The Turnkey Tyranny Game Plan

“Hence we may learn the lesson that on seizing a state, the usurper should make haste to inflict what injuries he must, at a stroke, that he may not have to renew them daily but be enabled by their discontinuance to reassure men’s minds, and afterward win them over by benefits.… Injuries, therefore, should be inflicted all at once, that their ill savor being less lasting may the less offend; whereas, benefits should be conferred little by little, that so they may be more fully relished.

– Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, Book VIII

Everything is in place. Do you see anything missing?

Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA collects everything on everyone. Thomas Drake, the former NSA senior official who blew the whistle from inside the organization, proved that it would have been cheaper and more useful to keep only information on suspected terrorists – but Cheney and Obama wanted it all.

And they got it. Snowden’s in exile and Drake, harassed by the DoJ for four years, lost his job and is now a genius at an Apple Store in Maryland.

So the fix was in. All that was left was the implementation.

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And that was easy. Propelled by fear of Islamic terrorism, a complacent Republican Congress ignored widespread anger and hostility towards the Thought Police after Snowden’s revelation. In order to intensify that fear, Obama has allowed thousands of unscreened Moslems into the country, including an unknown number of covert Jihadist wannabes. In response, fearful Americans will be stampeded into subjection (“security”) rather than liberty. After all, terrorists cause chaos and tyranny flourishes amid chaos. “Never let a crisis go to waste,” wrote a twenty-first century minor Machiavelli.

Now the NSA has everything. And the PC enforcers are salivating.

They have plenty of precedents. Apparently, some Republican officeholders are demanding that Trump steps aside and let Pence lose gracefully to Hillary next month.

However, according to the widespread reports, not one of them has demanded that Hillary steps aside as well, and leave a clean race between Pence and Kaine.

Why not?

Well: recall that Obama won his Illinois State Senate election because of the sealed divorce records of Blaire Hull, his opponent in the Democrat primary, mysteriously surfaced.

When Obama ran for the U.S. Senate, the divorce records of Jack Ryan, his Republican opponent, also mysteriously surfaced.

But that was then. This time around, Obama can rely on not only David Axelrod but also the NSA, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and every other federal agency and supplier (Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft – you get the picture).

In the 1990s, Hillary only got the raw FBI files of the top 100 people on her enemies list.

Think that’s a lot? How about three hundred million? That’s what the Turnkey Tyrant will have.

Now: put yourself in the shoes of those Republicans demanding Trump’s departure.

They all know that the government has their secrets too. Every email, phone calls, “anonymous” Craigslist ad, Facebook post, conversations anywhere their cell phones were turned on, even the sins of those Catholics who had their cell phones with them when they went to Confession.

The anti-Trump trash-dump campaign is just a warm up for the debut of the Turnkey Tyrant.

What’s next?

The Internet: Obama is busy sending control of the Internet offshore. Americans will have no recourse to U.S. courts when they are spied upon, barred from the web, or when all of their digital services suddenly don’t seem to work at all.

Government Agencies: The IRS, FBI, DoEd, DHS, DoJ, DoS, even HHS are already compromised. It is hard to imagine that other cabinet agencies have not been infested with willing goons ready to serve the Turnkey Tyrant.

Education: Universities and other federal aid recipients will quickly be reorganized and purified (viz. President Erdogan’s cleansing of Turkey’s once-independent institutions). Those few that don’t depend on federal aid will find themselves constantly harassed by regulators (remember Jimmy Carter’s war on independent Christian schools?).

The Military: It’s already happening – so quickly, in fact, that we won’t realize its full compass until the Turnkey Tyrant’s first war – declared in order t.o “reunite all Americans”

Of course, the war will require higher taxes, gas rationing cards (Trump supporters’ travel will be severely curtailed), widespread oppression and fear, and the further and perhaps final cleansing of the military. It will also reassure the elites that their plunder, graft, and bribes will flourish.

The Media: touting “terrific progress” in reforms, state-friendly organs will quickly (See Machiavelli, above) be the only available source for “news.” Formerly independent websites and other media will encounter insurmountable obstacles (in 1940, Father Coughlin’s Social Justice had half a million subscribers – but he opposed FDR’s war-lust for too long so “He Kept Us Out Of War” simply pulled the Review’s postal permit, and poof! It was gone.)

Guns: Hillary is now exposed: gun control and seizure will be “legislated” by executive order.

Medicine: private (especially steadfastly pro-life) physicians will suddenly find themselves with no hospital privileges, no Medicare/Obamacare reimbursements, and no insurers willing to cover them or their services.

The Catholic Church: Lest we forget – Obama got his start in neighborhood organizing thanks to a grant from the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago. And today Catholic prelates depend on government funding, over a billion dollars a year, so they will face a very difficult decision indeed: support the Turnkey Tyrant’s “reforms” (many of which the Church has already endorsed) as a National Patriotic Catholic Church, or defiantly confront the Turnkey Tyrant from a persecuted Church of the Catacombs, with no funding and lots of harassment.

The Timetable:

By March 15, 2017, the first wave of cleansing will be complete; at first, most Americans will see only bits and pieces – a missing teacher at school, a change in doctors at the clinic, a professor suddenly on sabbatical, a prelate resigning, a lost job, a too-talkative neighbor suddenly “transferred.” When an explanation is deemed necessary at all, “evidence” from NSA files will “prove” the “need” for the action taken (consider the reaction of Hillary intimate John Podesta, who admits that such “evidence” can be easily created and commingled with the factual material at will).

The Welfare State: What Machiavelli calls “benefits” will quickly be announced, but only slowly and carefully conferred. Commissions, expert consultants, and endless mandatory “town halls” will allow “the people” to guide the government’s efforts toward the common good (Mao’s China required such indoctrination meetings every night of the week in the 900,000 peasant villages throughout the country. A primary aim was to make sure the people had no time for leisure, family, or religion).

Trump: the election of the Turnkey Tyrant will itself render the verdict: Donald Trump, the failed revolution’s sole champion, will be featured in one media exposé after another. A show trial will be unnecessary: Cronies of the Turnkey Tyrant will slobber for her approval by ruining him and his businesses in the same fashion that Mexican corruptos have manipulated their own cronies for a century.

Of course, this list is incomplete. But it is suggestive, and offers the reader a template on the basis of which to conduct the following thought experiment:

  1. Which of your family members, relationships, activities, acquaintances, pastors, employers, pastimes, entertainments, religious activities and other pursuits do you think the Turnkey Tyrant will find objectionable?
  1. Now, which of the items on the above list have you discussed, read about, written about, or heard about in the proximity of any communication device – telephone, cell phone, Internet, email, public space, and so on? (Remember, fifty years ago, Elena Ceausescu, wife of the communist dictator of Romania, had her secret police install microphones along with every electric power plug in the homes of party favorites who were lucky enough to have electricity at all. When she died, was she repentant? Not at all! Before she was shot by a firing squad on Christmas Day 1989, she admonished her executioners, “But I have been like a mother to you!”).
  1. Next – what can one expect if the Thought Police consider him a perpetrator of ThoughtCrime?

Sent to the Gulag? Not necessarily. More likely, doors of opportunity will close, business relationships will evaporate, and job availability will be either severely reduced or simply prohibited (Dr. Gerhart Niemeyer, my professor who left Germany in 1933, recounted how Hitler didn’t need to send all of his critics to the death camps; he needed only to make sure that they couldn’t find a job, and that no one would offer them sustenance, money, or shelter: they would be like Ireland’s “walking dead,” who died by the millions at the hand of England’s genocide of the Irish in the 19th century: they would starve in the gutter.)

As if our culture were not sufficiently debased already, there is one more quality that we can be sure to expect: the public corruption will spread downward and outward to infect virtually every aspect of human intercourse.

Welcome to Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil ­– indeed, to a majority of the countries of the world. After all, as Obama would say, “What’s so special about us?”