And Now, The Fake Un-Demic

Suddenly Cases and Hospitalizations Will Dive As Coerced Vaccination Among Nursing Home Residents And Staff Is Achieved Prior To Christmas Day

A report posted at Zerohedge/premium says the first-wave of (coerced) vaccinations in nursing home residents and their personnel will have a significant impact on COVID-19 hospitalizations and will, by “lucky coincidence,” just prior to inauguration day, achieve a rapid decline in hospitalizations.   The FDA says all residents and staff of long-term care facilities are to be vaccinated prior to Christmas.

Nursing homes represent just 1% of the population but 18% of COVID-19 cases and 40% of deaths.  It takes a while for immunity to kick in so the forecast is for hospitalizations to decline ~January 9 and approach zero by the end of the month.

Steampunk Leather Wris... Buy New $166.00 (as of 04:39 UTC - Details) Of course, neither hospitals nor ICUs are full, as charts reveal (Thanks Tom Woods).  So, it will be easy to just fake the decline.  Most ICUs run at full capacity year-round anyway.

My analysis shows the widely-advertised 95%-effective Pfizer RNA COVID-19 vaccine cannot benefit more than 1% of the population because it can’t exceed the infection rate; 95% of the population doesn’t come down with COVID-19 at any point in time, or even as accumulated cases and deaths over time.

Case rates are only reflective of the depth of testing for COVID-19.  So, easing up on testing will produce a false remission attributed to the vaccine.  Deaths will decline steeply because they were never happening.  How do you halt a fake pandemic?  This is how.

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