Did Electromagnetic Phenomena Trigger the Plague That Killed up to 80 Percent of the Earth’s Inhabitants”

In this video, archaeologist Peter Mungo Jupp presents the radical idea that civilization destroying plagues may be governed by electromagnetism such as cosmic rays. 

The video is entitled “Climate [Little Ice Age] and the Black Death and Volcanic activity and mutations.”

The Little Ice Age: Ho... Fagan, Brian Best Price: $5.97 Buy New $7.00 (as of 03:43 UTC - Details) “The plague of 1348 A.D. was the greatest, most universal and mortally devastating that ever ravaged this globe! It never had a parallel either before or since,” wrote Rhodes scholar Thomas Short in 1749. “Its spread was implacable, relentless and devastating.”

Cataclysmic death rates followed from nation to nation and town to town, Rhodes continued. Perhaps as much as 80 percent of the world population perished. In some places it took 15 out of 16 inhabitants.

Compare this to the Spanish flu of 1918, when “only” two percent of the worldwide population perished.

Archaeologist and Thunderbolts colleague Peter Mungo Jupp discusses the accompanying floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes followed by droughts and famine and ties the entire devastation to electromagnetic phenomena.

The heavens were on fire, says Jupp. The historical observations of events at that time even artist’s depictions – strongly point to strongly point to such a conclusion

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