AD 2018: Cat Plays Mouse and Vice Versa

Turning the last page on 2018, and looking back, we discover that pretending to be something else dominated the behavior of most “elites.” Not that this is much different from the typical modus operandi by the International Nomenklatura yet it is now reaching a crescendo, if decibels are used to measure it. And this is an unmistakable indication that the masses have reached the limits of their patience with the crooks pretending to rule them “in the name of people.” The winter of discontent has never ended in Eastern Europe since decades but now it has descended on France, Italy and elsewhere: 2019 may turn out to bloom in many springs…

In the US the game has not changed /1/. President Trump, a proven master of this tactics, has won a few sets: his nominee to the SC has won approval, Republican majority in Senate was enhanced (though in the House majority was lost), etc. The economy, POTUS’ most important ally, keeps displaying signs of driving in the right direction. In addition, the presidential skills in bullying, bluffing and playing cat and mouse at the same time are bound to bring the Chinese to a trade deal that should be much better balanced – i.e. the man is about to deliver, again, on yet another campaign promise.

The only enigma – and the biggest game of cat and mouse – remains R. Mueller’s probe. It remains to be seen what effect – if any – will the new Attorney General have on the whole project. The fresh breed of Nomenklaturchiks, the Democrat majority in Congress voiced threats to impeach Donald Trump, when in office. However, the only impeachment-enabling offense could be produced by Mueller, so they will have to wait. And wait seems to be the tactics by Nomenklatura’s Supreme Commander, the Deep state. Hence throughout 2018 the US President had to watch out, and compromise further on moves abroad thus pleasing Deep state, Nomenklatura, the generals and MIC – a quartet too big to ignore, you might say. Hijacking Americau2019... Elias Davidsson Best Price: $33.61 Buy New $23.95 (as of 05:50 EST - Details)

All in all, the bottom line is that the Trump revolution is unfolding, against all odds – much as it, seemingly had arrived. The Dissident President /2,3/ is pushing ahead with his agenda, and he can legitimately claim having achieved his primary goal: reinvigorating and turning around the economy, and reaching the labor participation of the past good times…

BREXIT: In the UK the second major revolution of late is alive and kicking despite even greater, in relative terms, opposition mounted in no small measure thanks to Deep state’s money: earlier reports claimed George Soros had pledged £ 500 M to stop BREXIT. Amazingly, there seemed to be incredible amount of energy spent on arguing for and against BREXIT instead of focusing on how to do it best. And most politicians acted driven by their ambitions for personal gains in the political game rather than what their obligation was after The People have spoken.

Watching on the sidelines I can’t help but laugh at how confused most of the “political elite” and the (predomi-nantly London-based) pseudo-intelligentsia are. Pure and simple, there are two facts to consider: First, the day before the referendum Her Majesty, the wisest of all living monarchs, and in my judgment fully deserving of the title “mother of her nation,” had given her advice in the nicest possible way, by asking “Can someone please give me three good reasons why we should be in the EU?” Second, all MSMs rushing to please their masters by report-ing interviews of almost exclusively pro-REMAIN minded – or just worried about any change – ordinary people, have provided clear cut proof for the Queen’s choice being simply the best. Several people at the North-South Irish border said they are against BREXIT because they worry they would have to loose some extra minutes each day to get to work on the other side due to passport checks that may have to be reintroduced. Nothing else! Some British nationals who live abroad were worried that they may have to request another nationality; a retired lady said, with a sigh, that she considers getting Spanish nationality (what a tragedy, for someone who decided to reside permanently in Spain, for the rest of her life!). And nothing else! Nobody of all interviewed gave – even for a split femtosecond – consideration about regaining sovereignty and becoming immunized – independent, that is – from the idiocy emanating regularly from Brussels. Just nobody!… Luckily, independent reports trickle, especially on RT, and all interviewees from small towns away from London unanimously state “BREXIT is the only hope for Great Britain to prosper.” Which gives me the courage to confidently claim: the bulk of the British have preserved their notorious common sense. Ergo, the BREXIT revolution is bound to prevail!

In Continental Europe things started to move, too. The champion to remember for 2018 will be France. While others like Greece, Italy, and even Germany saw clear display of nation-wide discontent – including a truly peace-ful democratic uprising in Catalonia that was eventually suppressed, for the time being /4/ – brewing and locally spilling over, the “Yellow vests” in France can not be described otherwise than as an explosion of widespread popular revolt /5,6/. This is a clear-cut revolution against the establishment. Remarkably, the masses have success-fully steered away from association with any political party. In so doing, this popular movement has stamped the entire political class with a loud and clear anathema. No wonder already early in the game they went for the scalp of Emmanuel Macron as embodiment of the establishment. It is no surprise either that – even though they might not manage to realize it – the “Yellow wests” carry the charge, and mimic the modus operandi, of a budding direct democracy arrangement /7/.

EU as a whole lived out 2018 through a truly schizophrenic modus: on one hand trying to show off as a soli-darity-driven collective that is mourning about the loss of UK out of sheer love for it, not because of losing a big contributor to the budget, while at the same time being thorn apart as groups and individual members confront central diktat on certain policies. The Nomenklaturchiks clearly refuse to see that the Union, which is falling apart in front of their eyes, is doomed. And, while more and more of the former Soviet block citizens start comprehend-ing why their expectations of life under EU citizenship have been so badly unrealistic, more such countries from the Balkan region are being enticed to join in! No sanity emanates from the eyes of EU Nomenklatura, sorry!

Meanwhile the refugees-related violence continues…

Middle East: Israel reached the culmination in its evolution as Nazi state, by its Parliament voting – to the dismay of, and amid protests by Palestinian MPs – to declare it a state of the (ethnic) Jews. This is the bottom of the degra-dation, in the process of which we saw Palestinians being treated with the very same attitude as Jews were treated under Hitler; the only difference is in the technology, as can be expected from a distance of 7-8 decades. And the rhetoric is streamlined along the lines of the political correctness, of course, to the delight of Brussels. Currently I am preparing a letter to all my ex-colleagues and friends in Israel, offering them my condolences. For it is clear now that all sympathizers and friends who do think straight will withdraw moral support, if not worse: the Jew-ish Government has exhausted all venues towards portraying the Israelis as innocent sufferers, and the notion of being potential victims is viewed by many as scaremongering tactics. Meanwhile, instead of settling for the only reasonable exit of the present disaster, a two-state solution of Israel and Palestine sharing Jerusalem as capital, the Jews continue their war against whoever they designate as enemy- or terrorist-state, per their own definition – and holding in contempt the works by UNO which condemn them. Without the unconditional US support this would have been impossible hence someone smarter than most should have asked themselves the question “Now that we have come to the stage to routinely practice state terror, what will happen when – not if – America can not, and will not, support our violations of UN resolutions? What if America’s EU puppets drop us, too? Forget about support: will anybody in this world forgive us for our crimes?…” Zugzwang!

The war for Great Russia’s resources: This incessant multifaceted campaign, which by now fully qualifies for the title of “WWIII” /8,9/ has seen some dramatic development. So much so that I start to wonder if it is not just the implementation of Congress Resolution 758/2014 which might have required some preparation time.

On the propaganda front the unprecedented negativism, and frequently just a hostile attitude with which anything and everything carrying the root “Russ-” in its name or label went to a level that deserves the qualifier “berserk.” Russian sportsmen were prevented en masse from participation in international events for alleged use of banned drugs – and then once the entire team of Norway was declared to suffer from asthma, and had to take some pills…

The “anti-Russia slash anti-Putin” smearing campaign went a truly bizarre way when it was revealed that a former GRU operative, Sergey Skripal and his daughter were allegedly poisoned with a nerve agent, allegedly by Russian spies. Then, contrary to the expectations from the performance of this highly toxic chemical weapon that was said to be the top of the line, developed by a great Russian chemical weapons specialist who turned to be now even greater American specialist, father and daughter survived. While insisting that the Russians must admit guilt, vis-ibly semi-retarded amateur comedian Boris Johnson, playing Foreign Secretary, would not explain what exactly would be the gain for the Russians, from killing ex-colonel Skripal, and why would they kill his daughter as well, given the code of honor among the elite soldiers. Most of all, how would they miss on a presumed high profile ex-ecution after having proven for decades that a shot with highest grade of precision must be part of the entry exams for the spy-university in Russia (and in any other Great Power, too, I’d guess)…

The Skripal affair must have been part of a larger scheme designed to paint the Russians – and anyone else of their allies – as routine users of nasty chemicals to poison their enemies. In UK the authorities were quick to make a parallel with the poisoning of A. Litvinenko (with Polonium), for which Moscow was also blamed immediately at the time, without a shred of proof. Nobody bothered to mention that the father of the deceased later announced /10,11/ that his son had been working for either MI-5 or MI-6, that he might have been the victim of confronta-tion between warring clans of the Russian oligarchs in self-exile in London, for some of which he had worked as well… These stories facilitated the propaganda by the Western MSMs wherein repeatedly videos have been shown of the infamous White Helmets “helping the victims of (Syrian President) Bashar Assad” who were “poisoned” at times with Chlorine, other times with nerve agents… And the Western public was buying it wholesale! Hardly anyone took notice that all these were pretexts, apart from gaining public support for the West’s proxy war against Assad, for imposing newer and newer sanctions against Russia, and scheduling more and more “war exercises” of NATO next door. Clearly nobody in Europe realizes that their country has been dragged into US’ war for Russia’s immense resources /8/, which by now qualifies for WWIII.

The Dutch Aviation Authorities have announced the results of their analysis of Malaysian Airline’s flight MH-17 crash, and blamed the Russians – without allowing them to take part in the investigative team. This has been a very poor judgment, on the part of the otherwise smart and prudent Dutch: to me it suggests political pressure from above. First of all, there can be no reason whatsoever, to justify such action by Moscow. Second, the US have satellites all over Ukraine, and at the time they confirmed the blame Poroshenko placed on Russia. The Dutch did not get any info, or at least they did not reveal any. Then, the moment the DAA made their announcement, the Russians pulled their data and revealed one piece: the rocket carrying the number of the “liner-killer” has been in storage in such and such depot… in Ukraine! I do believe that more revelations will be coming, with time, about this crime. And my guess with highest probability is that this was a failed attempt to assassinate Vladimir Putin whose plane has passed that same spot 15-20 minutes after the crash, on his way back from Brazil /8/.

Key milestone in the war against Russia was the sudden backfiring of a supposed huge psychological weapon. The now infamous international villain (convicted in absentia in Russia), investor and businessman Bill Browder has commissioned a film entitled “The Magnitsky act,” which was supposed to expose, together with his “best-selling” book of similar name, all the bad things you would like to hear about Russia. Unfortunately for Browder, Andrey Nekrasov, the film director, has dug deep enough to uncover the truth, and eventually the film exposes Browder not just as a major fraudster, but as the primary responsible of Mr. Magnitsky’s death as well. Apparently the well-connected Browder has pulled enough strings so that the film can not be screened in the US and UK, and has been even taken off YouTube /12/. That whole thing has huge implications, given US legislators have passed through Congress the infamous Magnitsky Act for the purpose of providing themselves with legal grounds for ju-risdiction over whoever abroad they would like to prosecute or at least sanction economically. After any American friend of mine would have seen the above-mentioned documentary, I’d ask him or her “Now, can you see how easy it is to either brainwash or buy your Nomenklatura – and end up with whatever legislation you’d like them to vote?”

And then also “Do you agree, then, that your current President qualifies for “revolutionary” even just because in his inaugural speech he identified US Nomenklatura (Washington’s politicians, in his terminology) as the root cause of America’s current problems?” /2/.

A huge victory for Russia – and for President Putin whose reputation was at stake – became the World Champion-ship for Football, which all Western media were predicting to surely become a total disaster. Not only it has been admitted by virtually everyone that it was the best so far in football’s whole history, but it has been the eye-opener for most foreign visitors and players. The West had acknowledged that it has become a top PR stint for Russia and Putin. Another battle won (almost) hands down. But the war is bound to continue for long time still, as there are many open fronts – and hopefully not too many new ones will emerge.

Ukraine (former Small Russia): The Nazi putchists have driven the country to abject poverty. Millions have em-igrated, unemployment is rampant, and the best solution for the ruling “elite,” as is customary, is war. Thus war continues against the breakaway republics to the East, despite the signed agreements wherein finding peaceful solution through negotiations has been pledged by each signatory. In other words, on this front the status quo is maintained, which on the broader plans of the war against (Great) Russia means that the West is still the winner who managed to break it up into three pieces: White Russia (Byelorus’), MaloRussia (Ukraine) and the Russian Federation.

Syria: On this front 2018 was remarkable with the successful neutralization, primarily due to Russian but also Iranian assistance, of the Western proxies – from ISIS to “Democratic Syrian Opposition Army” to “US Coalition partners” to Israel. With the exception of a couple of enclaves, and the Golan Heights, all sovereign Syrian territory has been recovered. The rest should follow suit, with the annihilation of all enemy military units on site.

NATO: The otherwise redundant Western military alliance is being kept as a captive marketplace for the US MIC, as the POTUS gladly plays collective Senior VP of Sales & Marketing for the Lockheeds, Raytheons and Northrop Grummans. We are confidant Donald Trump will drop NATO once he gets Mueller off his neck, as he pledged – because he’s seen how useless and indeed obsolete it has become, ever since the Warsaw Pact was dissolved. In fact, of late it has actually become a dangerous asset prompting – fully justifiably – the Russians to continue with new weaponry development. Which easily could escalate into armed conflict given that the Nomenklaturchiks at NATO’s top, eager to continue with their lucrative pay in jobs that could otherwise disappear, do everything they can to portray Russia as a primary enemy that is aggressive and hostile, thus becoming themselves dangerous with bellicose rhetoric, pose and tone. Moves like placing more equipment and military personnel, and even opening new bases in the newer satellite states, all along the border with Russia, does not make it aggressor either – more like the opposite. Indeed, if I would be asked to pass judgment on these two adversaries, I would ask the following questions: “1) Why would a country that possesses alone about 15% of the Earth’s landmass while the rest of 200 or so countries compete for the remaining 85%, attack another country?”; “2) Why would a country that possesses more mineral resources, water, arable land, energy sources, and longer coastline on two oceans and several inner seas… than your country, attack you?”; “3) Is your tiny Baltic statelet going to be attacked by the Russians so that they would have to rebuild your ruined economy and thus help you attract back the million-plus Gastarbeiters who have left; or do you expect the aggressor just to pick your army of unemployed and bring it to Russia to feed them?”; “4) Is your Scandic country going to be attacked by the Russians because they feel they have to diversify into the psychotic world of genderonomics, having fallen far behind, with their conservative traditional value system?”…

China is pushing up and will soon have left everyone far behind, at least per current measures. The trade dispute having exposed its precarious dependence on exports, it turned its attention to beefing up the internal market. After joining Russia in its opposition to the ambitions by the candidates for masters of the Universe from over-seas, emboldened Chinese made sure everyone comprehends the issue of sovereignty over the Spratlys. With the question of integrating back R.O.C. being “when,” not “if,” this single item of common interest might become the

starting point. In the mean time the Motherland expands its investment effort in Africa, and the huge New Silk Road project is being quietly geared up. China is gaining weight, and it does not see reasons to rush. Ship of Fools: How a S... Carlson, Tucker Check Amazon for Pricing.

In Latin America, two big wins were booked for America. In Brazil, ever since the BRICS challenge to Dollar Al-mighty was mounted, and signed up to in 2014, subversive work was diligently done until finally pro-US President, frequently referred to as a Nazi, was elected. In Venezuela, American economic blockade and decades-old rigorous sanctions have brought the country to its knees. President Maduro, guilty of not allowing American companies to exploit the national assets, was reelected (in elections boycotted by the opposition, because of no chance to win against him), but does not have much to offer except for faith in Hugo Chavez’s ideals. Hence resolution to the cri-sis is bound to come from abroad, either way (for one thing, reportedly UK’s central bank had refused to repatriate Venezuelan gold reserves in its custody worth US$ 1.2 B !). But of course Washington is mulling regime change in Caracas since before even going for the Iraqi oil…

The Big Media crisis deepens. There is no trust in the mainstream media, as there is no trust in any word uttered by a professional politician. That is why it is no surprise that the term “fake news,” which a few years back was used only among the alternative media and the dissident circles, was introduced officially into use on the mainstream media, by President Trump, a non-politician – and in fact their staunchest adversary. The guilty are now trying to use it against him, as if he is a primary generator, but to no avail – the guy is a black belt master of communication, and he rides high, ahead of them all.

With “democracy” having become a totally worn-out term, 2018 saw the runner up in “populism.” Inevitably used with a negative connotation attached, it is actually twisted into wrong interpretation: The reality is, populism means talking or doing whatever pleases the public (populus is synonym of publicus), not to a small measure due to vox populi, vox dei – which is crucial in any short timespan preceding elections. Which means that populism is fully compatible – and in fact interchangeable – with republicanism and “democratism” (democracy and republic mean the same thing, rule of the people, in Greek and Latin, respectively), given that rex publici = rex populi. In other words, in a democracy/republic you are supposed to be populist – and nothing else!

Lessons learned: Exactly 100 years after the end of the Great War humanity is still plunged in a conflict that can be described as World War III, multifaceted and omnipresent, imposed on us by a group of people that wishes to create New World Order of their own design. And even though by now just about every normal person figured out that NWO will remain to be known as the result of Deep State’s wishful thinking, pulling the plug proves to be much easier said than done. One of the main reasons for that dramatic failure is the malfunction of UNO, the very organization that was created about a century ago and then recreated some 70 years ago, for avoiding further wars. Through peculiarities in the mechanism of financial support, and because of the Nomenklatura’s inherent inclination to corruption, the current set up will always be miserable failure. UNO must be reorganized, in order to function properly in an objective, independent mode: with today’s technologies enabling all kinds of virtual venues, accomplishing this is only a question of will.


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