Washington Is Driving the World to Nuclear War

Since the Russian action in Ukraine began, provoked by Washington’s cold shoulder to Russian security concerns, Washington, in addition to doing all possible to keep the conflict going, has also dumped three more provocations on the Kremlin:  an attempted coup or “color revolution” in the former Russian province of Kazakhstan, NATO military maneuvers currently under way in the former Russian province of Georgia which is not a NATO member, and NATO maneuvers in Poland on the Border of Belarus, a former Russian province and current Russian ally. 

The signal Washington consistently sends to the Kremlin is aggression.  Why has no member of any government in the Western world, no presstitute in the Western media pointed this out?  It is difficult to fathom the irresponsibility of Washington adding to the Ukraine provocation three more provocations simultaneously.  Why provoke a country already concerned with its security with more security concerns unless you are trying to widen the war?

The US Treasury is working with Congress to prevent Russia’s use of her gold reserves that she kept in her own hands, with the bulk of Russian reserves having been seized, a theft made easy by the stupid fool that Putin keeps as head of the Russian central bank.  It is extraordinary that the Russian central bank kept Russia’s reserves in Western hands while Russia intervened militarily in Ukraine.  The Russian central bank must have wanted Russia to lose her reserves.

Now the remaining reserves are to be targeted by Washington in this way.  Sanctions will be applied to every country that permits or facilitates Russian payments in gold or the buying and selling of gold by Russia.  This, the US senator, Angus King, said, will collapse the Russian economy, leaving Russia no means of payment.

Senator King and the US Treasury are overlooking that all acts of war are not military, and what the senator is sponsoring is an act of war.  Putin recognizes it as such.  He declared it to be “a total undisguised aggression” and “a war waged by economic, political, and informational means.”

So what is Russia doing in response to the declared intent of the West to destroy her?  She is enabling her own destruction.  She distributes her foreign exchange reserves among Western banks where they can be seized.  She keeps the economies of her enemies alive by continuing to supply them with energy and minerals–all because her moronic central bank thinks Russia needs foreign exchange, which will be seized regardless.  She continues with a go-slow war that gives her enemies more time to demonize Russia and create permanent hatred of Russia in the Western populations, that gives Western idiots more time to blunder into a wider war, such as the Western plan to deploy NATO peacekeepers in Ukraine.  In short, the Kremlin’s response to the sanctions is mindless.  Here for example is Germany’s own assessment of the impact on Germany if Russia stops sustaining Germany’s existence with Russian energy: “A 2018 stress test run by the German civil defense agency, the BBK, found that all crucial services will be impacted by a gas supply shortage.The two-day crisis management exercise Lukex 18, which involved several states in southern Germany, found that the shortage of gas supply will have ‘a drastic effect on public life,’ including the closure of public and private facilities. The disruption of supply will also lead to ‘far-reaching, difficult-to-predict consequences for the service sector and the production of goods,’ according to the BBK.”

If Russia turned off the energy, Germany would force an end to the sanctions on Russia or Germany would leave NATO despite Germany’s occupation by US troops.  But apparently the Kremlin would rather risk Russia’s destruction than to violate a contract or forego foreign exchange earnings that it cannot use.  The Kremlin seems destined to forego the opportunity to crush the sanctions and continue selling energy to Germany until Germany has had time to locate and construct the facilities for an alternative means of supply.

The West’s naked aggression and the Kremlin’s insouciance guarantee a wider war ending in world destruction.  Can no one in leadership position see it coming?  Do Western politicians believe Russia will allow herself to be defeated by non-military means?  Does the Kremlin believe that resolving the Ukrainian situation will end the West’s attacks on Russia?  As always in human affairs, stupidity prevails.

That Washington and its despicable puppet states parade around like goody two shoes, shouting accusations at Russia when it is Washington and its puppets who are provoking war, and everyone falls for it tells me that Washington has the world on the road to nuclear armageddon.