Marc Faber: «Trump Is Highly Qualified for President»

In his inimitable style, Swiss stocks guru Marc Faber explains why Donald Trump would make an ideal U.S. president, to the shock of his listeners. He lists a surprising reason.

Swiss economist «Dr. Doom» Marc Faber is known for his bold calls, including one urging more countries to exit the European Union following Britain’s decision to leave. This makes him a welcome guest for financial broadcasters, including on «Bloomberg TV Asia» today.

Faber plays the role of provocateur perfectly in an interview with several presenters. He begins by lauding Brexit generally and for the Trump camp in particular as positive – «a signal to politicians around the world».

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Trump, like Brexit, represents «essentially a revolt against the political establishment,» Faber says, shocking his interviewers further by saying that «Trump is highly qualified to be the next president because the Republicans hate him, the Democrats hate him, Hillary hates him…».

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