Totalitarian Schemers and Their Open Borders Immigration Policy

“Those who support multiculturalism .  .  . realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies.”

–Frank Ellis

At the outset of his administration, President Bill Clinton famously declared that “the era of big government is over.”  He then did everything in his power to prove that to be yet another of his slick lies.  At the outset of her administration, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a one-time East German “communist youth leader,” famously declared that “multiculturalism has been a failure.”  She then did everything in her power to prove what a Big Lie that was, most notoriously by inviting millions of Third World, Muslim immigrants (mostly young men) into her country, lavishly subsidizing them, giving them sex education lessons, and intimidating, censoring, or threatening to punish critics of her policies.

The Problem with Socia... Thomas DiLorenzo Best Price: $6.02 Buy New $11.39 (as of 07:00 EDT - Details) Barack Obama has followed suit in a somewhat quieter way with non-enforcement of border controls that has allowed millions of Third World peasants to flood the country.  The Republican Party has done nothing to interfere with any of this.  Residents of small towns all throughout rural America are not always happy when thousands of government-subsidized welfare clients from the Third World are dumped in their neighborhoods accompanied by threats from the federal government should they complain about it.

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All of this is has been given an official blessing by the capitalism-hating, Castro hand-shaking, leftist pope, an ideological soul mate of the Merkels and Obamas of the world and an accomplice in their project to “ fundamentally transform” their societies (which is traditional Marxist rhetoric, by the way).

This plan to “fundamentally transform society” is also supported by the forces of political correctness in the media, the universities, television, and the popular culture in general, whose new “god” is multiculturalism.  Oppose their plans to “fundamentally transform” your society from a Marxist perspective and you will immediately be labeled a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc., etc., and declared persona non-gratis in society.

It is obvious that Angela Merkel’s purpose, and the purpose of all the other European leftists, is to destroy German (and European) culture in particular and eventually, all the institutions of Western civilization.  They do not care what the tenets of Western civilization, which have evolved over the centuries, are replaced with because of their belief that it stands for nothing more than racism, sexism, and capitalist “exploitation.”  They are the great-grandsons and granddaughters of Lenin and Marx.  As the British intellectual Frank Ellis, once wrote, “Today’s ‘political correctness’ is the direct descendant of Communist terror and brainwashing” with its “rigid requirements of language, thought, and behavior, and violators . . . treated as if they were mentally unbalanced . . .”

The fondest dream of Barack Obama and his fellow American leftists is to follow suit with the Europeanization of America and its “fundamental transformation” into a totalitarian society where the state controls all aspects of behavior through threats, intimidation, censorship, and propaganda without all the messy violence of past generations of totalitarian control freaks. When this fails, as in most certainly will, they will then resort to imprisoning dissenters – or worse.  They will do this by citing past precedents, such as Lincoln’s illegal suspension of Habeas Corpus and his imprisoning without due process of thousands of Northern-state political dissenters during his time.  Americans who protest such moves will be labeled by the state as Lincoln-hating racists, for what else can a Lincoln critic be called?  The mass imprisonment of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps during World War II will also have an “honored” place in the Official Government Line in order to eradicate all dissenters, as will the World War I Sedition Act that imprisoned people for such “crimes” as reading the Bill of Rights in public and opposing military conscription.  The Real Lincoln: A Ne... Thomas J. Dilorenzo Best Price: $1.51 Buy New $7.51 (as of 08:40 EDT - Details)

All of this started with Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration legislation that drastically reduced European immigration quotas while increasing Third World immigration quotas.  For Ted and the 1960s “liberals,” this was pure pork barrel politics: They wanted a vast expansion of the welfare state (the “Great Society”) combined with the importation of millions of Third World peasants who could be enrolled in welfare to grow the state and assure their own perpetual reelection.

The environmentalist movement was always on board with this because it strongly opposed economic development and prosperity in the Third World, which it falsely equated with more pollution and environmental degradation.  (This despite the obvious fact that the wealthier countries of the world are healthier and cleaner by comparison).  Give them “foreign aid” or bring them here and put them on domestic welfare, they say, but don’t let them economically develop their own country.  That will only lead to more pollution and more economic “exploitation.”  Or so the gurus of environmentalism have preached for decades.

The socialist Left in general always supported open borders as a means of creating an international redistribution of income.  They certainly don’t support open borders because it will encourage the growth of capitalism.  If they couldn’t get the U.S. government to send more billions of dollars in welfare (i.e., “foreign aid”) to the Third World, they would bring the Third World to the U.S. and place it on the welfare rolls here. (Their scheme has largely failed so far to the extent that most Third World immigrants do find jobs and become productive members of society instead of the socialists’ ideal of becoming lifelong welfare parasites).

Another interest group in favor of open borders consists of American corporations who want cheaper labor as opposed to incurring the immense expense of moving their factories to other countries.  They favor bringing the cheap labor to them, if possible, rather than brining their factories to the cheap labor.

But today’s “multiculturalists” are a different breed altogether.  They are an especially insidious, totalitarian, Machiavellian breed.  They do not view open borders a merely a means of getting more Democrats elected, or stopping economic development in poorer countries, or getting cheaper jeans at Wal-Mart.  They view the importation of tens of millions of immigrants from alien cultures and civilizations as a weapon of war against Western civilization How Capitalism Saved A... Thomas J. Dilorenzo Best Price: $2.41 Buy New $6.93 (as of 03:20 EDT - Details) itself.  This all started some thirty years ago, around the time of the worldwide collapse of socialism.  An opening “salvo” in this war was when the odious race hustler Jesse Jackson traveled to Stanford University to lead a mob of students in the chant, “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go.”  Stanford University dropped Western civilization as a requirement in 1988, and hundreds of other universities followed suit.  Stanford students were no longer to be taught about Western literature, culture, or institutions except for politically-correct denunciations of it by uneducated frauds with degrees in “women’s studies” and the like.  Instead, they are now bombarded with the alleged virtues of “diversity,” diversity, diversity, diversity, and a relentless promotion of government-enforced “equality” of all types.  The most vulgar, f-bomb-laced “rap” lyric chants are said to be of equal cultural value to the Bible and Shakespeare, for example.

On the other coast around the same time, the Bass family of Texas donated $20 million to their alma mater, Yale University, with the intent of having the university fund a few endowed chairs in Western civilization for Yale students.  The Bass family was blindsided when the faculty protested so vehemently that Yale gave the money back.

The importation of millions of (easy-to-corral politically) Third-World immigrants from alien cultures is best understood as the natural result of this decades-long plan by the Marxist left, the leftovers of communism and their intellectual progeny, to destroy Western civilization.  They do not care a whit what it will be replaced with as long as it is accompanied by more and more totalitarian control of society – everything from the banning of privately-owned fire arms, to more pervasive regulation of businesses, a complete government takeover of schooling, government-funded “sex-change” surgery, and state mandates regarding who may and may not pee in the ladies rooms.

The new hordes of Third World immigrants are meant to be the “soldiers” in this war who are expected to provide all the political support needed because: 1) they will be bought off with welfare; and 2) they will remain ignorant of the importance of a free society and the ideas taken from Western civilization that support it, thanks to the PC-ization of education.  That’s the plan, anyway.  Will we allow these neo-communists to destroy our country and our civilization?