The Future of the American Republic…How Do We Survive?

The old American republic—the republic begun with such hopefulness and lofty aspirations in 1787, with promises of justice and liberty—that republic is entering its death throes. Its promises not only have been rejected by those who govern it, but are openly reviled by those same leaders and elites.

Hospice for the nation has arrived—the country we once knew and loved, where we raised our families and went to church, where we worked, and from where our fathers and brothers went off to defend our way of life—that country has begun its final, fitful death spiral…“not with a bang, but a whimper” (as poet T. S. Eliot wrote in “The Hollow Men”). And surrounding the death bed gaze the fearsome eyes of those greedy, soulless, totalitarians risen up from the very feculent bowels of Hell who have now regained the momentum they temporarily lost back in 2016, when a somewhat naïve, but vigorous and brash billionaire threw a monkey-wrench in their path to final success.

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Like wolves circling round their prey, those forces are constant and unrelenting in their intentions, undeterred by the fact that half of this country now has begun—but only just begun—to awaken from the induced stupor, the induced coma under the cover of which the ugly forces of democratic totalitarianism have for the past 50 or 100 years inexorably advanced. All the more reason, they calculate, to impose draconian restrictions, use the immense power of Big Tech and Big Government to staunch and suppress dissent.

Not just “cancel” Donald Trump, but all the “deplorables” of any high public profile, anyone who might raise a voice to actually oppose their ploys. Their inflexible censorship and ability to “de-person” almost anyone, and their control of education and the media are imposing an Iron Curtain over what is left of America, more fearful and more sweeping than anything Joe Stalin ever dreamed of.

Indeed, one can rightly argue that those demonic forces—let us call them what they are: “the forces of anti-Western Christian civilization”—have had an upper hand since the defeat of the defenders of America’s old Constitution in 1865. But their steps in this process—their spreading infection—have taken more than a full century to effect success. Now, before our very eyes their victory appears imminent.

Among those supposed defenders of the old republican system in Congress and in establishment “conservative media,” we see a curious, but not-so-shocking “jumping off the ship.” For four years these “conservatives” and Republicans kept up the pretense of defending Donald Trump or at least some of his policies, while all the while they were trying their damnedest, sotto voce, to weaken him, betray him, and finally expel him. In so doing they were not only serving the Deep State elites, but, more importantly, attempting to suppress what they hated most: those awakened citizens, those Deplorables who now understood, if only vaguely, what was happening in this country and that they could resist it.

Republicans like Senators Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt (“the Twit”) Romney, Richard Burr, and Representative Adam Kinzinger have at last revealed the uncontestable fact that they have always been “on the other side”—they have always been globalists, bought off and paid by the managers of the Deep State—they have always been “fifth columnists” who deserve only our disdain and contempt. As such they join “conservative movement” grotesqueries like Rich Lowry (editor of National Review), columnists Jonah Goldberg, Steve Hayes, and Bill Kristol, and others who claim the label “Republican” and “conservative,” but whose allegiance has always been to the corporate-globo-state which now, in just a few days, will control our national destiny. Shifu Orboot (App Base... Buy New $54.99 (as of 05:02 UTC - Details)

In several previous columns I have speculated on what options are now left to us, and what the massive election fraud of November 3, 2020 means. The unleashed and legitimate frustrations evidenced by the “Stop the Steal” rally of January 6 propel those questions once more to the fore.

Those options are limited:

Either we shall succumb miserably to a new, enforced slavery far worse than any type of slavery in human history, as it will eat at and dismember our souls and pollute and control the minds of our descendants.

Or, there will be internecine and eventually violent combat, perhaps a form of guerrilla warfare, bloody and ruthless.  But with the upper echelons of the American armed forces now thoroughly perverted by the same Deep State globalist contagion, such conflict will only result in further and more severe depredations…and the Gulag for many, perhaps millions of us.

Or, perhaps the least violent potentially (but also the most difficult to pull off), a separation of American states, including probably a separation within states of regions dominated by the crazed democratic totalitarians from those zones where traditional sanity still obtains. This course appeals the most to me.  But, assuredly, the authoritarian globalist Deep State and corporate America would not go along with it, and very likely such moves could equally provoke violence and civil war. I can easily envisage a President Kamala Harris sending troops to put down secession by Texas or by Alabama. At that point, all Hell breaks loose.

And there is what I call “the catacomb strategy,” which, like its sounds, means that we find ourselves in an underground existence like none other in history, for the powers that rule would have eyes and ears everywhere and would essentially control education, politics, and most communication media. The suppression and oppression would be far more intense and profound than anything ever experienced previously, and our object would be to survive and simply pass on the beliefs, the learning, and the memory of the past and of who we were and are and may one day be again. New forms of communication and transmission of our heritage would need to be devised, impervious to the omniscient eyes of our entrenched masters. On those new forms our survival would depend. Think Gizmos Bump &rsq... Buy New $44.95 (as of 12:17 UTC - Details)

George Orwell’s dystopian novel, Nineteen-Eighty-Four (1949), calls up images of what such an existence might look like, with its “book people,” each one committed to preserving the memory and wisdom of at least one classic tome, in opposition to Big Brother…and now to Big Tech…and passing that knowledge on.

That was seventy years ago…what would it look like today?

This option is fraught with peril, a course that would demand stouthearted men and women, a course which would demand martyrs of faith and of hope. And such a course could well last generations.

Yet, we may be forced into it, and we must be ready for it. Will we ever see another relatively “free” election at least at the national level? Probably not, under the present globalist dispensation.

We must be prepared to seriously consider and contemplate how we proceed, what our strategies will be. All of these options carry immense danger and cruel hardships.

Like Gideon’s small army we must recommit ourselves to our fathers and what they left us, to our historic civilization, and to the God of All Ages, and to the invincible Hope He inspires in us.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.