The Dirty Dozen Tests Of Global Warming Science

Assume for discussion that there has been a change of 1⁰C in the customary global near-surface air temperature, GAST, over the last century. There have been many assertions that this has produced changes. The strength of assertions is greater when a mathematical relation between temperature and the alleged change is established. Here are some relationships to ponder, for the last century or for a significant or available shorter time.

For a 1C change in global temperature –

  1. By how many millimeters does the sea level surface height change?
  2. By how many ppm does atmospheric CO change?
  3. By how many tonnes does the weight of terrestrial vegetation, like forests, change?
  4. By how much does the pH of the oceans change?
  5. By how many sq km does the average area of cloud cover change?
  6. What change is there to the accumulated cyclone index, ACE?
  7. What is the net change to the globalnumber of – A Hitchhikeru2019s Jou... Lehr PhD, Jay Buy New $15.89 (as of 04:41 EDT - Details)
    1. Birds
    1. Land animals
    1. Marine algae
  8. By how many Watt per square metre does the Top of Atmosphere TOA radiation balance change?
  9. By how many tonnes does the weight of ice change –
    1. Over land
    1. Floating on sea
    1. Grounded over sea
  10. By how much does total precipitable rainfall TPW change?
  11. By what number does the number of large bush fires change?
  12. By how many tonnes do yields of major food crops change, expressed as tonnes available per person, for example
    1. Rice
    1. Wheat
    1. Beans
    1. Barley
    1. Maize

The number of properties claimed to be changed by global warming is now in the several hundreds range.

Many more cases could be added to this list of a dozen assertions. However, this list contains the main ones discussed by agencies such as NASA and other anti-warming agencies like NGOs.

NASA has a web page that mentions some effects of its view of climate change.

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