Is the Covid Pandemic the Only Global Lie? You Decide

Ah, the Covid-19 pandemic. Is it really the first humongous lie to fool all of humanity on a “global” scale in order to usher in a one world government? Or is a much grander hoax in play, crafted and commenced centuries ago by Elite rulers whose deceitful actions were also steered by their menacing desires to bring forth world domination? Could the world we have been taught to believe in as a steadfast reality actually be a giant distortion, planned and put together to dumb-down the minds of humanity so that overthrowing nations could be more easily accomplished? Could the deception be so grand that only those ruling the world are privy to it? Keep reading. I will let you decide.

The last few years humanity has been forced to ride an unrestrained roller-coaster of manufactured illusions and chaos (which now includes a propped-up war involving Ukraine). The Covid delusion specifically allowed madmen in power to swiftly usher in a twisted new normal worldview, which set the foundation for them to reset and globalize the world before the year 2030 tick-tocked into place.

How did this quest for globalization come about? We can review historical and Biblical accounts to understand that mad rulers in power have always strived to control mankind and form an authoritarian new normal within a rigid one world government. History discloses that religion has usually been the cause behind most wars. And it is a known fact that submission to the Biblical LORD is a threat to rogue rulers and their tyrannical establishments, especially when Christianity tops other religions and comprises of billions of people. This is why communist countries, for example, forbid Biblical teachings and persecute Christians. Keeping mankind subdued is hard to do when allegiance to God supersedes obedience to them and their iron fists of command. Such leaders know that they cannot fully be kings and lords over all the nations and bring forth world dominance when there is already a KING OF KINGS and a LORD OF LORDS sitting on a throne.

To find acceptable ways to eliminate their competition and dissolve Biblical belief from the minds and hearts of the people, egotistical kings, monarchs, potentates, and presidents (both past and present) have gathered together through various secret societies, manmade religions, privileged clubs, and occult organizations to come up with ingenious ways to squash reliance on the supernatural God of the Christians’ Bible. They needed one believable concept that would swap out the Christian faith for a universal-held belief—a god substitute, so to speak, that could lure believers away from God and into the supremacy of man’s government.

The usurpers understood it would take time to rewire the God-worshipping minds of the masses, but they were patient because they knew forming a one world government would take time. They introduced humanism, science, and psychology to ensnare minds, and it was not long before the world began to rely more on man, science and reason than the laws of God.

Theories like evolution, for example, were adopted by the mainstream as scientific fact. Evolution not only contradicts scripture, but it contradicts the irrefutable laws of science itself, which states in the second law of thermodynamics that all matter, living or inanimate, moves from a state of order to disorder. Evolution philosophy does the complete opposite and asserts that over time organisms go from a state of disorder to order. I guess science can do whatever it wants. Go figure.

Based on assumptions and theories, the substitute god of science cast enough doubt on the accuracy of the Bible’s account of creation to cause faith to fade. Over the last decade alone, here in America, there has been a 12% drop in the Christian faith.

Despite what people may want to believe about history, the entire world has been moved forward based on a spiritual current of evil versus good (God versus Satan), or more plainly put, by hot jealousies toward those who rely on God for direction in their lives instead of the dark leaders who strive daily to enslave them. It is a spiritual battle that has placed wickedness in power and chronicled an eon of wars, and once a person can grasp this understanding, the deceptions lurking right beneath our line of sight suddenly become visible.

US Bio-labs in Ukraine and Gene-Editing by DARPA

An article put out by, April 29th, 2018, by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, titled, “The Pentagon Bio-weapons,” shows how deceitful our leaders really are, how little they value human life, and why deceiving the world on a global scale is something they would do in a heartbeat (as was just proven over the last few years). The article states that there are numerous USA bio-labs positioned in 25 former Soviet Union countries. All of them are strategically located so that bio-warfare programs can develop and test deadly pathogens and bypass the sanctions put in place by the UN Convention outlawing biological weapons. These 25 nations include Georgia, the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa, and, no surprise here, Ukraine.

As of 2018, Ukraine occupied 11 US laboratories, all funded by DOD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). And according to a 2005 documented pact between the United States’ DOD and Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, Ukraine leadership sold out their citizens and allowed the US military’s bio-labs inside its borders. This information seems to answer the questions as to why the US has thrust their big nose, time and time again, into the political affairs of Ukraine.

Documentation in the article shows that in Ukraine between 2011 and 2018, about 384 people died of Swine flu, and 1078 people contracted either Hepatitis A or cholera. All the outbreaks occurred near the locations of the bio-labs.

Ukrainian lives do not matter to Biden, Putin, Zelenskyy, or any of the other corrupt leaders whose goals are the fulfillment of a new global government. Therefore, we should not be surprised to know that the 2005 agreement put in place between the US and Ukraine officially supports and funds ($285 million by the US) projects for scientists who had been previously involved in the development of Soviet weapons of mass destruction.

And here is the whopper regarding world leaders and their obvious disdain toward the value of human life—this article goes on to state that the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) had designs to genetically engineer humans. Remember, this article was written a year before Covid-19. DARPA had a project in place called “Advanced Tools for Mammalian Genome Engineering,” and that project was all about developing a biological platform with which to effectively transport manmade genetic codes directly into the human DNA.

DARPA’s aim was to insert an additional 47th synthetic chromosome into the human cells. Two contracts with SynPloid Biotek, LLC for this gene-editing venture totaled $1.1 million between 2015 and 2017. Suspiciously enough, at the time the company was awarded the project, they had only two employees and no previous record on bio-research.

There is no question in my mind that the Covid pandemic was used to introduce the gene-altering mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations, which enabled world leaders to genetically modify whole populations at once. By changing the human DNA in mass numbers, they become as “gods,” controlling creation and reversing God’s image of mankind into something empty, void and dark. Through these vaccinations they have the technological capability to eradicate entire species and remove genetic traits that make humans human.

Recent clinical studies prove that these vaccines are meant to reshape the DNA of humanity, not to protect them from any (faked) virus. MDPI, a journal which publishes scholarly information and supports academic communities since 1996, published research findings on February 25th, of this year, 2022, by the Department of Clinical Sciences and Sweden and Infection Medicine, of Lund University. It is titled, “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line.” Their conclusion from that study states the following:

Preclinical studies of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162b2, developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, showed reversible hepatic effects in animals that received the BNT162b2 injection. Furthermore, a recent study showed that SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the genome of human cells.

This is what I have stated from the onset, that mRNA technology is bioweaponry, and has the potential to alter human DNA, despite the fact all of the mRNA vaccine companies deny this truth. The liars will keep lying because they do not want anyone to figure out that their true agenda includes taking over nations and reshaping human beings into the image of their self-made technocratic god. Everything they do is purposed to undermine God, HIS creation, and HIS throne. Whether or not people want to admit a spiritual row is going on over our souls, there is most certainly an antichrist movement at the core of this entire new world order matrix.

Curved or Flat?

The globalists of the past (and present) knew that merging the nations under one umbrella was not something that could happen in 50 years, or even 100 years. They realized that it would take patience and ingenuity to restructure the entire world, especially after previous attempts had failed miserably. To achieve their goals, they knew that mankind had to be kept in a perpetual state of control, heavily influenced to follow one set of directives, and malleable enough so that they could be moved around at whim like pawns on a chess board. Science, humanism, and psychology was vital in steering the crowds away from God.

Let’s go back a bit in time for a reality check. On May 27th, 1931, Auguste Piccard and Paul Kipfer, both respectable Swiss scientists, sailed up into the stratosphere in a hydrogen balloon from Augsburg, Germany. They reached an altitude of 51,775 feet, or 9.806 miles. They were the first to reach the stratosphere and collect upper atmospheric data. Their discoveries were published a few months later in the August issue of the magazine titled Popular Science. The article, titled “Ten Miles High in an Air-Tight Ball,” stated the following:

Through the portholes, the observers saw the earth through copper-colored, then bluish haze. It (Earth) seemed a flat disk with an upturned edge.

Did you catch that? Both men stated that they saw Earth as a flat disk, not a curved or semi-sphered shape. Could it be that both of these scientists were blinded by the beauty of the earth, and missed the obvious curvature below them? Perhaps, because as time passed, both witnesses’ testimonies of seeing a flat earth, as confirmed in that issue of the Popular Science magazine, were changed to concur with the growing widespread teachings of a global earth.

Wikipedia’s account of the event takes a complete reversal on what was reported to have been seen that day by the two observers up in that balloon:

Piccard and Kipfer are widely considered the first people to visually observe the curvature of the earth.

Either Popular Science got it wrong, or Wikipedia likes to hide the truth. I should note that Larry Sanger, the man who co-founded Wikipedia, warned that the encyclopedia website cannot always be trustworthy on providing truth to its readers. He admitted the website’s information gives a “reliably establishment point of view on pretty much everything.” In other words, Wikipedia likes to go with the flow of the mainstream narratives.

Could Popular Science magazine have misunderstood the two scientists they were interviewing? It seems doubtful, especially because there is a CIA declassified Russian document from 1957, published by a plethora of scientists and USSR organizations who researched and concluded that Earth was flat, non-rotational, and had a firmament (cover or barrier) over the sky. These conclusions were in unified agreement by the Soviet’s Astrophysical Institute of Academic Science, the Joint Council of Institute of Physics of the Earth, the Institute of Physics of the Atmosphere, and the Institute of Applied Geophysics. Their findings were published and also documented by the Library of Congress.

Wow! Were the Soviet’s physicists and scientists all lunatics like Piccard and Kipfer, or did they have early stages of Alzheimer’s and make great errors in judgment? Or, maybe the person editing the publication screwed up and typed in the word “flat” instead of curved, and accidentally added the words “firmament and non-rotating” without double-checking for mistakes. It is plausible—isn’t it?

Deeper digging reveals that even NASA, in documents dated from the 1970’s to the 2000’s, described Earth as flat and non-rotating. One particular December 1978 NASA Contract Report, titled “Investigations of Aircraft Landing in Variable Wind Fields,” states this within the pages of their report:

The aircraft trajectory model employed in this study was derived based on the following assumptions: (I am just going to mention the first assumption listed).
A. The earth is flat and non-rotating

For what logical purpose would NASA assume a flat, non-rotating earth concerning any of their aircraft or rocket tests? If Earth is supposed to be a rounded ball, all tests and considerations should be done for the actual shape of the terrain, especially because mathematical differences and calculations would be paramount between a flat earth model and a global earth model. Maybe NASA’s mathematicians are not as smart as they should be, and it is easier for them to use a flat earth model when assessing trials using numeric data. Seems an odd reason, but possible.

Further investigation shows that NASA and the Russians are not alone in documenting their assessments of a flat earth. The US Army Research Lab is also guilty of the same “hallucinations.” One particular document, which has since been removed from the Army’s website, was printed in February 2001, by Joseph R. Miletta, and it is entitled, “Propagation of Electromagnetic Fields Over a Flat Earth.” What a peculiar title! This document is hard to wrap around the mind since the earth is supposed to be a sphere.

The governing “globalists” out there who educate the masses on a theory that the earth is round and spinning on an axis at about 1,000 miles per hour, while at the same time orbiting the sun at 66,600 miles per hour, seemingly prefer to ignore that the earth is a spinning ball when it comes to charting distances and directions. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the military both use flat earth maps, otherwise called polar azimuthal equidistant maps, to determine distances, locations, and precise routing. Alexander Gleason’s particular 1892 flat-based New Standard Map of the World shows the correct location of the continents and how easily they can be reached within a circular pattern, by air or water.

And, oddly enough, the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) all use the outline of Gleason’s 1892 map for their company logos.

Gleason must have done a tremendous job of accuracy in mapping the world since government agencies have adopted his map for air and sea navigation. This is why flight patterns correlate with the flat earth locations of the continents, and why pilots are not flying long stretches over spheric oceans to reach their destinations. Obviously, these flat-earthed maps are not just historical cool graphics for logos.

Gleason’s flat earth map reveals that the Antarctica is not based at the southern-most bottom of a globe, but instead completely encircles a flat earth, edging the circumference of the waters with a protective thick wall of ice. (Could this ice wall be the upturned edge Piccard and Kipfer observed)? Exploration and photographs both reveal that this frozen barrier is around 150 feet tall, with a 1000-foot thickness. Beyond the ice walls a glacial expanse of snow, ice and frigid temperatures keep exploration to a minimum. Ironically, most of Antarctica is cloaked in mystery and remains off-limits to the public by world governments.

Alexander Gleason, who put together his world map in 1892, was a firm believer that the earth was circular, flat, and non-rotating. In 1890, he published a 400-page book entitled Is the Bible from Heaven? Is the Earth a Globe?, and in it he uses evidence of eclipses, common-sense science, and Biblical testimony to present a compelling case that Earth is flat, and the sun, moon, and stars rotate above a circular, flat earth, and not the other way around.

Today, Gleason’s flat earth position would categorize him as a conspiracy nut, right along with the many millions of other people who currently conclude that the earth is not spinning like a top while rolling around the sun in space at enormous speeds. And yet, USGS and the military both use Gleason’s map to determine distances and locations, while NASA, the US Army Research Lab, and Russian scientists, in their own publications, have admitted and assumed Earth as being flat (in step with Gleason’s conclusions).

Scientists tell us that the earth’s circumference is approximately 25,000 miles. Pythagorean math of the earth’s curvature calculates that the ground continues to curve downward and away at approximately 8 inches per mile, squared, from every position where one might be standing on the earth. These calculations show that if a 6-foot-tall man standing on a road pushes a 6-foot-high tractor tire ahead of him, and it keeps rolling straight, picking up speed, that tire will dip downward 8 inches for every mile it travels due to the curvature of the earth. As it hits the 3-mile mark, at eye-level, the man should only be able to see the top half of the tire in the distance.

A baffling mystery of human observation emerges, though, that contradicts those global earth calculations. When taking long road trips or stopping at scenic lookout points, the distant horizon, which might comprise of the backdrop of a city or mountain range, should dip downward or disappear from normal eyesight. But this is not occurring, at least not from my many observations driving cross-country or when viewing aerial footages of landscapes and cities. Maybe I just need to clean my glasses.

What about the main principle of flight with which all pilots learn about at the onset of their instruction at flight school, which is to fly aircraft “straight and level”? Why the ambiguity? And what about basic physics? If pilots of commercial airplanes are flying in accordance with the curvature of the earth, which they should be, wouldn’t they find themselves topsy-turvy on long 18-hour flights routed from a city like Portland in Oregon all the way to Seoul, Korea?

Ship-to-ship laser communication systems for the military only operate in straight lines, and can reach distances 70 to 100 miles away. How do they manage to communicate such far distances from one another when there is curvature? If the laser can go that far, and only in a straight line, communication would fail way before it reached 70 miles because the earth is curving downward 8 inches every mile. Maybe the International Maritime Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization know a secret that we do not know, since they adhere to a flat earth map.

Another anomaly to consider is simple radar, which is radio transmission of light. It, too, does not work around curves because signals are transmitted to be bounced off a target and returned back in a straight line. Radar is dependent on line of sight and direct beam from transmission to the target; it reflects and returns straight back. Signals would not find their targets over a sphere.

In the Bible, Genesis’ account of creation is kicked off with God placing a firmament between the waters, with the waters separating over and underneath the firmament. The translation for the word “firmament” comes from the Hebrew Old Testament word “raki’a,” and is defined as “expansion,” and conveys the meaning of something firm and solid arching above, like a dome-type covering.

In Isaiah 40:22 it reads the following:

It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in…

Interestingly enough, Gleason’s flat earth map shows the layout of the earth as a circle. Piccard and Kipfer observed the earth as flat and circular during their observations in the balloon, and Russian scientists, back in 1957, established the existence of a firmament in their publications, which coincides with Genesis’ account.

Does the Bible say anything about the earth rotating? No, nothing. Numerous passages in scripture all say that the earth is stable and unmovable, and that the sun, moon, and stars rotate above the earth to provide light. Polaris, the North Star, is an enigma for the global model because it never moves and remains in a fixed position over the north pole. Since scientists theorize that Polaris is about 430 light years from Earth, it is a wonderment on how this star remains aligned over one location without interruption, especially when the earth is spinning 1000 miles per hour while orbiting the sun at almost 67,000 miles per hour.

If Earth is flat, of course, there would have to be an easy explanation to debunk the moon landings, satellite images, and NASA’s giant moon pictures from space. I guess with how easily today’s rulers convinced the world to fall for a pandemic based on a nonexistent virus, along with the ease with which they baited the entire world into accepting weaponized vaccinations, faking a moon landing and photoshopping space pictures would not be too difficult a task. That is my opinion.

What about this new normal paradigm we are now living under? Was this a new concept of indoctrination, or has the entire worlds’ populace, long ago, already been sucked into an even greater new normal mentality, one that involved replacing God for science, creating a round earth, and dumbing down the masses for the completion of the long sought-after “global” new world order? Probability?
You decide.