Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm Review

Guardline sent me their long-range wireless driveway alarm to review. It consists of a sensor unit and a receiver unit with built-in speakers, along with some mounting gear.

The sensor unit can be mounted at the edge of a driveway, walkway, porch, or other area, and then when something breaks the infrared beam, the receiver emits one of your choice of one of dozens of chimes, sound effects, and melodies, alerting you that something has entered your property.

This receiver unit is their long-range model capable of being placed up to a quarter mile away from its sensors, depending on interference like walls, trees and hills.

Guardline u00bc Mile L... Best Price: $133.47 Buy New $129.00 (as of 07:15 EDT - Details) This driveway alarm is a great little piece of added security for any home.If you buy additional sensor units, each receiver can pair with up to sixteen sensors, allowing you total coverage by placing them at strategic locations across your driveway, house, or property.

They only sent one sensor, so I couldn’t try pairing multiple units, but pairing the one they provided was easy. The different zones on the receiver also can be linked with other aspects of your security set-up. More on this later.

Set-Up and Use

Out of the box, my batteries were easy to install into the sensor and receiver units with the included screwdriver.

You need four AA and four AAAA, though the batteries for the sensor unit are just for backup when your power goes out.

I thought the plastic housing on the sensor felt a just little bit cheap, and the one on the receiver unit doesn’t seem to attach as securely as it should to the back of the unit. However, with Guardline’s lifetime warranty, my slight concern regarding the long-term robustness of the unit was assuaged.

Using the instructions, it was easy to pair the sensor with the receiver and set my preferred tone from the dozens of varieties.

It seemed like it would be equally easy to pair additional sensors. I mounted my sensor on my front porch, using the guide provided.

Then I plugged in the receiver in my bedroom, setting it to the squawking seagull sound effect I had set.

After some adjusting of the sensor using the tips in the instruction booklet, the sensor worked flawlessly. Any time someone walked onto the porch, I would hear those seagulls.

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