Tucker Carlson Nails It: The Violence, Lies, and What’s At Stake

And More on George Floyd and Kyle Rittenhouse

Tucker Carlson has, once again, done a great service for the American citizenry—if only more of us could have seen and heard his memorable seventeen minute monologue (with accompanying video segments) from August 31.

In few words Carlson summed up where we are exactly in the current maelstrom of violence—the unhinged and frenzied radicalism and revolution unleashed in America.  And in so doing he pinpointed with precision (and at times irony) the dire situation that this country finds itself in and the supreme importance of the upcoming November election.

He began with an acute and powerful on-air critique of Joe Biden. But Carlson went far deeper, focusing on the underlying forces at work which are feverishly laboring to not only defeat the president, but dramatically and completely root out and destroy the traditions and culture that have shaped both America and Western Christian civilization.

Dissenters Project: Th... Collection, Essay Best Price: $16.66 Buy New $9.95 (as of 05:08 EDT - Details) As is their practice, the Democrats and the Mainstream Media, including some on Tucker Carlson’s own network, Fox News, have been engaged in a form of intellectual projection. That is, if you are guilty of something, then you accuse your opponent of being culpable of that very same thing. Thus, Joe Biden in Pittsburgh (August 31), accused President Trump of causing the riots and looting, of being responsible for the violence in dozens of Democrat-controlled cities: Shift the guilt, and then if the newly-accused “culprit” complains or resists the charge, call him a racist. And too many times—and with too many Republicans—it works.

Then, there is the willingness of many in the media (including some at Fox) to assume the worst—without the evidence—if in a violent confrontation a policeman or white Trump supporter is involved.  On Fox’s “America’s Newsroom,”  September 1, without any challenge, the Fox journalist allowed a Democrat spokesman to outrageously distort the narrative of the recent situation involving young (and white) teenager Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse, according to court documents (conveniently never cited by nearly the entirety of the media):

 …is the 17-year-old who drove to Kenosha with a shotgun where he helped defend local businesses from rioters and even offered medical assistance to far-left rioters who were hurt during the protests. He’s also the young man who shot three people during the riot, and while the media has gone into overdrive condemning him as a white supremacist murderer, court documents suggest it was actually self-defense.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Rittenhouse’s attorney, again on the August 31 program. Here is the short video interview as it appeared on the Carlson program. You won’t hear about this on CNN, on MSNBC, or at NBC, CBS, ABC, or in The New York Times or Washington Post…or on your local media outlets. In other words according to the fake media Rittenhouse is guilty—the evidence that exculpates him be damned—time to string him up and execute him (actually, Antifa/Black Lives Matter militants are apparently now trying to find where he is being held on “murder” charges so they might go and do just that…Where are our law enforcement agencies?).

The MAGA Doctrine: The... Kirk, Charlie Best Price: $9.99 Buy New $13.50 (as of 04:42 EDT - Details) And another word about the George Floyd death (excuse me! I mean “racist police murder”). Columnist Ilana Mercer has done an excellent job of dissecting that claim, and I pass on a link to her must-read column here.  Moreover, newly-released court documents strongly indicate that, unlike what we hear every day on every network, Floyd died due to “fatal levels” of the drug fentanyl in his system:

…a law enforcement interview with Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, say[s] Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his system. ‘If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD. Deaths have been certified with levels of 3,’ Baker told investigators. In another new document, Baker said, ‘That is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances’.”

There is so much more, so many more incidents and events—mostly not covered or downplayed like the recent CNN headline that the violence and looting in dozens of cities was “fiery but mostly peaceful” (with the background of an incinerated building torched by “peaceful demonstrators”?).

Here is the opening monologue for Tucker Carlson Tonight (August 31). It lasts for about seventeen minutes, but it is worth that amount of your time. Please view it and encourage others (including any liberal friends, if you still have any) to watch it.