Chappaquiddick: Power, Privilege, and the Ted Kennedy Cover-Up

There have been 13 books written about Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick incident of 1969. These support some eight theories as to what may have occurred that night, including the possibility that  Kennedy told the truth. There seems little point publishing yet another unless it truly solves the mystery. This one does.

Bill Pinney, a life-long Chappaquiddick resident and former investigative reporter, introduces the first new witness who has stepped forward in almost 50 years. The accident is then analyzed scientifically by a renowned physicist and police consultant to determine whether the extraordinary premise implied by the witness’ sighting is true, or false. The book includes a treasure-trove of never-before-published accident scene photos which are at odds with the official diagrams and testimony presented at the Kopechene exhumation hearing and inquest. These photographs turn every previous theory on its head, except one.

The final conclusion is inescapable, irrefutable, explosive and implicates not just Edward Kennedy but several guests at the party of gross criminal misconduct Chappaquiddick Speaks is loaded with new evidence, exclusive interviews and good science. The intelligent reader will find it not only a game changer for the Chappaquiddick narrative, but also relevant to our present political climate. “This book is clear, compelling, and often eloquent. Bill Pinney presents a rational case, with massive amounts of evidence, in support of a little-known theory of what happened on Chappaquiddick on July 18, 1969. The book’s carefully researched technical detail, excellent graphics, and lucid organization make it all the more persuasive, as does its willingness to provide both arguments and counterarguments for all theories—including its own.

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You will not find a more credible examination of what happened on that night.”—Ed Weathers, former Senior Editor, The New York Times Magazine Group “Dr. Rod Cross of the University of Sydney did a yeoman’s job on the physics, meticulously examining the available evidence and reconstructing plausible dynamical arguments for every physical aspect of the tragic accident.”—Edw. S. Ginsberg, Department of Physics, UMass, Boston “As foreman of the Dukes County Grand Jury on Martha’s Vineyard at the time of the ‘accident,’ I have read most of the books and am well acquainted with every theory. I am familiar with the people involved. I have also experienced first hand the cover up that ensued. Kennedy’s account was implausible, and his actions perhaps criminal. Mr. Pinney has done an admirable job researching all the evidence. His connection with Chappaquiddick has enabled him to uncover new evidence, and he has enlisted experts to examine that evidence scientifically. I find his conclusion well thought out, unbiased, plausible, and, to my mind, likely to be close to what actually occurred.”—Leslie H. Leland.

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