Dancing FBI Agent Who Shot Fellow Bar-Goer Gets Gun Back While Charge Pending

A Denver judge agreed to let an FBI agent carry his firearm again while he considers a possible plea deal to felony charges stemming from an off-duty incident.

FBI agent Chase Bishop, 29, a D.C-based special agent that was visiting Denver for training last month when he allegedly shot a man at Mile High Spirits in the city’s LoDo downtown area, was in court on Tuesday over his resulting charge of assault in the second degree, a class 4 felony.

Bishop’s lawyer told Judge Fran Simonet that the agency strongly encourages agents to carry their duty weapons both on and off duty, according to CBS 11. With that, Simonet agreed that the agent could resume carrying his firearm.

Under conditions set by the court, Bishop is not allowed to drink or use drugs while his case is pending, the Associated Press reported. He reportedly has delayed an evidentiary hearing to weigh a plea deal offered this week by Denver prosecutors.

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