The Left’s Conquest of the Church

For the first time in history, the Christian Church has been hijacked by Leftists. Of course, the Left has had influence on the Church before, but they are getting closer and closer to a total takeover. Why is this happening? Well, for a few reasons, chiefly among them that our current Church leaders are intellectually weak. However, the main reason is that the Left has control over every major institution in America and saw that the last one yet to be conquered, and not coincidentally the strongest one, was the Church. They decided they must have that too. And the Church’s leaders were all too ready to oblige.

Why is this so dangerous? Well it’s dangerous for the Christian faith for the obvious reason that it represents a total corruption of the Bible and the morality it teaches. But it’s dangerous for American society and liberty because it adds “Thus saith the Lord” to all of the Left’s commands. And as CS Lewis stated in God on the Dock, when the State “adds to its commands ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ it lies, and lies dangerously.” The intent is to give the people the impression that by complying with their rules, they are obeying God. God in the Dock Lewis, C. S. Best Price: $9.13 Buy New $14.98 (as of 06:02 UTC - Details)

One question that comes to mind when witnessing this takeover is how was the Left able to convince so many Christians? The reason for this success is because, just like Lewis said in The Problem of Pain, we are living at a time when society has confused God’s goodness with simple kindness. Thus, we all now believe that if it seems kind, it is good. So, they tell us it is kind for a baker to make a cake for a gay marriage, and thus bakers ought to be required to do so. They tell us it is kind to subsidize those among us who are less fortunate, and thus that money ought to be taken from others. They tell us it is kind to protect the environment, and thus we must ban certain convenient and affordable things. Unfortunately, many laypersons have fallen for these traps. Many of the Church leaders have done so as well, while the remaining are either too cowardly to fight it or not equipped well enough intellectually to do so.

Cynical Theories: How ... Lindsay, James Buy New $21.14 (as of 03:40 UTC - Details) We must look at the common denominator in all of left-wing Christianity’s policies. And it comes down to this- all of them require more government control. This is true whether it involves the environment, gay “rights”, racial diversity, or welfare. Thus, the Left is using Christianity as a tool for tyranny, a tool to gain more control. The Left has bullied Christian leaders into Marxist thinking- if someone is successful, someone is being oppressed. In order to help the “oppressed,” we are told we must punish others who have never known such oppression. Hence, the recent embrace of Critical Race Theory by many leaders on the Church. This theory tells us that certain groups owe something to other less fortunate groups, but it doesn’t stop there. Advocates of CRT say in order for that obligation to be fulfilled, the State must use force and target the “privileged.”

What is the solution? Teach what Scripture actually says and equip people intellectually with arguments against the Left’s distortions of God’s Word. Leaders in the Church cannot cower in fear, they must recognize what is going on and learn to use God’s Word effectively and accurately. Christians must forcefully reject left-wing policies that demand we sacrifice more of our liberty and grant the government more control. The Left’s influence in the Church will continue to grow if we do not. And if the Left completes its takeover of the Church, it will have finalized its conquest of the civil society and of Western Civilization.