The Checkmating of America

We’re now learning why our Founders placed freedom of the press and freedom of speech—among other key rights—in the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights. For it is the chicanery, sabotage and subversive propaganda of the American media that has landed us where we are today.

To prove this point, let me illustrate what our mainstream press—say the New York Times—should have been trumpeting as soon as the theft of our election became evident:



First paragraph: President Trump has been proven right—the 2020 election was stolen in a flagrant act of treason by both Democrats and their globalist allies. This coup d’état to take over America was part of a Soros-funded “Color Revolution” revolving around a contested election, with the aim of turning America over to Communist China under the Davos elites’ plan for One World Government.

Anyone see that headline in the Paper of Record? In any of our mainstream press? On MSNBC? How differently do you think your friends and family members who are loyal, unquestioning Democrats would be viewing world events and our present crisis if the Gray Lady had vouchsafed articles like that?

But perhaps you’ll find that headline hyperbolic, so let me explain why I believe it expresses the very real situation in the last weeks of Trump’s presidency.

We’ve been under attack by enemies foreign and domestic for quite some time, as the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations were primarily about enriching high level office holders—e.g. Hillary, Biden, Obama—the kleptocrats in Congress, fueling wars overseas, and selling out our jobs and our country to China. That’s why Trump won in 2016—he stands for the opposite of all that corruption. But let’s focus on the past year and the multi-pronged war being waged against us.

The Plandemic’s Attack on Our Middle Class

We remember only too well the mysterious flu virus that struck China in December 2019 and January 2020. We saw videos of people apparently dropping dead in the streets, and bizarre “lockdowns” turning huge cities into empty ghost-towns seemingly overnight. What we didn’t know then:

  • Those videos were psy-op propaganda to condition us to follow suit and shut down our own cities, businesses, economic engine, and systematically weaken our nation and our people.
  • The virus had been engineered in a Chinese bio-weapons lab.
  • Even though the “novel coronavirus” was a bioweapon and intentionally spreading it to the U.S. was therefore an act of war, it turned out to be essentially no more lethal than the seasonal flu, which also kills many people every year—especially the elderly.
  • The Globalist Cabal was behind the psy-op, and got plenty of help from China, the UK, Bill Gates, Italy, the corrupt media in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere, so it seemed to most people to be legit. After all, how could a conspiracy this big take place?Answer: with massive planning, billions of dollars, and evil genius.

This is why those who are wide awake call Covid-19 the “Plandemic” or the “Scamdemic.” If we forget about the eensy weensy virus narrative and just look at the results, this is what we see: China and the domestic enemies of America—the radical Progressive Dems and RINOs—have weakened America nearly to the point of no return, by wiping out at least half of our small businesses or more, which means they’ve decimated our once thriving middle class. And the middle class is America! Most countries have a small, superrich oligarchy on top, and masses of poor people beneath them. Only in America can everyone potentially thrive as members of the middle class pursuing their happiness. That happiness has been largely destroyed by our America-hating enemies, both foreign and domestic.

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