Looking For Warriors: Face Masks, Giving In, & Proceeding Boldly Against Evil

Mr. Stevo:

I read your article “Face Masks Refusal Says So Much, Because Courage Is the Prerequisite to  All Virtuous Behavior.”

When the suggestion first started to wear a mask to help stop the spread of Covid, I was skeptical and not a believer. And did not wear one. Then it became a requirement.  I was very reluctant . However, I did then do a lot of research regarding mask wearing for Covid. There are many articles and videos on this subject. And after reading on this matter, I became convinced masks could help, at least on some level, in helping stop the spread of Covid.

It is apparent you think masks are useless. I would like to believe this. But how do I combat videos such as this one at Men’s Health and It’s Okay To Be Smart that supposedly show masks stopping the droplets containing the virus from someone with the virus? 


Dear J.T.,

Thank you for this note. Face Masks In One Lesson Stevo, Allan Buy New $10.00 (as of 03:17 EST - Details)

This Is A Poor Source 

Men’s Health is a poor source for this type of information, but it depicts the popular sentiment that is now circulating, so I am grateful for the reference point.

The information at those links is spread with a lack of understanding by those writing on the topic, or is alternately spread with some dishonesty. It’s not clear which is more common. Certainly it is both dishonest and irresponsible to write for an audience about a topic which the writer is unable to comprehend the magnitude of. Articles like the one linked are reverberators of unhelpful information taken out of context and obedient to a status quo.

Confirmation Bias: Beware Of Information Obedient To The Status quo 

When information is obedient to a status quo, it deserves a special level of skepticism to avoid the bias known as confirmation bias, an easy bias to fall into.

Mechanistic Studies Are Accurate “In Theory” 

The link you sent points to mechanistic studies. Mechanistic studies are not useful in prescribing behavior on this matter because they use theory to attempt to depict reality instead of actually measuring reality to the best of our ability. Sometimes we cannot measure the results of an experiment very well. With face masks we can. Mechanistic studies are commonly cited because they fit the narrative that everyone must be masked. They are not commonly cited because they are the best depictions of reality, which should be the meritocratic basis for citing a study.

Better Sources: Look For Randomized Controlled Trials With Laboratory Confirmed Results 

If you desire to avoid the confirmation bias that has accompanied face masks in this heavily politicized electoral year, I recommend you look for randomized controlled trials with laboratory confirmed results. These are attempts at measuring reality to the best of our ability. Studies like these have often been ignored and even censored in 2020 because the results so clearly counter the politicized narrative that all must be masked.

Mechanistic studies consistently tell us what can be summarized as “Face masks should in theory work to prevent Covid-19 transmission,” while randomized controlled trials with laboratory confirmed results consistently tell us what can be summarized as “In reality however, masks do not in fact work to prevent Covid transmission and may increase transmission, making face masks not neutral but harmful.”

There Is No Need For A Narrative Of Divisiveness, Yet This Is What We Have 

There is no need for divisiveness on this topic. The two types of studies are very helpful when read alongside each other and the results integrate quite nicely. Against the Left: A Ro... Llewellyn H Rockwell Jr Best Price: $13.57 Buy New $8.00 (as of 10:15 EST - Details)

It should be no surprise that theory and reality in this field are divergent, since theory and reality are divergent in many fields. Scientific journalists covering the topic out of a sense of honesty for the subject matter would have no problem integrating these two types of studies, by saying: “In theory face masks should work to prevent the spread of Covid, in reality they don’t work to prevent the spread of Covid.” There’s nothing complicated about constructing such a sentence. There’s nothing complicated about presenting the idea in a way that anyone over the age of eight could easily read it.

Beware Of Those Telling You How A Theory Is So Complicated There Is No Way You Would Possibly Understand 

I have long found that theories that cannot be described to an eight-year-old are either fallacious or poorly understood by the speaker. Simplicity of communication is obtainable to he who understands his subject matter and possesses a sincere desire to communicate.

Instead, this topic of face masks and Covid is covered with great divisiveness. Anyone who suggests that an unmasked person is putting others in harm’s way or does not care about another is doing their audience a great disservice. Either they don’t respect their audience enough to understand their subject matter or they don’t respect their audience enough to cover the subject matter honestly.

For A Person Trying To Make Sense Of Efficacy, Xiao Presents The Most Useful Face Mask Research Of 2020 

Xiao in the May 2020 issue of Emerging Infectious Disease is the best study of the year on the topic. For those interested in delving deeper, I address that topic further in a recent article entitled “Reminder: The CDC Says Face Masks Don’t Stop Covid.” I cover the same topic in greater detail in my recent book Face Masks in One Lesson. I strongly recommend Xiao’s journal article.

Emerging Infectious Disease is a CDC journal of epidemiology. Attempting to avoid lip service or the lure of political correctness, Xiao and her co-authors looked at Covid as a serious concern and sought to distinguish superstition from efficacious approaches.

In Xiao’s Emerging Infectious Disease review of 14 randomized controlled trials with laboratory confirmed results, we see quite conclusively that

  • 1.) Face masks do not reduce the spread of Covid-19 or other respiratory viruses,
  • 2.) Hand washing does not reduce the spread of Covid-19 or other respiratory viruses, and
  • 3.) Disinfecting surfaces does not reduce the spread of Covid-19 or other respiratory viruses. Fauci: The Bernie Mado... Ortleb, Charles Buy New $5.99 (as of 02:55 EDT - Details)

This information is so vitally important, and Xiao deserves reading by anyone with an interest in the topic. Again Xiao does not need to be seen as a contradiction of mechanistic face mask studies, but an elaboration that we can turn to in order to see that theory diverges from reality on this topic and that practice should be modified accordingly.

Xiao’s Conclusion: Face Masks Are Superstition At Best 

The face mask is superstition at best. There is no question about that. This has been known for a long time and is even more obvious now after billions have been masked.

Xiao, takes this a step further. Xiao points out that the face mask is harmful and may increase the spread of Covid, especially when it is worn in disregard for the following protocol:

  • 1.) Face masks are single use only,
  • 2.) They are to be sterile when put on,
  • 3.) They are to be put on with sterile hands,
  • 4.) The nose and mouth should not be touched while wearing a face mask, and
  • 5.) If the face mask becomes moist it should be changed immediately.

Xiao cites a 2009 World Health Organization circular on this topic. I’ve never seen a single person in 2020 follow this protocol and no one should not be expected to as they are not trained in the protocol. Notably, as much as this protocol is followed, face masks do not work to reduce the spread of Covid-19 or other respiratory viruses. That is the bottom line.

Face masks are superstition at best.

“At Best,” Is Not A Realistic Standard, There Is Much Downside To Masking

There is also much worse to be said about face masks. Xiao does not cover the vastly more harmful aspects of face mask wearing: Against the State: An ... Rockwell Jr., Llewelly... Best Price: $5.02 Buy New $5.52 (as of 11:35 EST - Details)

  • 1.) Restriction of breathing,
  • 2.) Restriction of waste removal,
  • 3.) Medical impact,
  • 4.) Individualized impact necessitating an individual approach,
  • 5.) Deceased oxygen increased carbon dioxide in the micro environment of the face mask,
  • 6.) Social impact,
  • 7.) Developmental impact,
  • 8.) Communicational impact.

This was outside of her scope. The entire picture is something that must be responsibly synthesized by doctor and patient for an individual approach.

Central Planning Makes Its Way To Medicine Under The Guise Of “Public Health”

As with all central planning, a one-size-fits-all approach from central planners in the public health field brings with it all the same downfalls of other blunt force central planning. This approach which we call by the public relations developed term “public health,” in our era, is a polar opposite of medicine, which at its best has an individualized approach going back more than 2500 years and pits doctor and patient as a team against the world.

“Public health” is a theory that came about in the second half of the 1800s on the English and later the American side of the North Atlantic and seeks to drive a wedge between doctor and patient in order to make it the decision of neighbor what medical treatment a patient receive. Rather than doctor and patient against the world, it is doctor as a servant of the plebiscite, imposing that will upon the patient. Public health has aspects of communism and utilitarianism mixed in with medicine to effectively make it the very opposite of medicine.

It may be no surprise to readers that those who advocate for one-size-fits-all central planning in the field of public health have the same opinion about that same technocratic-led one-size-fits-all central planning in government and economics. It is a truly vile field that seeks to use manipulation to control man. A VOYAGE IN IMAGINATIO... Holmes, Dr Joel S Buy New $9.95 (as of 04:21 EDT - Details)

Public health motivation theory is an openly discussed topic in the field that is fundamental to public health and so contrary to medical ethics for it seeks to frame and spin apparently unbiased education to achieve a predetermined outcome, making doctor into a salesman or pitchman rather than someone seeking to achieve informed consent for his patient, to whom he has that duty.

Public Health Has Become A Countermovement To Medical Ethics 

Public health is in total contradiction to virtually all medical ethics, including the ethics around informed consent that grew out of the Nuremberg trials. It may be no shock therefore to recognize that the reincarnation of the most vile socialists of the past century — the national socialist of Germany, the Stalinist socialists of Russia, the Maoist socialists of East Asia, and their many compatriots — are kept alive and well in the field of public health. All of these men were young and charismatic in their time and praised in the pages of The New York Times. The same paper praises the public health politburo members of our day as heroes.

There is nothing heroic about men and women who bring tyranny to their homeland and seek to extinguish liberty from the globe, all the while claiming through cynical gaslighting that this utter destruction of human society is the only way to protect your loved ones and all that you hold dear.

It is hard to be appropriately pejorative about such behavior.

While They Are Effective Marketers, And Unethically Manipulative, The Field Of “Public Health” Has Not Hid Its Intent 

For more than 170 years, the forefathers of the public health field have publicly stated their desire to eliminate the structures of society and all people hold dear — church, free expression, self-defense, private property, livelihood, business, family.

Should anyone be surprised that in 2020, the year that the public health professional was allowed to take over society, we ended up with exactly the kind of life that the public health profession and their forefathers have been promising for 170 years?

Listen to them. They are telling you their plans. They have never hid it.

He who follows a single one of their orders, the face mask included, betrays freedom. You enable the most disgusting evil in the world.

Face Masks Should Not Be Worn By Any Person Of Conscience 

Pursue the Cause of Li... Paul, Ron Buy New $8.20 (as of 06:06 EST - Details) The face mask is a total joke of a medical intervention advanced by the clown of a man we call Fauci. It is with great sadness that I’ve seen even a single American adopt this medical intervention. Sadly, this adoption of face masks have been far more impactful to society than just a single American engaging in this harmful superstition.

That would be forgivable. That would be so minor as to be unnoticed. We are past the point where anyone should say “Anyone who wants to should wear a face mask.” The toxic symbol of obedience should be eradicated with the greatest level of societal pressure that a peaceful people can tolerate. 2020 is very different and the comfort of supplicating oneself to the masses is so impactful, so harmful to all that I hold dear and so deceitfully done in the name of protecting all that we hold dear.

No person of conscience should wear the mask even a single minute more. Not a minute. To do so is to give tacit approval to a great lie and to send ripples of harm through society as you empower such a lie.

I do not wear a mask. I will not wear a mask. I seldom allow anyone in a mask to speak to me without first removing their mask. I hold some degree of contempt for those who wear masks.

Heroes Walk The Earth 

Readers of these pages refuse masks in their businesses for the liability it creates for them as a fainting hazard. They refuse service personnel who come onto their property masked. They sue government agencies that force them to be masked. They take their children out of schools where they are masked and brainwashed about Covid. They scold managers for requiring their employees to be masked. They push against the illogical and unjust. They inform their bosses that they can fire them if they need to, but they will never again wear a mask. Had 2020 not come as it did, I would never have met these brave souls who so boldly walk the earth and demand freedom for themselves and others.

If you are not already behaving like these brave readers, it is not too late. You, too, can set a higher standard and demand such freedoms in your own life.

Sheeplike Behavior Happens, But Tacit Approval From Those Who Know Better Is So Much Worse  

No adult should be given a bye for the sheeplike behavior they engage in. Sheeplike people exist though and that is a reality of life. Those who know better and refuse to go through the discomfort of acting on their realization are truly awful.

Humanity needs those who see the reality of this behavior to act in defense of reason and liberty. So many do not. They abrogate that role. They burn down society because they refuse to act to protect it.

Minor discomfort and subtle displays of courage are all that is required for them to behave accordingly to advance freedom for themselves and others. It is a testament to how little society must mean to them or how costly subtle displays of courage must appear to them if they are unable to summon the ability to no longer fly this disgusting flag on their precious faces.

No decent liberty-lover would fly a Nazi flag or a Soviet flag out of sincerity, but many fly a far more pernicious symbol.

Courage Is An Axiom 

There is clearly a disconnect for so many Americans to so potently represent such an awful symbol and to carry it around with them — not on an armband or embroidered to a hat — but on their precious faces, covering their precious mouths.

Out of many conversations, the most clear sense I’ve been able to make of that disconnect is the far greater prevalence of cowardice in the United States than I had previously realized.

There I reach an axiomatic disconnect with the mask wearer, for if you have no courage, you are not a man to be trusted, you are not an adult who has come of age, you are playing the role of the perpetual child that modernity wants you to be and wants to convince you that you are.

There is a question left up to each of us to answer: “Am I too cowardly to be inconvenienced in the name of human freedom?”

People who I once viewed as heroes have answered that question in ways I would never have expected.

I hope that you have decided to never again wear a mask.

If You Criticize A Governor While Obediently Wearing A Mask, You Have Not Turned The Mirror On Yourself 

Make no doubt about this. The lockdown doesn’t end when a blue ribbon committee says it ends. It ends one person at a time saying that it has to end in their life and then bringing lockdowns to an end in their life by acting as if there are no lockdowns.

I live in lockdown land, but that lockdown never started in my own life. And I’ve heard many other stories of people who have lived life the same. Some have been doing that since 9/11, some have been doing it since long before that. They refuse to live by the low standard or liberty that others would happily impose upon them.

If you wear a mask, you have no place criticizing Gavin Newsome or Gretchen Whitmer or that soft Pritzker boy or that Cuomo child, whatever his first name is, for they are merely placing guidances on you that you are clearly, through your actions, showing your full support for.

Your words are made cheap by your actions. If that describes you, you can be assured that everyone around you sees it, except for you. If that describes you, your mother, your daughter, your boss, your employee, they all see your hypocrisy on some level. It may not be on a rational level, but on some level your hypocrisy is made apparent to them. Your cowardice is made apparent. Your compliance is made apparent, and you tell everyone around you through your actions that you expect their compliance as well.

That is the leadership you show in your own life. The tyrant can not impose tyranny alone. He needs willing accomplices who will have it imposed upon them.

The only way to end these orders begins with individual human action. That is also the only way any order begins. There is no other way. If the student of liberty cannot recognize the value of even incremental liberty and cannot summon the courage to bring face mask orders to an end in his own life, then we are in a bad situation as a society.

These Are Very Poorly Enforced Orders, With Enormous Loopholes That Any Liberty Lover Should Be Ashamed To Find Themselves In Compliance With 

These are very poorly enforced orders. I’ve written a book: Face Masks in One Lesson about how poorly enforced they are and how every single American can quickly and easily stop wearing face masks. The effort in doing so is to let every person have an excuse-free, easy blueprint for never again wearing a mask in the face of such feeble tyranny.

Such a feeble effort these face mask orders are, yet they have so disabled a great people.

In the face of such poorly enforced orders, you can’t blame a governor, a president, or a Fauci for your compliance. You have no one to blame but yourself when you don’t reach out and grab your God-given liberty by doing the easiest possible thing in the world: nothing.

Asked to place a mask on: Do nothing.

That’s it.

If you’re a slow learner, like me, read that book or read any of these four or five dozen articles here  on lockdowns and face masks that provide much of the same information, free of charge.

But really, you don’t even need that. You just need to stop wearing your mask.

It’s Not February 2020 Anymore 

Perhaps in February it was forgivable to wear a mask. Perhaps in March it was forgivable to wear a mask. Perhaps in April it was forgivable to wear a mask, after the April 3, 2020 CDC mask orders.

But after the unending “3-week” lockdowns, parents dying alone in hospitals, thousands dying from maltreatment, known toxic and ineffective vaccines, church closings, business closures, forced economic devastation alongside massive money printing to perpetuate the image of a boom economy everywhere from Tesla to Bitcoin, families divided and alone, neighbors divided and alone, the most frail in our society divided and alone.

After all that, enabling any bit of this is evil.

You enable evil when you put on a face mask.

Contrary To Popular Belief, You Aren’t Being A Nice Guy When You Wear Your Mask 

You aren’t being a nice guy who just wants to get along. You’re being a really bad dude, enabling really bad things with your tacit approval, sending ripples of really evil stuff through the world.

No part of what you’re doing is okay. No part of it is excusable.

Your immediate and full opposition is demanded. One day you’ll be able to lie to others about your level of complicity in this all. But if you have a conscience you will know that you played a role in what may be the most evil period of American history.

You Can’t Claim Moral High Ground As You Offer Your Compliance 

I can’t answer if you wore a mask one second longer than the moment you realized how awful the mask is. I can’t answer if you empowered lockdowns with your cowardice and compliance. That’s between you and your maker.

But I am here to tell you that you have no right to claim moral high ground over policies that you won’t fight, that you won’t abstain from, and which by all outward appearances you fully endorse through your deeds.

Is that not what you’re going for? Then go burn the damn thing now.

Go Burn The Damn Thing 

Walk outside and set it on fire. Do it right in the middle of the street for all to see. Leave the half-burnt scraps as rubbish on the street for all to see as proof of your decisive finality. Go tell your boss you won’t be wearing it anymore. Go tell your banker, your lawyer, your maid that if they have a problem with you unmasked  you accept that, but that you’re done doing business with them. Go tell your employees and customers that they aren’t welcome to use masks on your property anymore, because you don’t want the liability of them tripping or fainting.

And yell damn you.

Yell !

Yell like you have guts. Yell in a way that no one expects you to yell. Not like a crazy person. Yell like a man who has come into his own again. Yell the awful yawp of someone who will not be trifled with.

They don’t want you to yell. Ever. They want you masked and muffled through the most horrifying evil.

And to their desire you comply.

Yell. Yell like the economist Ludwig von Mises who escaped not once but twice from the Nazis, only to settle in a country that wanted so much of those same awful policies for itself. Mises, who sat at the culmination of a life’s work, and returned to Switzerland from whence he escaped the demise that his library did not escape, returned to that land at the founding of the Mont Pelerin Society.

He was surrounded by the most esteemed free market minds of his day, and this was a moment in the spotlight. He was one of the great minds in the room, well understood to be under-rated and so insightful and talented. At the founding of the great Mont Pelerin Society, Mises likely appeared as an honored guest, at the behest of some generous donor. In this setting, would Mises finally swallow his values and bow to the opportunity for adulation?


During the proceedings, he walked into a room and he found the great minds of his day talking about trivialities. They missed the point. They missed it all.

There are some things so trivial that if you even find anyone engaging in them, it is obvious that they miss the point. Yes, these chaps so clearly missed the point and Mises, who did not miss the point, saw that.

In his own way he called them cowards. He used a word so ugly for a man who, at great risk to himself, had spent the majority of the past century publicly denouncing socialism.

He called them socialists.

Legend has it that he yelled at them that they were socialists, and left the room. In that setting, in that context, in the midst of such esteemed company, can you imagine the guts it takes to do such a thing?

And yet that is when such a truth-based, diligent, corrective action is most needed.

Mises Had A Motto 

This economist, born in Austro-Hungary had a motto. The Motto adorns his family crest. It continues on the crest of the institute named for him.

Mises didn’t choose as his motto “Give into evil as long as it makes life easier.”

Mises didn’t pride himself on the phrase “Make evil easier for evildoers to commit.”

The Mises Institute isn’t built on the motto “A little evil is okay.”

Mises, the inspiration to great men of action like Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard and many others did not say “Let’s put up with evil today, and figure out a workaround in due time.”

No. Mises proudly used as his motto “Do NOT give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

It takes me twenty seconds of conversation to figure out which Austrians are Misesians and which are other. Much of it comes down to courage and passion contained in that phrase. That single phrase. The man was extreme in his devotion to what was right.

Does Cuomo Operate In Your Best Interest? 

Can anyone say that the Whitmers, Newsoms, Pritzkers, or Cuomos operate in the best interest of their people with these mask mandates and lockdowns?

Then why the hell do you obey them and do so for all to see?

Perhaps even your own children.

What an opportunity you have to teach them courage, an opportunity unparalleled, and oh, how you have squandered that moment if you haven’t seized it.

Do NOT give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.

If we can’t use our learning to move ourselves to act, then everything we have put into learning is for nothing.

Your action is what matters.

Your action.

Your action.

Not your words.

Your action.

The face mask is evil.

Whitmer’s behavior is evil.

The lockdowns are evil.

The vaccine is evil.

The instruction about what to do in the face of evil is clear.

Do not give into evil. Proceed ever more boldly against it.

Don’t Confuse Yourself, The Instruction Is Clear 

Don’t confuse morality with an unwillingness to understand what’s right. Don’t confuse morality with an unwillingness to do what’s right. Don’t confuse morality with an unwillingness to summon courage.

The instruction is clear.

Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.

The Remnant 

Do not be overcome ye remnant. Now is such a moment that you will never your whole life forget. If you can rise to the occasion, it will be a moment you can glory in your entire life. If you refuse to rise to the occasion, it will be a decision that torments you your entire life.

A decision you will wish to forget, will wish to downplay, and one, that in the depth of your heart, you will never be able to.

The greatest moment of our lives follow us perpetually, and the worst of those moments make us who we are if we rise to them.

We have little control over what life puts in front of us. We have every bit of control over what we do in response.

2020 is the best of times and the worst of times depending on what you make of it. Regrets can be made. Heroes can be made. The choice is yours. Oh, how plentifully that choice matters.

The Nobel nominee Milan Rufus wrote:

Mind your kids
you bigguns.
They are gathering your pollen
those little bees from God.
They will seal it into their little bodies.
They imitate you.
They are the most exact living
little mirrors of you.
Their shape is from your anvils.
They live from your bread.
One day they will be exactly like you.
So be humane to each other.

Your actions matter. People are watching you, children and adults, trying to themselves figure out what to do. Many are confused. Your leadership is needed. Especially now.

It Matters

It matters.

Everything you do matters.

Modern life matters.

You matter.

A trillion dollar media machine exists to tell you otherwise.

A multi-trillion dollar government exists to tell you otherwise, to say: you are not deserving of representation, you are deserving of ostracization.

You matter.

Your every decision matters.

And they matter so much at a moment like this.

I’ve got everything sorted out in my own life to be on the glorious side of this battle. Do you?

If you’re wearing that mask, even for a moment, even just hanging on your chin, I know the answer: you don’t, you don’t have it sorted out. And I can tell you, it sure would be nice to find myself on the glorious side of this battle right alongside you at battle’s end.

How about we do that?

One Step At A Time

We don’t know what the future will bring, but we know this: one step at a time, one correct step, in the direction we know to be true, away from mediocrity, toward excellence is all it takes. It doesn’t have to be perfect. One step at a time can bring a lot of good into the world.

One step at a time, you and I can do so much good.

The stories that move the hearts of men to bravery and courage for generations hence are today being written.

Let the rhymes of the future, the ballads, the epics be told about those of us who knew enough, were bold enough, to put one true step after the next, that we can one day look back and see the awful path we together walked and against all adversity.

The Times Are Tough

The times are tough.

So tough, so evil that everywhere you turn the options seem entirely wicked. There is no good that can come from any act of yours so why bother to act. Why not just give up. That is exactly what evil wants of you: for you to think you don’t matter. To have apathy.

A Movement Began

A movement began some years ago, a second revolution, that today impacts every center of thought, every office of power, every classroom, and every household.

And it began with one sentiment so well-defined by a homemade sign:


It didn’t start with that sign. It didn’t just start with that single person, Ron Paul: one of the most impactful men of this era. But so much was captured in the sentiment of that sign.

You matter my friend. Your every choice matters. Let that apathy be washed away, because you matter. Do not let the many, many evil voices of the world tell you otherwise.

You Know The Voices

You know the voices.

The ones who deny you your guns, the ones who deny you your church, the ones who deny you your ballot, the ones who deny you your business, the ones who deny you your voice, the ones who deny you your family, the ones who deny you your smile.

Only with your apathetic consent can any of those voices of the world matter.

Refuse to be apathetic.

Refuse them your inaction.


The Next Step

Make the next step a step true and in the right direction. Not a perfect step. No need. I don’t know if such a thing even exists, so why fret over such a pursuit as perfection. But make it a step toward excellence and in the right direction and do it now.

Now is practically too late.

You are needed now.

But How?

“But how? How do you act in such confusing times?” is exactly what those voices of the world want: to find you stuck in deliberating, endless deliberation, for in such a state you are no contest to anyone, no threat, and no help, just dead weight and distraction.

There is always a good option.

There is always a true path.

You have the ability to discern what it is.

Yes, the times are tough.

Yes, there is much evil around us, and a wonderful man who I never met taught me what to do at a moment like this:


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