Should Be Required Reading

ESPECIALLY for honest, law abiding citizens with nothing to fear from law enforcement

Ever wonder why every cop that is accused of something and investigated is suddenly unavailable for comment and is immediately assigned an attorney who has the same, universal reply to the curious public, “We have no comment at this time”. And all while their co-workers are out there using all the power of education, training, and intimidation, along with every dirty trick in the book, to persuade everyone else to spill their guts immediately? Read this book to find out the entire, interesting truth.

Considering the near total destruction of our constitutional rights due to the exploitation of our fear of terrorists, coupled with the so-called War On Drugs, (War On Everyone’s Civil Rights is just as accurate), every American citizen should read this book. This is especially true if you believe you are a law abiding citizen who need not worry about such matters.

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Make no mistake about it, American police officers today are armed to the teeth, and they do have the power to snatch you up for no reason – or at least a completely fabricated one – and haul you off to the pokey or worse. The era of the friendly neighborhood cop helping old ladies across the street and coaxing young girls’ cats out of trees is long gone. A new, more menacing generation of ‘warrior cops’ are now on patrol and they are trained to meet every situation with suspicion, unwavering authority and overwhelming force. According to one internet source who claims to have done their research, Americans are now 58 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist! Let that sink in a minute. Even if the provable truth is 10% of that number we definitely have cause for concern.

They are also trained to try and “snoop out” a crime in even the most benign interactions with the public, even if it means “bending” the Constitution a little bit. Traffic stops, and early evening jogs are now grounds for a detainment and investigation, just to see what you are up to in the hopes of taking you to jail for something. And it does not matter that you might be completely innocent of anything. In today’s suspicious atmosphere, all it takes is for some cop or even a witness to single you out, even if they happen to be mistaken or just plain dishonest, and your life could be changed forever. When this happens to you, whether or not you have read this book could determine if you are incarcerated forever or go home innocent.

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I speak from experience. As a young teenager I was taken from my street one block from my home by a cop who, against all of my guaranteed rights, ‘sweet-talked’ me into getting into his car, “to see if I could help him solve a crime”. Being taught to respect the law and to always trust policemen, and knowing I was completely innocent of anything ever, I was an easy mark. I had been naively walking from my home to a friend’s house 3 blocks away, and now I was being driven to another neighborhood where I was instantly identified by a desperate, irate and mistaken victim as the person who had violently snatched her purse minutes earlier, “absolutely positively!” I can tell you things got very bad for me before truth finally prevailed and I am extremely lucky to have escaped injustice. I can also tell you that the cop’s friendly demeanor instantly changed and he couldn’t have cared less when I told him she was mistaken. He was simply proud to have ‘solved the crime’ and just wanted to revel in the glory and receive his pats on the back. I can still feel those cuffs cutting into my wrists and see the smug look on his face as he denied my every request for comfort and mercy. Believe me when I tell you there no feeling of helplessness that compares to being falsely accused, arrested, locked up, ignored, and buried alive in the American Justice system, if only for a few months, days, or even hours. After reading this book I can also tell you that I am confident there would now be a much different preliminary outcome.

Since that time I have been acutely aware of the true, fragile state of my own liberty (and yours). I am also convinced that innocent citizens are jailed every day in this country. Some are prosecuted, found guilty and thrown into prison or worse. A large percentage of those couldn’t have been successfully prosecuted had they known and heeded the advice contained in this book. You had better believe I have now read it. I also forced all of my children to read it and then quizzed them on it. You should too. You can also rest assured that all cops, judges, attorneys and prosecutors are aware of the information contained in this book and have most likely shared it with their loved ones.

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Our founding fathers, in their infinite wisdom, gave us our glorious constitution as protection against out of control authority, and ever since law enforcement has been searching for ways to circumvent it. Today, using modern tactics that feed off of an atmosphere of fear, they have almost completely achieved their goal. The advice laid out in this book is currently the best protection we citizens can have against overzealous, (if not unscrupulous), law enforcement, but only if we all take a couple of hours to read it. Please don’t think it couldn’t possibly happen to you and take the chance.

Thank you, Professor Duane, for doing your part to preserve our liberty in the face of this unprecedented assault on our Constitution by the modern American Police State.

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This article was first published on March 28, 2018.