A Trifecta of Evil

Because I grew up in Florida, I am somewhat familiar with the game of Jai Alai (“the fastest sport in the world”) that the state of Florida graciously lets people bet on. In addition to betting on whether a team wins, places, or shows, you can pick two teams and win if they finish (in any order) in first and second place (a quiniela), you can pick two teams and win if they finish (in exact order) in first and second place (a perfecta), or you can pick three teams and win if they finish (in exact order) in first, second, and third place (a trifecta).

Perhaps it is the same in horse racing, but I know nothing about horse racing other than that the Kentucky Derby is run every year.

There are trifectas in politics as well. This is when one political party controls the state house, state senate, and the governorship.

The following fifteen states have a Democratic trifecta, the year signifying when the trifecta began: The Invisible Enemy Garrett, Mr. Gregory L... Buy New $26.94 (as of 05:21 EDT - Details)

California   2011
Colorado 2019
Connecticut 2011
Delaware 2009
Hawaii 2011
Illinois 2019
Maine 2019
Nevada 2019
New Jersey 2018
New Mexico 2019
New York 2019
Oregon 2013
Rhode Island 2013
Virginia 2020
Washington   2017


The following twenty-one states have a Republican trifecta, the year signifying when the trifecta began: Stand or Fall in the P... Garrett, Mr. Gregory L... Buy New $10.95 (as of 04:56 EDT - Details)

Alabama 2011
Arizona 2009
Arkansas 2015
Florida   2011
Georgia 2005
Idaho 1995
Indiana 2011
Iowa 2017
Mississippi 2012
Missouri 2017
Nebraska 1999
North Dakota 1995
Ohio 2011
Oklahoma 2011
South Carolina 2003
South Dakota 1995
Tennessee     2011
Texas 2003
Utah 1985
West Virginia 2017
Wyoming       2011


Unreported Truths abou... Berenson, Alex Buy New $5.99 (as of 03:17 EDT - Details) (Nebraska is unique in that it has a nonpartisan, unicameral legislature. However, it currently has thirty Republican affiliated members, eighteen Democratic affiliated members, and one Independent member. So, because it has a Republican governor, it is effectively a trifecta.)

According to BallotPedia, 77.6 percent of Americans live under a government trifecta.

This leaves fourteen states with a divided government, the year signifying when the divided government began:

Alaska 2015 (Gov.-R, House-Split, Sen.-R)
Kansas 2019 (Gov.-D, House-R, Sen.-R)
Kentucky 2019 (Gov.-D, House-R, Sen.-R)
Louisiana 2016 (Gov.-D, House-R, Sen.-R)
Maryland 2015 (Gov.-R, House-D, Sen.-D)
Massachusetts 2015 (Gov.-R, House-D, Sen.-D)
Michigan    2019 (Gov.-D, House-R, Sen.-R)
Minnesota 2015 (Gov.-D, House-D, Sen.-R)
Montana 2005 (Gov.-D, House-R, Sen.-R)
New Hampshire 2019 (Gov.-R, House-D, Sen.-D)
North Carolina 2017 (Gov.-D, House-R, Sen.-R)
Pennsylvania 2015 (Gov.-D, House-R, Sen.-R)
Vermont 2017 (Gov.-R, House-D, Sen.-D)
Wisconsin 2019 (Gov.-D, House-R, Sen.-R)


We know that the Democratic Party is pure evil, and proudly so. Its socialist and statist policies are well known. It is the party of liberalism, progressivism, collectivism, paternalism, abortion on demand (at taxpayer expense for low-income women), the transgender movement, feminism, social justice warriors, economic egalitarianism, larger and more intrusive government, organized labor, increased government regulation of the economy and society, public education, government-mandated employee benefits, environmentalism, climate change, green energy, universal healthcare, an ever-increasing minimum wage, anti-discrimination laws, affirmative action, government-funded child care, healthcare and education as constitutional rights, more welfare with fewer work requirements, higher taxes on “the rich,” income-transfer programs, defunding the police, wealth-redistribution schemes, and every alternative lifestyle known to man. Unreported Truths abou... Berenson, Alex Buy New $5.71 (as of 07:13 EDT - Details)

Since the Democratic Party is so evil, a Democratic trifecta is a trifecta of evil.

But what about the Republicans? Don’t they claim to be conservatives who revere the Constitution, property rights, limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise, and the free market?

Don’t hold your breath.

Face mask tyranny has infected the Republican Party. Anyone with any sense knows that when the CDC says that “cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus” that it is a lie.

The Republican trifectas in the following states have state-wide face mask mandates: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia.

This doesn’t mean that there are no city or county mask ordinances in the other Republican-controlled states. It just means that there are no state-wide orders. I am a little pleased to report that in Mississippi, the Republican governor, Tate Reeves, who dictated that state residents wear masks on August 4, and then extended his order, has now ended his state-wide mask mandate. Sort of. He still believes that “masks work,” people attending the state fair and college football games have to wear masks, cities and towns can issue their own mask mandates, group gatherings where social distancing is not possible are limited, and, if coronavirus cases start to rise, the governor said he would consider putting a mask mandate back in place.

Also, Republican governors in the divided-government states of Maryland, Massachusetts, and Vermont—no doubt to the cheers of Democrats who control their legislatures—have issued mask mandates. (All Democratic governors have issued mask mandates.)

Mask mandates are tyrannical—even when dictated by Republicans. The Republican trifectas in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia are trifectas of evil.

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