Short Takes: Truckers, Clinical Trial Fraud, Scotland Data, ...

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The original post had the wrong hyperlink to the CDC study showing the vaccines have negative efficacy. I’ve corrected it.

Some short takes on hot topics right now.

  1. Truckers: Canada is using force to clear the truckers out of Ottawa. People who help the truckers have had their bank accounts frozen. Watch this video and look at the sidebar for more videos. They’ve arrested the organizers. This isn’t over. We’re next. The support for the trucker is 59% in America. They are way more popular than our leaders in Washington. Imagine what the support is in Canada!

2. CDC paper admits to negative vaccine efficacy. This is big. Finally, a paper by nine CDC authors published in JAMA in January 2022 (Association Between 3 Doses of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine and Symptomatic Infection Caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron and Delta Variants) shows in Fig. 3 that the vaccines create negative efficacy for Omicron at month 7, just like the Denmark study showed too (in Denmark it was after 3 months). In other words, the CDC authors admit that the vaccines make you more likely to get Omicron starting in month 7. A stunning admission. Mainstream media ignored it. Will not affect mandates anywhere since it isn’t about the science. It is about injecting people and making them more likely to get Omicron.

3. Clinical trial fraud: I’ll be posting my interview with Brook Jackson, the Pfizer whistleblower, shortly. Stay tuned.

4. Scotland: They are no longer going to release death data because the government says it could be misrepresented. So now you have to guess what the numbers are. Wow. This is stunning. [ Note: You really can’t make this stuff up. ]

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