Smirking, the Infamous Facial Expression of the Far-Right

Let’s punch away their problematic adoration of Trump until nothing remains but a hollow shell of the boys they once were

The students of Covington High School, Ky., were the subject of a recent viral video which shocked me to my very core. Everything about this encounter triggered me. Their obvious disrespect of a proud Native American as he bravely made his way towards this group of vile, contemptuous MAGA hat-wearing teenage boys, banging his Ceremonial Drum of Peace and chanting a mystical tribal incantation (presumably in order to ward off the sickening Aura of Trumpism) disturbed me so greatly that I actually did a small vomiting.

The final straw came when the courageous Native American Vietnam veteran came to a stop and peacefully hammered on his drum directly into a young boy’s disgustingly smug face. What did this hateful Apostle of Trump do? Did he bow before his elder and better, showing appreciation for the Native American Shaman Chief Vietnam veteran and his struggles? No. He did not. I’m literally shaking as I type this, because the full horror of what happened next is in danger of consuming my very soul. I shall need to take a Starbucks break before I continue with the next part of this hideous episode.

(OK. I’m back now, my soy macchiato has helped to quell my anger somewhat.)

So here goes: The boy…smirked.

Yes. You read that correctly. I did not make a mistake here. He literally SMIRKED at that epically gallant Native American Shaman Chief Vietnam veteran Elder as he placidly pummeled on that drum for all he was worth. “Is the boy in jail now?” I hear you cry. NO is the answer to that. He is not. And to be frank, as many good people on Twitter have stated before me, jail is too good for him and his army of MAGA-worshipping cohorts.

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