Chilling: Dem Party Leader Says There's no Escape For Their Enemies (You and Me)

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This is chilling.

On a page labeled “Democratic Party Leaders” of California, a David Atkins can be found.

He just posted this on Twitter:


Here’s the savagery of politics. In a polity containing people with irreconcilable worldviews, the humane approach would be to let them go their separate ways.

Not David Atkins.

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You will conform to our model, or you will be marginalized, humiliated, destroyed, or worse.

There is a reason leftists are not known for their support of local self-government, except on rare occasions and for obviously opportunistic reasons. Local units are backward and inefficient, and potential roadblocks in the way of the enforcement of leftist norms everywhere, with other ways of life mercilessly steamrolled.

This is all in the name of “tolerance,” of course, but since the real definition of tolerance involves how we treat people we disagree with, you get the idea of how tolerant these people are.

Meanwhile, David Atkins thinks right-wingers have been in charge of America for the past 40 years.

Here we see another trait common among leftists: self-delusion beyond measure. If right-wingers have been setting the agenda, why have they lost — badly — on every major social and economic issue?

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To take economics alone: the welfare state has ballooned dramatically over these years. George W. Bush (Atkins probably considers Bush a “conservative”) gave us No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D, plus government stimulus to homeownership. Nixon gave us the EPA, affirmative action, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and supported a basic income guarantee, among many other interventions.

Even Reagan oversaw an expansion of the welfare state.

So-called conservatives have been completely routed over the past 40 years, yet it’s these very years for which Atkins seeks revenge.

Ludwig von Mises, a liberal in the classical sense, once wrote: “No people and no part of a people shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want.”

David Atkins, a liberal in the totalitarian sense, says: we are going to impose our will on you, violently. You will have no escape, because your “bigotry” — again, anyone who disagrees with him must be a moral reprobate — means you do not deserve to exist.

Violent sociopaths like this are licking their chops.

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