Civil War II – Fourth Turning Intensifying (PART 2)

In Part One of this article, I laid out the case against the criminal establishment and how the regeneracy is being driven by the anti-establishment sentiment sweeping across the land. This atonement Fourth Turning will de-establish decade’s worth of delusional decisions. This election has destroyed the last vestiges of trust in this fraudulent system.

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This dysfunctional rigged presidential election reflects the tearing of the civic fabric at points of maximum susceptibility. As a country, we have neglected, denied, or delayed necessary action on a plethora of vital issues threatening our long-term viability as a nation. The deferra The Fourth Turning: An... Howe, Neil Best Price: $7.92 Buy New $12.04 (as of 08:30 UTC - Details) l of difficult painful decisions has been a ploy of the ruling class, allowing them to further siphon the wealth of a dying empire while maintaining control over the masses through laws, regulations, taxes, surveillance, intimidation, technology bread and circuses, and mainstream media propaganda.

This is a country truly divided, much along the lines of the first Civil War. The divisions aren’t just along political party lines, but race, education, geography, gender, age, class, religion and ability to think critically. The presidential polls (IBD) reveal many of these divisions clearly:

Race:   Whites – 52% Trump; 37% Clinton

   Blacks/Hispanics – 14% Trump; 74% Clinton

Education:   High School/Some College – 54% Trump; 35% Clinton

   College Degree or More – 37% Trump; 51% Clinton

Geography:  Urban – 31% Trump; 60% Clinton

   Suburban – 43% Trump; 43% Clinton

   Rural – 55% Trump; 35% Clinton

Gender:       Male – 50% Trump; 38% Clinton

  Female – 39% Trump; 50% Clinton

Age:             Young – 37% Trump; 46% Clinton

 Middle Aged – 47% Trump; 45% Clinton

 Old – 48% Trump; 43% Clinton

Class:          Upper – 40% Trump; 52% Clinton

 Middle – 44% Trump, 43% Clinton

 Working – 50% Trump; 41% Clinton

 Lower – 20% Trump; 57% Clinton

Religion:    Religious – 49% Trump; 41% Clinton

 Non- Religious – 25% Trump; 63% Clinton

The narrative used against Trump is women won’t vote for him. The IBD data proves that unequivocally false. White women favor Trump 46% to 41% over Clinton. It’s the racial divide in this country which is borne out by the data above. Uneducated blacks and Hispanics living in urban ghettos with household income under $30,000 are overwhelmingly the primary constituents of Clinton and the Democratic Party.

They subsist on entitlements doled out to them by Democrat benefactors who have successfully enslaved them in welfare dependency while keeping them uninformed through government run indoctrination centers. They continue to vote for their continued enslavement because they have lost their self-respect and hope for a better life. These are the people demanding more as compensation for their skin color while being egged on by our first black president. The rural and suburban whites are content watching from afar as blacks murder each other in the Democrat-controlled “gun free” urban ghettos, but if they try to bring their social justice demands into white gun owning America, shit will get ugly real fast. Against the State: An ... Rockwell Jr., Llewelly... Best Price: $5.02 Buy New $5.52 (as of 11:35 UTC - Details)

Clinton has an odd coalition of supporters, as college educated, upper class, high-income Americans support her over Trump. This is where her status quo establishment credentials are revealed. She is a big business, Wall Street bank, military industrial complex candidate for no change. Neo-cons, bankers, globalists, academics, and others sucking off the government teat, support any candidate who will sustain their rackets. The Wikileaks revelations and FBI disclosures exposed the sordid underbelly of liberal politicians and a fawning discredited media.

It seems conspiracy theorists were right all along. Politicians collude with the media, rig elections, lie to the public, smear their opponents, and break laws without remorse or shame. The American public’s view of career politicians and the smarmy media talking heads is now at an all-time low. The regeneracy is being driven by this warranted mistrust for all things establishment.

Next week we will know whether a regime change has taken place. A Trump presidency would surely mark a drastic transformation from the existing decrepit social order. But the Deep State is not going to relinquish their power, wealth, and control without a fight to the finish. They will activate all of their remaining allies on Wall Street, in the media, running government bureaucracies, and running the military industrial complex to stonewall and defeat Trump’s agenda. If that fails, they will attempt to assassinate him.

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