What Are You Going To Do When America Goes to Hell?

“Reality is scoffed at, and illusion is usually king.”  – Dr. Stan Monteith

It appears, in the very near future, Americans are going to wake up to an America:

  • Where money is nearly worthless due to intentionally-induced inflation;
  • Where there are contrived shortages of gasoline, food, water and electricity;
  • Where those who don’t comply with mandatory vaccination will have to be crated to re-education camps to save the rest of us;
  • Where guns will be taken away to save the people from themselves.
  • Where the masses must be placed on a guaranteed basic income and be thankful their government saved them from the consequences of a capitalist/racist society.
  • Where a man-made mutated virus is racing through the population that cannot be controlled by vaccines.

And it will never even cross the minds of naïve Americans this was all staged.

It appears most Americans go along with what they are told, to just accept whatever unfolds in America as disconnected individual events that emanate from a failed capitalist/racist system, and that acts of God that befall mankind are due to global warming, not an unfolding of a pre-planned script.

Never guess paychecks were meant to demolish small business

Why should Americans be so thankful that for the Federal government’s direct provision of paychecks to people who lost jobs during the Pandemic, never guessing these overly-generous paychecks were being distributed to induce workers to stay at home to intentionally implode small businesses.  Restaurant workers even had the gall to call their employers to say they wouldn’t return to work unless they were paid what the government paid them.  It never dawned on these workers there would be no jobs to return to once the government handouts stopped.

Not a sole pandemic-unemployed American would even guess this was all part of a scheme hatched by the World Economic Forum to eliminate business ownership, in fact, ownership of anything – homes, cars, even vacuum cleaners, all which will be rented in a globalist future.

Vaccination is an exercise in futility, but don’t scare Americans with that

Viruses mutate and kill.  Or at least lab-engineered viruses mutate and kill.  Now compliant Americans suddenly discover vaccines can’t keep up with the mutations and even the vaccinated keep getting infected, and some die.  So, just like flu vaccination, immunization against a mutated coronavirus is an exercise in futility.

Yet the American public is illogically told we can’t experiment with unproven treatments like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, we can only immunize with experimental vaccines.  We now realize that approach resulted in the needless loss of life of thousands of Americans.

Now the masses must face perpetual lockdowns and re-vaccination, to save their lives of course, never guessing the vaccine may be more dangerous than the virus.  Even the inventor of the RNA vaccines now questions whether Americans should be immunized with this unproven technology.   It is clear that early treatment rather than vaccination would have snuffed out the pandemic.

Stop testing and the pandemic goes away

The man in the Oval Office when the pandemic was called said it would all go away if testing was halted.  Well, it was statements like that that got him laughed out of office.

But now we learn a change in the course of the pandemic has only been artificially achieved by altering the way the virus is detected, not by the level of vaccination.  When the sensitivity of the test is turned down, false positive tests go from 90+% to ~1% as normal, which means the entire pandemic was faked and the people were duped.  But the news stories didn’t read that way.

Weather bombs being dropped

A prolonged draught strikes the west, blamed on global warming and excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which then limits hydropower generation and results in blackouts.  Unusual ice-cold-weather suddenly paralyzes Texas just when there is talk of that State seceding from the union after a national election was stolen.

Every day Americans can see the “contrails” in the sky without suspicion of weather engineering.  There is “nano-bombing” of the U.S. going on every day, with nano-sized particles being breathed into the lungs of Americans.

Americans are told those planes we see spraying the sky are just conducting drills for climate engineering to head off a future catastrophe emanating from global warming, which in turn is due to industrial flooding of the atmosphere with CO2, despite the fact NASA says CO2 comprises just 0.04% of the atmosphere.  Even with unexplained zig-zag streaks in the sky, Americans aren’t shaken in their faith in their country.

Hackers were from Russia, of course

News reports claim Eastern European hackers halted the flow of gasoline and demanded a ransom, which created shortages in gas pumps on the East Coast.  Ditto for a major meat producer.  Initial blame is placed on Russian hackers.

Normally such an attack would be considered an act of war.  Inexplicably, there was no announcement from the White House that the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve would be tapped if shortages were prolonged.

Forced vegetarianism: real nothingburgers

Limitation of meat consumption is one of the aims of the globalist World Economic Council.  Good-bye to Whoppers and Big Macs.  Make room for frankenburgers and “real” nothingburgers.  Hey, maybe you can pry guns out of the hands of Americans, but maybe not their hamburgers.

Pent up civil unrest or paid street actors?

A wave of civil unrest strikes 200 American cities, burning businesses while the police stand down, as an inherently racist country allows a black minority to loot and destroy so news reports say.  Black leaders say nothing to dissuade looters.  A minority newscaster actually urges celebrities and politicians to take sides with the looters.  Americans watched on TV as the commercial districts in their cities were allowed to be burned down.

About those white-privileged Karens you see on TV

Actors are planted throughout America to act as “Karens,” privileged white women who exhibit acts of privilege over people of color or who object to wearing face masks at the height of a pandemic, never imagining they are players in an America that is now 100% political theater.  Somehow a cell phone camera is ready to capture these Karens on video, wherever they are, so they can appear online throughout the world.

Mass shootings staged

There have been at least 160 mass shootings in the U.S. in the first 100 days of the new anti-gun President’s election.  No one even questions whether these shootings were staged as reality drills, covered up by the news media, to take away 2nd Amendment rights.  Americans are clueless.  They rely on the news media to do their thinking for them.

The globalist agenda

It is because of the seeming aggregate failure of the western world that an entity called the World Economic Forum steps in, saying now that humanity is brought to its knees by a mutated coronavirus and western capitalist economies have failed, this is the perfect time for a socialist/globalist reset.  The family of nations has to eradicate borders, nations, guns, paper money, religion, elections, and a dark history of racism, along with population reduction, for a global reset, as if this collapse of modern civilization wasn’t being planned all along by the globalists themselves.  What, you haven’t heard of this?

The objectors will be eliminated

It was the late Dr. Stan Monteith (1929-2014) who opened his Radio Liberty program by saying: “Hoping to convince you, that reality is usually scoffed at, and illusion is usually king….”  In his book Brotherhood of Darkness, Dr. Monteith quoted futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard (1929-2019) to say:

“About a quarter of the people will go along with the World Government; about half the people in the world will just sort of drift in and do whatever they’re told; but a quarter of the world will object to what’s going on and try to fight it – and they’re going to have to be killed. Then she says: “But that is not your job, my dear, that is ours, for we are the riders of the Pale Horse, Death.”

Better than the last guy

Too many Americans buy into the idea that a mentally debilitated Chief Executive is better than the alternative, that other President.  It’s actually the imagined threat of the return of “the Donald” that keep the current senile stooge in office.  President B’s “bumbling incompetence is not about to bring him down” says commentator Paul Gottfried, because “the Donald” looms behind the curtains and we certainly don’t want him again.  You know, the guy who thumbed his nose at science by saying hydroxychloroquine + zinc could quell a worldwide pandemic.

Who is behind all this?  Not completely hidden

It’s not like there aren’t resources to tell Americans what this is all about.  It’s just that they are mired in obscurity.

The film documentary JFK TO 9-11 EVERYTHING IS A RICH MAN’S TRICK, reveals who runs the world.  But it takes 3.5-hours to watch.

Dr. Stan Monteith pointed to Professor Carroll Quigley’s book TRAGEDY & HOPE: A HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN OUR TIME. However, it’s 1,348 pages and not even on the short-reading list at any American university.

Professor Quigley was clued-in by a university professor:

You’re wasting your time Carroll, you’ll never understand what’s really going on unless you understand there is a secret society,” …a small group is set on a goal to create a one-world government run by a ruling oligarchy that is represented by an invisible government in the United States today. It’s always the same people who control the Government. It doesn’t matter whether they’re Democrats or Republicans; that’s all for the “simple people”. The elite rule America, they rule the world today and their goal is a One-World Government.

Dr. Monteith went on to say:

“People say: ‘Well, if they have that much control over America, why haven’t they taken over?’ And my answer is: “They have taken over, but they can’t let the people know, because they want to use the financial and military power of our country, and of your country as well, to bring about this World Government.” When you understand that, it all makes sense; otherwise so little going on today makes real sense.

They always have to give them excuses for going to war, and they plot war after war. Sometimes their plans don’t work out; usually they do though, and they are preparing us now – your country (England) and mine – for war with the Muslim world. There are going to be horrible complications; probably hundreds of millions of people are going to die in this coming Great War.

Well, unfortunately, the average person doesn’t want to believe this sort of thing could really go on. We know it goes on in other countries, but it could never go on in your country (England) and in mine; but it goes on all the time. We’re dealing with people who have no moral conscience; we’re dealing with people who are Luciferian. When you understand that, the move towards World Government begins to make sense.

Already trained like dogs

I walked into Trader’s Joe’s food store four days after the face mask requirement had been dismissed in California.  I was the only shopper in the store who was not wearing a mask.  I thought to myself, no more mandates will be required.  The populace has been trained like dogs.

A giant fraudemic

How do I tell people, the whole plannedemic has been a giant fraud?

And just who in America really believes Dr. Anthony Fauci, that the virus emanated from a bat cave when it has undisputed genetic earmarks of an engineered pathogen.  Therefore, there is a rogue lab somewhere in the world that IS producing and spreading deadly viruses.

Political observers Mike Whitney and Ron Unz write about their suspicions over a COVID-19 outbreak that began infecting Iran’s top political elites, killing a number of them.  They write: “Isn’t it implausible that a random lab-leak in China would so quickly jump to Iran on the other side of the world?  Neocon elites began gleefully noting their hatred that Iranian enemies were now dropping like flies.”

This would be akin to a bio-terrorist infecting and killing American members of Congress.  Only Iran has suffered such death among its leaders, notes Whitney and Unz.

If this deadly pandemic virus is being released in Iran, who’s to say these unknown terrorists aren’t planting genetic variants in the U.S. to keep the pandemic going?

Somebody knew beforehand

It is no coincidence to learn that the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency distributed a secret report warning of a “cataclysmic” disease outbreak that was soon to occur in Wuhan, China in November of 2019, months before the World Health Organization declared a Global Health Emergency on January 30, 2020.   This was just after EVENT 201 when the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum, held an exercise (practiced) how to handle a coronavirus epidemic. The nature cooperated and mutated the virus.  How coincidental.

A practice run for the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic began years prior in November of 2002 when SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) occurred in China.  It suddenly and inexplicably fizzled out by early 2004, said to be due to smart containment measures, but without mandatory face masks, social distancing, handwashing, lockdowns.

The strange coronavirus that just vanished

But respiratory viruses just don’t vanish.  Did somebody pull the plug on a human engineered virus?  That was practice round #1.

Then an unconvincing effort was made to educate the masses that viruses come and go, that every flu virus that exist in in human until about 120 years ago has gone extinct.  The strain that caused the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic also disappeared.

But retrospective analysis reveals the Spanish flu of 1918 was really caused by a mycobacterium – tuberculosis, accompanied by co-infection from staphylococcus that resulted in considerable mortality.  Both strains of those respiratory diseases still exist today.  In fact, virologists claimed the original Spanish flu strains was literally unearthed from graves of people who died of this virus and were buried in the permafrost in Alaska, when it wasn’t influenza that killed millions at all!

It is revealed that an intelligence report warned of a coronavirus crisis a month before its initial outbreak in Wuhan, China and two-months prior to a pandemic being declared.  Inadequate preparations for a pandemic were being made in the U.S. despite Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute Of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, warning of a surprise global pandemic as early as 2017.

Furthermore, there was a tip-off that the U.S. government either knew or was co-planning for the pandemic because in September of 2019 the Federal Reserve Bank inexplicably began pumping billions of dollars a day into the repo market that banks use to make short-term loans to each other in preparation for the meltdown from an upcoming lockdown.  And let’s not forget the 1300 unexplained resignations and early retirements taken by 1300 CEOs of major corporations in the prior year.  Somebody knew.

Which way does the finger of blame point?

In which direction does the truth compass point?  Lest we forget the anthrax attack on the United States was genetically tracked back to a US Army Lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Fool me twice, shame on me

How many lies does it take before Americans grow suspicious of their own government being behind these biological attacks?

Investigative virologists have discovered the gene sequencing in the COVID-19 virus is so rare it couldn’t have possibly mutated from an animal source, as suggested.  It is a man-made bioweapon.

What if I told you the plannedemic America and the rest of the world has been suffering through was pre-planned for many years.  That the sudden draughts, wild fires, super cold and hot weather, spiking gasoline prices allegedly caused by hackers, spiraling costs of food and shortages of meat, are just the beginning of a grand utopian plan by globalists to eradicate borders, abolish paper money, destroy wealth, impose draconian restrictions on personal freedoms to assemble, travel, and even work.

You may be poor, but at least there was hope for something more.  Now everyone will be equally poor.

The catchphrase for this movement is “you will own nothing and be happy.”  Yep, no one will own a home, or an automobile, not even a lawn mower or vacuum cleaner.  Everything will be rented.  There will be a universal basic income.  To accomplish this a “divide and conquer” strategy will be unleashed – blacks vs. white, Asian vs. Black, etc.  Pit Americans against each other.

Would Americans admit they have been conned?

Because most Americans are fed a steady stream of propaganda, most Americans haven’t a clue as to what is really going on.  Americans just can’t believe they have been conned.

The so-called pandemic is a ruse.  You really believe the flu vanished this year and was replaced by a five-times mutated cold virus that turns out to be a bioweapon that 99.7% of infected Americans recovered from on their own, without a vaccine?  Yet a lockdown, face masks (or two face masks) and social distancing (which only slow down the spread of any disease) had to be invoked to save no more lives than the seasonal flu each year?

Americans panic; do themselves in

The fear and anxiety induced by the COVID-19 virus resulted in a 500% increase in alcohol consumption and coffee and tea stimulants to deal with sleeplessness, all three practices which block a key vitamin (B1) that exerts control over the autonomic nervous system that in turn regulates breathing, digestion and heart rhythm.  This pandemic-induced vitamin deficiency mimics all of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Americans responded poorly to the fear campaign by over-imbibing and downing cup after cup of coffee, resulting in many having needlessly died of “oxygen starvation,” as this vitamin serves to transport oxygen throughout the body.   Now Americans were killing themselves by over-panicking.

Don’t just stand there, do something

We are left with the question: What are we as Americans going to do about this?

We have to have a revolutionary war as historical as 1776 to get our lives back, in order to “form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”  Right now!

Short of rallying all the Harley Davidson motorcycle gangs (the FBI has actually identified them as a million-man threat to government control), to descend upon Washington DC, the simplest strategy is to switch off all TV news which forces advertisers to pull their money out of the propaganda machines, and to transfer banked money to small independent community banks and credit unions so your money won’t be used as reserves to fund all this skullduggery.


Dr. Stan Monteith always concluded the opening of his radio show with the following statement:

“But in the battle for survival of Western civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.”

Let’s hope so.  We only hope “the power of the people is stronger than the people in power,” which is the subtitle of a book by Weal Ghonim who protested against the brutality of the Egyptian government.  It only took Ghonim’s tearful speech on national television to unseat the President of Egypt.

But we only have the indifferent, self-indulgent American population to rely upon.  I’m convinced if only 10% of the U.S. population rises up against its own entrenched government, the jig will be up.  I sense the dethronement of Dr. Anthony Fauci from his position as terroriist in chief will be the linchpin in bringing down this reign of terror.

It appears Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is leading the charge in his upcoming book THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI.  Let’s just be resolved to line up behind Mr. Kennedy and his CHILDREN’S HEALTH DEFENSE team to unseat a government that has gone awry.  Remember, there is a lab somewhere that is releasing mutated viruses upon the world.  It must be stopped. That lab appears to be in the U.S., most likely at a U.S. military lab.