The Story They Want You to Believe: Why Didn’t More Americans Resist?

A brilliant reader points out about American cowardice circa 1913:

“That idiot Wilson gave us:

an unnecessary war, which killed over 100,000 young Americans;
the income theft tax;
the bank robbers known as the Fed;
the League of Nations which morphed into global crooks known as the UN…
The sad part is that there was no push back. People accepted the theft then and now.
We have been tax slaves for 107 years. Now we are becoming propaganda-virus slaves.”

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Another writes about the confiscation of gold by the US government from the 1930s until the 1970s:

“I wonder if it was ‘prosperity’ that made them obedient. But that prosperity was gone during the Great Depression and still people didn’t really react to Executive Order 6102.”

These two observations share something in common: that people didn’t react.

The reaction was massive, but the victor gets to write the history and that’s what they want you to believe: that people didn’t react.

That’s the best one can do in terms of moral high ground of democracy: everyone unanimously loved the idea and went along with it. That’s the foundation of unanimous consent and voice votes in parliamentary procedure: to pretend division does not exist. It is the method by which thought is silenced and the propagandistic notion of unanimity is forced. Unanimity doesn’t exist, except in the most carefully selected grouping of people. Unanimity is a grand lie.

When you are hearing someone referencing unanimity, you can be pretty certain you are speaking to either a liar or a person who hasn’t thought through this powerful method of manipulation.

The neo-con wants you to believe everyone supported World War I. The globalist wants you to believe everyone supported the League of Nations and the UN. Virtually the entire economic and financial profession would have you believe everyone supported the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Compromised: How Money... Bruner, Seamus Best Price: $8.28 Buy New $16.99 (as of 04:53 UTC - Details)

The word “consensus” accompanied by the word “science,” always seems to indicate a person is speaking to the most unsavory of people. There is no grand list of all scientists in the world that would even allow someone to claim that a certain percentage of scientists agree on a given opinion. All claims of unanimity or consensus are dead on arrival to the thinking man, a sign that the speaker can’t possibly be serious. Such claims nonetheless are all around us and are too often allowed to go unquestioned.

Executive Order 6102 was used as the legal basis for confiscating gold from Americans. You need only ask someone who was around then, if their family owned any coins during the Great Depression, in order to hear how many “told” Roosevelt to sit on an egg and held onto their gold. In reality, no one “told” a president anything. It was all done quietly. They might not ever put it in such politicized terms, neither to themselves nor others. They might not say anything pro-Roosevelt or anti-Roosevelt related to gold. However, anecdote tells the story of many of Americans that refused to turn over their gold. This is among the greatest rebukes possible of that president and his policies. It is an individual stating clearly that they do not trust Roosevelt and his “brain trust” to watch out for their individual needs.

Some families have those contraband coins to this day.

Few grandchildren of the gold hoarders are able to square their unexamined love for the popularly lauded Roosevelt alongside the unexamined disobedience of a grandfather having so much contempt for government, press, and experts. Grandpa had so much contempt that he held onto at least some of his gold. The questions required to square that never get asked. It’s a joy to be the one to ask the question that squares that though, and to watch the person in front of your eyes realize the criminality and level of distrust of authority that dear old grandpa exhibited in holding onto the family heirlooms during the depression.

He put the family’s long term financial security ahead of the threat of jail and ahead of the false moralizing of the day.

No, they really don’t want those questions to be asked, so they really leave the topic alone. It’s far better if everyone just imagines that no era had any conflict except for the present era.

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So much work goes into ignoring the fact that so few people believed the official narrative in the United States in the 1860s. So few believed the official narrative that hundreds of thousands died. So much work today goes into the narratives “Lincoln is a saint” and “Confederates were racists.” To think anything more complex than that makes you a racist. Heaven help those who don’t just hold a more sophisticated view of the topic, but know enough to be able to contradict the narrative.

That’s what they want you to believe. That’s what they need you to believe. Sometimes history repeats itself. Sometimes it “rhymes.” They need you to believe a deceitful narrative so that you can’t notice the rhymes, so that you continue to believe everything is fine, so that you continue to support the greatest oppression.

Often, the more work goes into the perpetuation of a total lie, the more important that lie is to have people believe. That Americans didn’t resist at any moment in time is a massive lie constantly perpetuated on all manner of topics. Everyone thought everything was okay. It’s the fallacy of unanimity.

There’s never been a day since 1776 where thirty Americans randomly chosen had a uniform view on any subject. That’s the truth. Every moment in human history has been met with resistance. Don’t let them tell you any differently.

Identify your boundaries. Communicate your boundaries to others. Defend your boundaries. That is the role of the honest individual in society.

Stick true to your principles and you don’t need to worry about whether history rhymes or repeats. You can see how clearly your principles are being violated in such moments.

Beware of every fact, tonality, or scope of debate framed on the airwaves.

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Scope — So many know the frame of debate is an artificial way of manipulating the debate, to convince an onlooker that their own truth must be extreme as Beltway Insider 1 and Beltway Insider 2 debate total frivolity and irrelevant nonsense with such great passion that anyone watching is brought to conclude that the topic really must matter. That media trick is a well known one. So seldom though is the tonality of it all looked at.

Tonality — Even in the very tones the expertly trained mouthpieces use, is there a desire to manipulate your views, a desire to manipulate your own tone. Tone has a way of spreading like a social contagion. Tone is the supreme method of manipulation in this finely constructed mechanism of propaganda.

A great machine exists to break your spirit, to get you to deny your values, to get you to let others traverse your boundaries, and for you to sit idly by saying that everything must be okay.

It’s not okay.

Stick true to your core philosophies and let them inform your behavior and it will be okay. Do otherwise and it promises not to be. You will have neither had the pride of standing for what you believe in, nor the joy of coming out of that good fight a victor.

There are millions like you resisting this very moment. There always has been resistance, on every single issue through recorded history. There are tens of millions like you that know how wrong the prevailing narratives of this moment are. The remnant is strong. It is alive and well. It will make it through this moment. And who knows, it might even come to shape this moment.

That isn’t the narrative they need you to believe, but it is the truth.

This moment calls on you to look as truthfully as possible at reality and to marshal your resources in support of your deepest beliefs.