Riding Dirty Daydreams

Lately I have been giving serious thought to “riding dirty” – without insurance. Just cancelling all of it.

The savings would be considerable – equivalent to eliminating my monthly electric bill as well as my monthly  Internet bill and a portion of my monthly food bill.

These things I need – and so I buy them, without anyone jabbing me in the back with a bayonet. I am happy to pay for these things – because I do need them. I am grateful to those who provide them.

The insurance I’m forced to buy for my vehicles? Not so happy about this. I need vehicle insurance like I need a mortgage payment on a condo in Hungary.

I have never visited Hungary.

Amazon.com Gift Card i... Buy New $25.00 (as of 02:50 EST - Details) I long ago stopped paying the home insurance mafia – which is one of the few forms of insurance extortion – let’s use honest language – one is still allowed to legally not pay, assuming one owns his home.

Not paying for this insurance has saved me – so far – at least $25,000 over the past 15 years (which kinda sorta makes up for the property tax I’m forced to pay). If the government doesn’t force me to pay for it say over the next 15 years, I will have saved a total of $50,000.

But the vehicle insurance still chafes, precisely because I am forced to buy it. This being forced to buy it being clear evidence I don’t need it. No sane person declines to buy food or clothes.

Or any other thing he does need.

I am forced to buy insurance because others believe I need it.

But why should their belief trump mine? And why should their fears trump my facts?

I’ve established – by decades of never filing a claim nor having a claim filed against me – that my “risk profile” is practically nil – regardless of my penchant for driving fast. I am either exceptionally lucky or I am an exceptionally careful/competent – and therefore, safe – driver.

Either way, the damage I have caused is nil. As in zero. Not one cent.

Yet the amount of money I am forced to pay is not nil – or even nearly.

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