Draining The Next Swamp

Yes, the swamp is being drained, quietly to save some undeserving institutions like the FBI.

When I grew up I became aware of the FBI’s top-ten most wanted criminals list.  Now the former FBI director and his lead attorney are trying to stay off that list.

They’re also trying to save the FBI from being abolished or at least any more embarrassment.  Behind closed doors, the FBI’s top lawyer and FBI director James B. Comey’s right-hand man, Andrew McCabe will retire in a few months after his pension benefits are fully vested.  There is evidence McCabe crafted, or at least talked about crafting, an “insurance” plan to ensure election of Hillary Clinton with FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Checks & Balances Negated in 1993

We may be so busy in our lives to forget the Bill Clinton was the last President to fire an FBI director.

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From 1987 to 1993 William Sessions was FBI chief and was dismissed by President Bill Clinton (because Sessions allegedly spent public money to install a security gate at his home).  This eliminated any investigations into White House wrong-doing and Clinton managed to tuck the FBI under the Executive Branch rather than the Judicial Branch of government, a major change in checks-and-balance government the public was never informed about.

At least President Donald Trump is not contriving a reason to purge the FBI of political opponents as Clinton did.

State Department crumbling, CIA next (and its agents planted in the news media)

As I previously wrote, the State Department is being dismantled from within as the Trump Administration doesn’t fill positions as diplomats retire and has relegated the State Department to paper shuffling.  Next up, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Given the CIA has its agents planted in newsrooms around the country to place stories that go beyond patriotic propaganda (Operation Mockingbird), it is not surprising the CIA has also come under President Trump’s scrutiny as he wars with the 4th Estate, the news media that reports on government.

An example of the animosity between the Trump Administration and the news media is the recent news headline published by USA TODAY just after President Trump’s successful passage of a tax cut.  The headline read: “Deficit Could Hit $1 Trillion In 2018.”  (USA Today Dec 20, 2017)

Americans need to be clued in since the news media isn’t doing their job, that when general accounting practices (GAAP) are applied to the US federal budget, it collects ~$3.4 trillion in tax revenues and spends ~$6.6 trillion annually (source: ShadowStats.com).  News reporters conveniently accept other government figures that the budget gap is only ~$500 billion.  The gap between revenues and spending is more like $3 trillion that is made up simply by printing money.

At least Trump’s corporate tax cut stands a chance at reducing the cost of goods and services, a sort of back-door pay raise for Americans.  Since wages are stagnant, the only way forward is to reduce taxes.

By the way, it is no coincidence the General Services Administration has completed the first audit of federal real property inventory.  President Trump is a real estate guy, so expect properties to be sold off to buoy federal revenues to make up for tax cuts.  The inventory includes 7000 unused or under-used properties. And the Pentagon will undergo its first-ever audit too.  While campaigning for office in April of 2016, President Trump promised he would slash the national debt by selling $16 trillion in government assets.

Looking back, just exactly what were the past few U.S. Presidents doing?  At least the people now have a President who is a businessman.