A Few Major Hoaxes of the 21st Century

Although we’ve had numerous hoaxes so far in this century, I pinpoint only two evil hoaxes because of their exceedingly malicious and broad ramifications.

The first hoax was used in order for the U.S. to attack Iraq. It was that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD). This was a lie, not a mistake, but an outright lie.

In the early 2000s, the administrations of George W. Bush and Tony Blair asserted that Saddam Hussein’s weapons programs were still actively building weapons, and that large stockpiles of WMDs were hidden in Iraq.”

The U.S. government under Bush embroidered upon this lie in all sorts of ways for a prolonged period of time while it built up its forces of invasion. All of its embroidery, from mushroom clouds to uranium yellow cake to arsenals of terror were fabrications and part of the hoax. From Dawn to Decadence... Barzun, Jacques Best Price: $1.68 Buy New $12.75 (as of 05:45 UTC - Details)

This hoax based its strength upon documents said to be secret, classified and vital to national security.

The second hoax (Russiagate) was used in an attempt to prevent Trump’s election. Later it was used to neutralize his presidency, prevent his program from being enacted, drive him from office and prevent his re-election. This hoax spread the idea that Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia. This lie was spread by numerous people in numerous ways, as has now been amply documented. They all participated in massive and illegal election interference. Some of these people who betrayed their oaths are guilty of even more serious crimes.

These people built up the basic lie in all sorts of ways, ranging from using a false (Steele) dossier to the Mueller commission. This hoax even includes the charge that Trump is an agent of Putin.

Another much weaker hoax owes to Democrat support and furtherance of a woman named Christine Blasey Ford. Bereft of confirming evidence and her accusations contradicted by others, Ford claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh.

This Ford hoax was weaker because it lacked fake supporting documents or the supposed appearance of fake but unpublishible documents. The stronger hoaxes inject some sort of supposed proof into the airwaves. The WMD hoax was built upon fake news reports and supposed intelligence that couldn’t be revealed. Russiagate was built upon fake news reports, misinterpreted meetings, past associations and various other such elements.

The New York Times seeks to construct a new hoax against Trump, namely, that he is a racist, white nationalist and white supremacist. Another new hoax in an early stage is built upon the idea that Trump is off his rocker or crazy or unstable. In order to build these accusations into powerful hoaxes, the perpetrators need more than statements made by Trump himself. They need some fake documents or fake statements attributed to him. They will turn to misinterpreting statements made by people who surround him or have been around him in the White House. This is the role of someone like Anthony Scaramucci. Hearings in the House led by Nadler will play into these revamped and heightened hoax themes.