Ann Coulter vs. Women

When Ann Coulter told me she was going to be debating Sally Kohn, my first reaction was “That isn’t fair.” Some friends decided we would make signs that said “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” and “Leave Sally Alone!” with pictures of a Sally sheep being fed to an Ann wolf. Then we found out the stage was going to be polluted with a superfluous moderator and two token black women. It’s a shame because I looked into it and it turns out Sally isn’t the 100% retard I thought she was. Sure, she drags out the same old liberal tropes such as “Last time I checked PC was just about treating people with respect,” but she also has substance. She’s looked into things and can actually discuss bills that have been passed and bad moves Congress has made. To see her on stage with Ann wouldn’t have been the complete annihilation I had imagined. It would be more like when Mike Tyson knocked out Trevor Berbick in the second round back in 1986. Trevor got some good punches in.

Unfortunately, women were involved and that means diversity, multiculturalism, unnecessary blackness, and a female moderator who has no idea what she’s doing. The title of the debate was “Is conservatism hostile toward women?” and instead of it being a tidy match with Sally vs. Ann, we got two black women who were clearly only there for diversity and bumbling Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker who called herself Switzerland and moderated, cleaning her glasses, talking about herself, accusing Ann of defending the KKK, and being so incredibly biased an audience member yelled out, “What happened to Switzerland?”

The black woman on the right was Dr. Carol Swain, who is all facts and substance and zero charm. She knowingly plants bombs such as “Obama has no respect for the rule of law,” then sits back smiling when it explodes. She has the diplomacy of a skinhead. Conversely, we had Dr. Janus Adams, who was all charm and diplomacy and zero substance. Swain began the debate with a fifteen-minute diatribe about her entire life that tortured everyone expecting a debate—which was everyone. Janus (seriously, why replace a perfectly good “anice” with “anus”?) shot back with a wandering defense of her decision to send her kids to private school like anyone gave a shit.

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Sally tried to step in with a few decent points. She said she doesn’t want her daughter to hear the kind of language Trump uses. “He’s not presidential,” we keep hearing. Hillary brings this up too and it’s a strange stance to take in a world where we have to hide the newspaper from our kids. Today’s New York Post is yesterday’s Playboy.

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