How to Make Your Vote Count

The following is from my recently released book,

Do Not Consent: Think OUTSIDE the voting booth

In 2020, the panicked and tyrannical reaction of governments to the coronavirus has created a major crisis in governing.  Some libertarian pundits see it as a big step toward totalitarian rule, another instance where the state “never lets a crisis go to waste.”

Clearly, if we sit back and wait for more decrees and restrictions we will get them.  If we surrender our freedom without putting up a fight, we cannot claim to have lost something we value, and we can resign ourselves to the status of ciphers.

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In this book I’m assuming “the land of the free and home of the brave” are more than just words.  We can make this our fight.  We have an opportunity to use this crisis for the cause of freedom.  For once we can declare that we — each of us — will make the decisions that affect our lives.  Let’s show the state we want to step outside its controlled elections — and outside its control — and govern ourselves without coercion, without the threat of violence.  The free market is our ally.  We can live free and prosper if we have the courage to remove the state from our great country.

If you agree that we need a government based on market principles rather than coercion, let your conviction be known.  When the movie expounding the views herein is released in late July on my YouTube channel, GFS543, give it a thumbs up.

That will be your voting booth.  That will be your means of letting your voice be heard.

The movie will bear the same title as this book, Do Not Consent.  I hope you find the movie entertaining, but that’s not what you should primarily consider.  If it gets across the main point I’ve made in this book, that we can live and prosper without a coercive government — without a state, without the threat of violence — that’s what you should be voting for.  And just to be clear, you are voting to remove the state from our lives, not to remove government as such.

The message I’m delivering is pro-government-in-the-market sense only, anti-state.

To sum up, my advice is:

Do not consent to the coercive agencies that are currently installed at all levels of our current system of government, from federal to local.  At the federal level they include the usual enemies such as the DEA, NSA, IRS, and the Federal Reserve.

Do not consent to what’s called taxation, to the right of some people to confiscate your wealth, however great or modest your wealth may be.

Do not consent to the current institutions that thrive on “wars” of all kinds, whether it’s a war on a bug, a drug, or an unfortunate condition of human existence, most of which the state created and intensify the problems they’re alleged to fix, that are done in your name and with your expropriated money. Eyes of Fire: Thomas P... George Ford Smith Best Price: $10.89 Buy New $10.95 (as of 06:50 UTC - Details)

Do not consent to the vast military – industrial – congressional – media – educational complex that claims to be a defender of your liberty as it murders families overseas and destroys their society’s infrastructures — again, with your expropriated wealth.

Do not consent to the idea that you need to surrender your right to self-defense, including defense against the state.

Do not consent to the criminal invasions of your privacy that the state has made legal.

Do not consent to the state’s educational system as it attempts to train obedient servants of the state while continually dumbing-down the requirements for advancement.

Do not consent to any government that claims the right to enlist your sons or daughters in a war or project against their will.

Do not consent to the state’s war on market giants that achieved their status because consumers voluntarily traded their money for the products or services the businesses offered.  Remember, consumers can and have shut down market giants by taking their business elsewhere.

Do not consent to the practice of state – business “partnerships” that create unfair competitive advantages for the business or industry, while cheating consumers with higher prices and/or inferior products or services — a practice best described as crony capitalism but which for anti-market purposes is usually called capitalism.

Do not consent to any state institution that attempts to dictate how we should live, what we can or cannot consume, read, watch, say, or listen to. The Flight Of The Barb... Smith, George Ford Best Price: $11.99 Buy New $10.95 (as of 06:40 UTC - Details)

Do not consent to any government that does not secure your property rights, including your right to life.

Voting in the state’s elections continues the racket.  And it will continue.  Your vote would consent to it.   Don’t do it.   Would you vote for new leaders in the Mafia or Ku Klux Klan while believing that doing so will encourage those organizations to play nice?

Don’t let the enemies of freedom get away with equating the state with government.  Government can and should exist without the state.

In this book I’m speaking to adults who wish to take full responsibility for their lives, regardless of their age, medical condition, race, sex, or anything else, who are fighters not wimps, who want to lay the foundation for a better life not just for themselves but for their families and the generations to come, who want to end the acrimonious fighting over the levers of power that would force the winner’s agenda on the rest of us.  If you are in agreement then express your conviction with a thumbs-up to the movie Do Not Consent, coming in late Julyon my YouTube channel, GFS543.

In the meantime, I hope this book will convey the message the movie will dramatize.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.