How To Handle Yourself In A Flash Mob Looting

As times get tougher, the nature of crimes and the rate will go up. Recently a Walgreens Drug store in Pennsylvania was in the news when a flash mob of 60 teens vandalized and stole merchandise.

When a store is overwhelmed with that many people, a lot of damage and theft can occur in mere minutes. With police response times being what they are in most places, by the time they arrive, the damage is done and the perpetrators are long gone.

When the perpetrators are minors, the potential consequences of their actions are not enough to dissuade them from this type of behavior.

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Examples of flash mob looting

Some of these examples are from 2018 but I am including them because they show how fast a store can lose a lot of expensive merchandise. I have also included some of the more recent events.

Walgreens Drug Store

Philadelphia, PA

July 4, 2019 10:00 pm

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Approximately 60 young people rush into the store and cause $7,000 in damage in mere minutes. This incident was relatively low in terms of damage compared to some others on our list but over time damages and more frequent incidents can really add up at a store. If people get away with it once, it sets a precedent for people to think they can do it again.

Casey’s General Store

July, 5 2018 10:30 pm

Des Moines, Iowa

After a local fireworks show, a flash mob entered the store and began looting.

Apple Computer Store

July 7, 2018

Fresno, California

An Apple computer store had $27,000 in merchandise stolen by a flash mob in just 26 seconds. That is a huge loss in such a short period of time.

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