LGBT Activists' War on Privacy, Dignity, and Common Decency

The latest victim of the PC crowd’s intolerance and intimidation tactics has been sports analyst and former Red Sox player Curt Schilling, who was released from ESPN. His crime? He wrote a sarcastic Facebook post on recent transgender, public restroom, and shower controversies.

Merely promoting common decency and civility, Schilling sympathizes with the ladies in the ladies room who are uncomfortable with males intruding into their ladies room. But Schilling’s indiscretion is a no-no for the PC crowd, apparently.

The colleges and public schools seem to be brainwashing the young to believe and accept the latest LGBT nonsense. “Social Justice Warriors,” as the activists seem to be called today, are really anti-social and their activism consists of the use of aggression, intrusiveness, and coercion — certainly not tolerance, and the idea of live and let live.

How did our society get to this point, in which males are being given the right to access the ladies room?

Legally, a big step toward such societal irrationality occurred with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Americans chose to ignore the moral violation by the State of private property rights and freedom of association when the Civil Rights Act enmeshed private property along with government-controlled functions. So there are “public accommodations” laws in which even private business owners may not discriminate against someone based on one’s color or race, or one’s sex or national origin.

But when anti-discrimination laws now include certain groups based on their lifestyles and private sexual activities, that is an entirely different matter. The legal activism is the activists’ way of forcing not only social acceptance but forcing access into the private lives and private property of others.

The activists are becoming increasingly personal now. Such legal inclusions are now becoming personally invasive of the private activities and moral beliefs of the activists’ victims.

You see, the subjects of private bathroom or showering activities, nudity, sexuality and sexual-oriented lifestyles are very uncomfortable subjects for some people. That is because those are private matters. They are personal matters.

The activists say that traditionalists have a problem with their sexuality and their bodies, when no, it is those on the left who have the problem. Not only do the LGBT activists and their leftist cohorts show a lack of decency and discretion, and a lack of understanding of privacy and dignity in regards to human sexuality, but they now seem to side with intruders and invaders.

There have now been many lawsuits by LGBT activists against private businesses such as a bakery run by Bible-believing Christians who didn’t want to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. The absurdity of forcing the bakers to have to do extra labor for someone whose lifestyle the bakers personally oppose became even more absurd when Gov. Gary Johnson was asked at a recent “Libertarian” Party debate whether a Jewish baker should have to bake a Nazi wedding cake, and he answered, “That would be my contention, yes.”

Well excuse me, Gary, but if you’re going to call yourself a “libertarian,” then you should at least understand the basic principles of freedom of thought and conscience, private property rights and voluntary association, no?

For those who believe in freedom and the idea of live and let live, of course, the Jewish baker or Christian baker or atheist baker should not have to bake a cake for anyone for whom he does not want to bake a cake. If prospective consumers don’t like that, they can go to a different baker. Which is exactly what most of those same-sex couples who sued bakers, photographers, and florists, did.

But, despite finding businesses who would serve them, the activists nevertheless felt it necessary to take innocent people to court for no good reason. Those lawsuits are the actions of bullies, those bent on coercion and intimidation. These activists are the ones who turn to the aggressive armed forced of the State to carry out their demands on others.

In contrast, those who say, “Okay, you don’t want to bake a cake for me, so I will go to a different baker. And that’s the end of that,” are the ones who believe in live and let live and who behave with a sense of common decency.

And now the transgender issue, and the various laws and bills regarding public bathrooms and locker rooms/showers. Transgender people are those who identify as the sex or gender opposite of what they really are biologically. It is not that an anatomical male is really a female, but that he believes or says he is a female. In my opinion, a lot of these people just seem brainwashed especially by their early school teachers, mentors, friends, family members, and social media.

Besides the courts, apparently teachers, students, and families seem very accepting of a teenager who was born female but says she is a male and wants to use the males’ facilities in the school. But how are all these people developing such acceptance of this Orwellian nonsense?

Just a few examples of the influencing factors from recent years include laws mandating schools teach only positive perspectives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, “anti-bullying” laws being expanded to outlaw criticism of homosexuality in schools and force “diversity training,” and the Obama administration’s promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism at the kindergarten level. There have even been training videos for activist teachers in the public schools on how to indoctrinate the kids. So the influences aren’t just coming from pop culture and social media, that’s for sure.

A few days ago this lady called the Howie Carr Show to say that her 14-year-old is transgender. The caller said that she knew this since he (or she) was 4. I was hoping that the caller was just one of those local comedians who calls talk shows and fools people, but that was not the case here. Oh, well.

And that reminded me of this Boston Globe op-ed by a lady who refers to her daughter as her “son” and as “he” when her daughter really is a “she.” So the lady is raising her daughter as a boy even though the child is only 5 years old. Can you believe this?

It is just disgraceful what some “adults” are doing to their kids psychologically, out of ignorance or ideology, or for other irrational reasons. Some people even think that this should be considered a form of child abuse as well. Are there really a lot of parents like this?

Dr. Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins Hospital has pointed out that 70-80% of children expressing transgender feelings had shed such feelings over time. They did so naturally, as a natural part of the course of childhood. Perhaps patience really is a virtue. And perhaps the Globe op-ed writer mom might consider that as it is not too late given the child is only 5 years old. Just sayin’.

Dr. McHugh also noted that transgender people have shown higher rates of depression and suicide following gender reassignment surgery. Again, however, the controversy now is surrounding mostly those who haven’t had such surgical procedures, but merely those who believe or say they really are someone of the opposite sex.

The bottom line here is that the transgender ideology is doing great harm to children and to future generations. What we really need are a return to respect for the dignity of others and for private property rights, and, most of all, we need to get rid of government schools!