Hillary and Donald: A Candid Assessment

Hillary Clinton: You don’t see any photo ops with her holding an infant because she would drop the baby.

Hillary Clinton is a known factor: a puppet of the oligarchs and the influential, if there ever was one.  War-minded (keep the war industry going); bought off as a stooge for Wall Street; incompetent for anything but a government job; makes up her own rules (destruction of emails, etc.) part of what growingly appears to be a crime syndicate; violates US law by indirectly accepting money for favors from foreign sources who are forbidden by law to tamper with US elections; says she accepts full responsibility for Benghazi, but when public officials do that, they don’t just give lip services, they resign, Hillary is the first President to be exposed as an “emperor who wore no clothes” in this era of internet-gleaned information.  For in all practicality, Hillary would not be a credible candidate for President if she didn’t have the backing of the nation’s new press that pretends to be unbiased.

Hillary is physically unfit for the job.  The body double is going to be the public persona.  How long will this charade continue and the news press hide that fact?  Hillary is goose meat if the press ever stops rigging her imagined popularity.  Her backers have come out of their closets, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Huffington Post, Wall Street, all the usual suspects, who have obviously benefited from hands-off government policies due to pay-offs that simply won’t continue under a Trump White House.

Hillary doesn’t have a mind of her own.  She uses without concealment the Council on Foreign Relations as her think-tank.  She has left a wake of instability throughout the Middle East (by the plan, not by accident).  She (and Obama) faked they were in a control center viewing what was going on inside that enclave in Pakistan when Osama bin Laden was taken down.

At a time when America can no longer bully every other nation, at a time when alliances are of the essence, at a time when the American financial bubble could pop at any time, America would be turning over the Presidency to a covert group Hillary handlers.  She is completely controlled and given words to speak via a teleprompter built into a contact lens.

An elitist by any definition, she claims to have disdain for wealthy Americans who don’t pay their fair share.  Yet it is those Americans who pay 70%+ of taxes.  She cannot fathom that American business has had to set up their taxable base of operations outside the country just to remain competitive in the world marketplace.  She offers platitudes, like tougher gun laws (only the criminals will have guns) and elimination of tax loopholes (not really).  Who is going to put a halt to American-brand fascism that hides under a legacy of a Christian heritage and works ethic?

When Americans say, “I’m with her,” they are saying they are as clueless as she is.  Remember that revamp of America’s health plan she cooked up in the Bill Clinton White House?  She should have stuck to flower arranging like other First Ladies.

We are on the cusp of the collapse of the Western monetary system and society and Hillary’s friends are concerned about their opponent being sexist (calling a Miss America candidate “piggy”) and about his misdirection over President Obama’s birth certificate (which has yet to appear).  Foreign countries will laugh at us if Hillary Clinton becomes the leader of the western world.  Only her thumb on the big red button will keep their lips closed.

Donald Trump: He won’t drop the baby and he won’t leave any money on the table

Donald Trump is no saint.  What you see is what you get.  A bit impulsive but a great analyst, Americans have become so apologetic over the American way of life that his detractors can’t fathom the idea of “speak softly and carry a big stick” which was Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy.  Donald Trump is more like “speak harshly AND carry a big stick.”

The Donald lets everyone know he is coming.  No, he won’t restore waterboarding to our repertoire of treatments for captured terrorists.  But we don’t want to tell the world that do we?  When people say Trump is scary, yep, he is the right guy for the job.  We don’t want a wuss for the job.  Nurturing female voters want to see a candidate who is empathetic.

OK, he held a baby in his arms to show he has a softer side.  After all, many women still have the image of Donald Trump saying “You’re fired!”  I guarantee you, if Hillary had to hold an infant for a photo op, she would drop the baby.

Trump wins at the negotiation table before he sits down.  He has Mexico back-peddling and changing their ambassador to the US in anticipation of having to deal with him.  No, Trump is not going to build a $40 billion fence between Mexico and the US, but somebody had better address the sieve that our southern border has become.  Hidden from public view is the fact the southern US border areas have the highest crime rates.

And at a time when millions of jobs have been exported to China and robotization looms, adding more people to the labor pool simply drives down salaries.  Want to raise incomes?  Decrease the size of the labor pool.  With no politician offering any answers to the lack of jobs other than throwing people onto welfare, the middle -class has been eclipsed by the welfare class, and no Presidential candidate outside of Trump seems to care.

The reason why the Border Patrol looks the other way and allows people to cross the border from the south is that America needed to add younger workers to pay for the growing population of retirees (Medicare and Social Security).  These trust funds are empty and Medicare and Social Security payments now come out of the general fund.

This is an issue that Trump will be confronted with when he enters the Oval Office.  He addresses the loss of jobs, which has caused union workers to break ranks with the Democrats and lobby for Trump.  So far Trump is silent on how to provide for the growing number of retirees.  So far, nobody has come up with any answers beyond rationing health care and delaying the age of retirement.  An anti-aging pill would throw a monkey wrench into the social planners and life insurance companies who want retirees to die on time.

There was a fictional book published years ago entitled Elixir where the President of the United States began taking an anti-aging pill and the rest of the world followed, but only after making a deal with doctors for exclusive distribution of the pill.  The Donald puts a pill like that up to his lips and you can be sure Big Pharma and the AMA will have a cow.

Now Trump wants to place tariffs on imports, but frankly, that foments war.  Recall it was a tea tax that started the Revolutionary War.  Better to mandate that goods made overseas, intended for sale in the US market, use American-made raw materials – cotton for T-shirts, metals, and plastics for electronics, etc.

Now Trump talks and talks about the trade imbalance.  The US buys about $500 billion more goods from overseas than it exports.  Charles Hugh Smith points out that if the US wants to maintain its position as the distributor of the reserve currency for the world, any country issuing a reserve currency must run a trade deficit.

When the US buys goods at $1 from China and that product makes its way through importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers and sells for $10 suggested retail, that $1 in foreign trade has added $9 of value to the US side of the equation.  We need to stop demonizing the trade imbalance.  We get great bargains from China.

Foreign countries practice currency manipulation, that is, they buy up US dollars, artificially driving up the value of the dollar by increased demand, thus making foreign goods relatively cheaper.  To stop this all a Commander in Chief need do is instruct the US Treasury Department to buy up another country’s currency when they buy US dollars.  This does not take an act of Congress.  Currency manipulation would cease and US goods would be more competitively priced with foreign goods.  Trump needs an education in this department.

In reality, take jobs back from China and you have millions of unemployed, riots and starvation there.  Not a good scenario.

Yes, Trump didn’t finish off Hillary Clinton in his first TV debate.  Maybe television producers wanted to build up a bit more drama rather than having Trump lower the boom on her.

When Hillary said Trump wants to maintain tax loopholes for the rich, wants to lower corporate taxes so the wealthy don’t pay their fair share, he should have said:

“We lower corporate tax rates to make our US companies more competitive with foreign companies whose tax rates are lower.  That brings back a few trillion dollars US companies are holding overseas.  Business and industry can now hire more people to expand their operations.  And the cost of goods will decline because costs (taxes) have been lowered, so Americans will essentially be getting an indirect pay raise via increased purchasing power.”

That kind of statement would have completely obliterated Hillary. When critics jumped on Trump when he took campaign donations and used them to fund an event at his own resorts and hotels I said, “Hey, I want this guy on my side.  He doesn’t leave any money on the table.

A problem with Trump is his naivety.  He does not really know how the world operates.  Trump wants a strong military.  OK.  The US is committed to 11 aircraft carrier strike groups.  Why?  Because we bully and badger other countries militarily the moment they get out of line.

Any country that wants to convert to a gold standard to back its currency and thus subjugate the US debt-based dollar, the aircraft carriers will be dispatched in their direction.

Donald Trump appears to be oblivious to all this.  Hillary certainly knows all this, yes, and she installs criminal elements (The Muslim Brotherhood) into foreign countries (Egypt), which was reversed by an outraged public in Egypt, thank God.  Trump would maybe upset the puppet governments that the US has installed around the globe.  That is why former CIA chiefs have given a thumbs-down on Trump.  He would likely upset the New World Order.

Countries that trade with the US must return the money to the US or otherwise all the goods end up here and the money overseas.  For example, China is holding $3 trillion of US dollars.  Look for Trump to fly to China and get that money returned to invigorate China’s economy in a circuitous fashion.  America would buy more goods from China if it had the money.  Hillary would rather head butt China.  Donald too, with trade tariffs, but he will likely come to his senses when he sees what can be done as the negotiating table.

US dollars overseas are returned by buying US Treasury notes, essentially an IOU + interest.  In the oil business, this became known as the Petro Dollar scheme, fashioned by Henry Kissinger when he was secretary of state.  The middle-eastern oil states have to buy US treasury notes, or else! Again, Trump has to be briefed here.

Trump says he will take care of the North Korean threat to Asia and now suggests maybe China is better suited to handle that problem. But North Korea is a puppet for the US.  Those near-perfect propaganda photos are seen in the US news press of a tyrant leader, Kim Jong-Un, a US-invented bogeyman who keeps surrounding countries reliant on the US for defense via treaties.

When the EURO was first issued Japan’s diet (its congress) dropped the idea of buying EUROs instead of US dollars.  A week later North Korea launched a missile over Japan.  That was the US’ way of saying, “OK, but let’s see who protects you from North Korea.”   If and when Trump is briefed about all this (who knows if they don’t shoot him or have his aircraft downed first) he will have to deal with the realities of a black ops world.  How will Donald Trump deal with the realization the US runs drugs and launders money to fund its black ops?

The objective after WWII was to create an America where its workers were paid good money to create a consumer economy and subjugate the rest of the world to produce goods that are exported to the US on the back of cheap labor.  Any country that threatens to create a competing consumer economy is a threat to US ability to control foreign countries by trade.  What would Japan do if it couldn’t sell automobiles and cameras to the US?

Summary: Trump has a lot to learn.  Trump is not going to lose at the negotiation table.  The US economy must recover to its prior predominance in order for the world to recover from an economic collapse of unprecedented proportion.  Hillary is just a front for the thugs who run the world.  Bottom line, Hillary will drop the baby and be bought off by the bidder who offers the highest price.  Trump will not drop the baby and negotiate a profit rather than a running loss that has accumulated into a trillion dollar national debt.