The COVID Anal Swab: Another Instrument of State Terror

If you ever needed any proof that this whole COVID pandemic is nothing more than an excuse for governments to subdue, control and screw over their populations, you need to look no further than the latest procedure that is coming your way.

It is called the COVID anal swab.

When I first heard of it, I thought it must have been some kind of joke or a meme. I did my research, however, and found out that it was indeed true. In China they are already merrily at it.

You can be sure it is only a matter of time before the anal swab makes an appearance within our shores.

Organika NAC (N-Acetyl... Buy New $24.99 ($0.28 / Count) (as of 03:44 UTC - Details) The twisted absurdity of this testing protocol should be obvious at first sight. COVID-19 – they tell us – is a disease of the respiratory track caused by a strain of coronavirus. To test for the presence of organisms that cause respiratory illness, throat specimens are normally taken.

Why, then, do they now insert sticks two inches up people’s anuses to look for organisms that cause infection in the throat? As far as this writer knows, COVID-19 is the first respiratory disease for which diagnosis via anal route is sought.

The so-called “scientists” behind this travesty claim that the purpose of the test is to ensure that a person does not have COVID even when a deep nasopharyngeal swab yields no positives. Thus, even after the heavily pro-COVID skewed PCR testing of the nasopharyngeal specimen – which produces unduly large numbers of false positives – shows a person to be disease-free, they go on digging into people’s rear ends looking for the evidence of a virus whose existence they cannot even demonstrate. But what is the logic of doing this, given the fact that a person who has no coronavirus in the nose or throat cannot infect others through normal social contact?

They keep telling us that COVID-19 spreads through saliva, which is the very reason why we must wear masks. Per Wikipedia:

“COVID-19 spreads from person to person mainly through the respiratory route after an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, talks or breathes. A new infection occurs when virus-containing particles exhaled by an infected person, either respiratory droplets or aerosols, get into the mouth, nose, or eyes of other people who are in close contact with the infected person.”

If this is so, why are they swabbing the rectums of those whose saliva specimen clearly indicate the absence of this respiratory disease? Amazon eGift Card - Pa... Check Amazon for Pricing.

Yang Zhanqiu, the deputy director of the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University, pointed out the ludicrous nature of this testing regime. He told the Chinese publication The Global Times “that since the virus has been proven to be contracted via the upper respiratory tract rather than the digestive system, the most efficient tests are still nasal and throat swabs.”

Yes, exactly. Even a child can see this. And yet in China children are among the first targets of this gratuitous forced sodomization. According to WebMD:

“Some people who have been subjected to anal testing include passengers arriving in Beijing and a group of more than 1,000 schoolchildren and teachers who were thought to have been exposed to the virus.”

The purpose of this procedure is obviously not to trace the virus but to further demoralize, humiliate and break the populations.

First, governments told us we could not leave our homes, and if we truly needed to go out, we had to wear diapers over our faces. When many lost their jobs, businesses and livelihoods, they told them to keep their mouths shut. Then they began poking six-inch sticks into people’s nostrils in a procedure that many found highly unpleasant and traumatizing. Not surprisingly, this psychological, economic and medical terror left large portions of the population demoralized, desperate and depressed. Addictions skyrocketed and so did suicides.

NEW NORDIC Blueberry S... Buy New $31.50 ($0.26 / Count) (as of 01:14 UTC - Details) Now, in the ultimate act of domination they will dispatch agents of the state to drive probes up the citizenry’s rear ends under the pretense of looking for a virus that causes disease in the throat and lungs. And they will order you to undergo this procedure if you want to go out for a walk or take public transport. This is as much an affront to common sense as it is an afront to human dignity.

Governments’ obvious objective of inflicting this abuse and humiliation upon their people is to make the populations completely docile and submissive.

This is what dystopia looks like.

It is time for people to rise up and say, “We’ve had enough! No more of this craziness. Put your anal swabs and all your COVID nonsense where they rightfully belong: up to your own backside.”