact that most Americans are too clueless on bioweaponry to catch the fabrication:

Genetic material delivered by mRNA vaccines never enters the nucleus of your cells.

CRISPR and Rewriting the Code of Life

The global leaders in power who are quickly moving the world under one tyrannically-technological beast system have jump-started a depopulation program that will weed out the populations of the West and genetically transform those who are allowed to live into machines or less. Globalist Klaus Schwab, CEO of The World Economic Forum (WEF), and his derelict cronies, have already publicly announced through books, websites, interviews and speeches that their new global government, the Great Reset, entails genetically modifying humanity as part of their transhuman and artificial intelligence agenda, which they call the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The natural makeup of humankind, which has existed and made us human since the beginning of creation, will not exist under their reign of terrors.

To complete their zombie agenda, they are using CRISPR science. Not surprisingly, CRISPR is funded by the US Department of Defense (DOD), and WEF is already fornicating with this gene-editing technology. Heralded by scientists as a breakthrough to treat and cure diseases—a “quick-fix” to good health—CRISPR, plain and simple, is bioweaponry technology at its finest, and involves snipping away specific healthy DNA inside human cells and replacing them (fusing that strand back together) with lab-created mutant DNA.

CRISPR transports foreign materials directly into the nucleus of human cells and does all the necessary gene-slicing within the cells. CRISPR can be injected directly into the bloodstream using certain vaccine platforms. In fact, scientists have already used mRNA to deliver CRISPR’s gene editing technology and research is already underway to perfect the developed CRISPR-DNA vaccines for Covid-19.

CRISPR’s genetic rewiring of DNA can be used as a catastrophic platform for bioweaponry, and it is now unleashed on the public and approved by FDA. This gene engineering can be used by the military to create super soldiers with biologically enhanced capabilities (China has already done this), be used as a racial weapon, program certain organs to shut down or become diseased (kill switch), remove memory cells, impair people’s mental conditions, and create non-binary genders (beings formed without genitals). This is why the pharmaceutical conglomerates work hard to hide the ingredients and distort the methods within these bio-technologies.

To completely restructure the human species CRISPR can be used to genetically transform humans at the earliest stages of life. Men like Schwab foam at the mouth over the fact that CRISPR technology can alter DNA at conception and ultimately birth-forth an entire new form of life species.

An article published on the World Economic Forum on April 16th, 2021, takes us further into the minds of the Schwab-cult and talks about how synthetic biology can change the world. Titled, 5 Visions of the Future from our Global Technology Governance Summit, Professor Amy Webb of New York University’s Stern School of Business provided this tidbit of news:

“It’s {gene editing} going to allow us to not just edit genomes but also, and importantly, to write a new code for lifewe will have write-level permissions.”

That is correct, they will be above the law.

Walter Isaacson, a WEF contributor and the author of the book, The Code Breaker, Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race promotes CRISPR science and provides some chilling revelations behind its true objectives for humanity. His book is written about Jennifer Doudna’s gene-editing discoveries (Doudna is also a WEF sidekick), and her 2020 Nobel prize for developments within CRISPR technology.

Isaacson states the following during an interview:

“The very secrets of life — our DNA — is something that we can not only read these days, but we can write. We can rewrite it if we want to. It made me think that all of us should understand and marvel at and be excited about this notion…In the future, you might be able to do more complicated things—change hair color or muscle mass or memory cells in a human being…”

“And a little bit more controversially, we can edit the embryos of our children and make permanent changes in the human race.”

Isaacson is proclaiming that CRISPR technology can reform the human genome, and alter the human species from its original chromosomal composition. He is right. Through gene-editing the reproductive cells in embryos, eggs, or sperm, every cell in the body becomes marked. And the genetic alterations are permanent and offspring will inherit those changes. Mad scientists now have the ability to replace human life with something they have created in a lab. This is what genetic bioweaponry is all about, and why such technology is a dangerous threat for the world.

His words are tart reminders that such atrocities against humanity are already in progress through mass-inoculations of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, and that CRISPR is a deadlier weapon because it begins at the inception point of life, allowing for a newly formed species of manmade hybrids (something no longer quite human) to procreate and populate the world.

Isaacson’s book sheds some light on who these people behind gene-editing are all about. The introduction of his book provides an interesting scripture from Genesis 2: 8, 9, which, in the King James translation, says the following:

And the Lord God Planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man who he had formed.
And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food;
the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

I find it peculiar that Isaacson picked this scripture about the tree of knowledge of good and evil, especially since God forbid Adam and Eve from eating on that tree (Genesis 2: 17):

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

How true the Lord’s Words were back then, because Adam and Eve did eat of that tree, and death did follow all of mankind. Gene-editing is knowledge that can be used for evil, and God never intended this science to be in the hands of men because the chances of rotten apples misusing this technology is 100%.

Do you get the spiritual implications as to why the global leaders are pushing to discover the “code of life?” Adam and Eve were initially created by God to live forever, without sickness or death. Once they ate of that tree of knowledge the “genetic code” of immortality was broken. Schwab and his scientists, through CRISPR, want to rediscover that sequence of codes and bring about an “elite” race which will defy death. And for those of us who are not part of that special elitist group, we get the luxury of being reverse-transformed after the Darwin theory of evolution, and genetically modified to a subhuman level—from man to animal. No wonder Isaacson’s book is chock-full of references to Darwinism. And let’s not forget about Klaus Schwab’s colleague, Professor Harari, who recently spoke at a WEF meeting and called the human race “hackable animals.” That is how they view us, and why they have no conscience whatsoever in physically degrading the human race.

CRISPR might be effective in treating diseases, but this technology is a front for bioweapon development against humanity. This is why it is in the hands of the World Economic Forum and financed by the US military—scientists involved in this research have been allowed a “green light” to genetically modify humans without any legal ramifications.

I know for many people it sounds farfetched that government and healthcare leaders would participate in destroying human creation, but history and past wars prove pure evil reigns in incomprehensible ways—ways we cannot even begin to fathom because most of us were raised with a moral compass that dignifies human life.

Scripture states that God made man in HIS image and likeness. The “elite” want to do more than control nations and economies, they want to eliminate and destroy what God created and design their own new breed of souls. Through CRISPR they can accomplish a new race and become like “god,” and control all life, in every aspect. And because the majority of the world has let go of their faith in God, and taken their freedoms for granted, the “dark” fanatics have been able to progress and push back the good that once held them at bay.

The leaders today who are pushing for a one world government do not think like most of us think. We want to be left alone, live in peace and continue having our freedoms. They live their lives by a completely different belief system and view themselves as “chosen” and privileged above the rest of humankind. This is why the global members call themselves “elite.” They believe that they are superior over most of humanity and that we, the “little” people, are subservient to them. And even though you might not believe in God, those leading this global order follow a set of precepts that directly undermine everything to do with the God of the Bible.

A one-world government will never be a cushy-keen regime to live under. The foundation, once it comes together, will be rooted in anti-Christ theology and communism, and will result in a new kind of hell on earth. The old-timer communism of the past provided two options in living under a communist dictatorship, either, (1) be willing to enter re-education labor camps so you can be allowed back into society or (2) become an enemy of the people and face elimination. Today’s new world order, once it is in place, will provide different options: (1) willingness to a full-body transformation through genetic manipulations of your DNA or (2) become an enemy of the people and face elimination.

The game plan by the “elite” is to eliminate almost all traditional vaccines, such as for flu, and replace them with gene-editing mRNA vaccines and other bio-drugs, ensuring humanity remains in constant “genetic-downgrade” mode. CRISPR will be used for both eugenics and to create a new master race of “perfect” beings, all of whom will have had their genes sliced and diced until they no longer resemble God’s creation. It takes time to alter the entire human species. The dispersal methods and consistency in the number of shots and other gene-altering drugs administered will be of paramour importance to the mad mummy-makers.

Those behind this ideology to reshape the world and restructure humanity can be exposed if the citizens of the world are willing to stand in unity, delve into the background and beliefs of these lunatics, unwaveringly expose who they are, and bring them to accountability.

Today’s silent biological weapons of warfare being forced on humanity far exceeds the evils of the Holocaust, the opioid crisis, and is now the true crime of the century. This is the real war no one is talking about.