The Controllers . . . If We Let Them

Why did people fall in love with cars?

I mean, why did they used to fall in love with cars?

It wasn’t because of speed or sex appeal – though those things certainly helped. It was because cars were freedom incarnate. As a teenager, you counted the days to your sixteenth birthday because on that day, you were let out. Free to drive anywhere your wheels could take you. No longer controlled or supervised or monitored. On your own and as you please.

This freedom is under attack  – has been for a long time, including via skirmishes that have made the process of acquiring a driver’s license torturous and endless, insofar as teens are concerned. They are effectively debarred from driving in any meaningful sense until they are practically no longer teens, via prohibitions levied against their driving with friends who are also teens or at night, without the supervision of an adult and via brutal “zero tolerance” polices, which criminalize the tracest amounts of alcohol or “drugs” (the arbitrarily illegal ones) in their systems.

Million Dollar Classic... Martin Derrick, Simon ... Best Price: $4.29 Buy New $30.89 (as of 03:00 EDT - Details) Which delays their becoming adults and also stifles their desire to become adults. Which is probably why the current generation of teens shows the least interest in cars and driving of any generation since the dawn of the automobile age more than 100 years ago.

But now the real battle is about to commence.

The one that will determine whether adults are to be debarred from driving in any meaningful sense – via the force-feeding of automated (as distinct from “autonomous”) cars.

Which will be controlled – just not by you. Hence the farthest thing conceivable from “autonomous.” Black is white. Freedom is slavery. You are a customer of the IRS.

But who will control these automated cars?

Wel, for openers, the cops – i.e., armed government workers. Which is to say, the government. And the bureaucrats, who will use the cops to enforce their every edict. No more “getting away with”  . . . anything. Everything will become a closely-monitored, tightly regulated, by-your-leave privilege, revocable at their whim. Gift Card i... Buy New $25.00 (as of 06:45 EDT - Details) Reuters news story details a recent meeting of “stakeholders” – which includes everyone except, of course us – hashing out our automated car future. Apparently, we have no stake in the automated car future. As always, we are not even consulted; the decisions are made on our behalf, in secret conclave. Not unlike (exactly like) the conspiracy which led to the force-feeding of the federal Constitution – which empowered a small elite to control everyone else, without their consent.

Well, here we go again.

A 39-page summary issued from this closed-door meeting, which was held back in March – couched in the now-usual boilerplate of “safety” and “security” – included “concerns” expressed by “public safety officials” (i.e., armed government workers and government workers generally) about the necessity (as they regard it) to “… interact with or even control” automated vehicles “in the event of an emergency.”

Italics added.

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