Who Scares America More?

This is a certainty: Donald Trump would be the next chancellor if he were running for office in Germany. Mass assaults on German women by recently arrived Muslim Arabs have finally managed to change even the inherited-guilt German mind. Let’s take it from the top: Germany took in more than a million Muslims last August and September, and continues to do so following Angela Merkel’s reckless policy of open borders and generous free housing and benefits to all migrants, most of whom pose as refugees.

Americans are in general unaware of the catastrophic EU migrant policies. The reason for this is pseudo-reporting by The New York Times and other lefty media who claim dire demographic implosion in Western Europe unless African and Middle Eastern swarms are allowed in. Actually this is the biggest con since those ghastly wind turbines made some people billionaires while turning beautiful regions into horror-movie sets. Afghan, Middle Eastern, and African migrants have already managed to overwhelm Europe’s fragile economies and—in the case of Britain, France, Belgium, and Germany—have done away with national cultures. (Christmas was the first casualty, as celebrating it was seen as insensitive to other creeds.)

And it gets better. Although the assailants in Cologne and Hamburg were young and Arabic-looking and spoke neither German nor English, media reports failed to stress the fact, not wanting to focus attention on the million-plus arrivals. The government was content to play along. The reason for the attacks was a simple one: Muslim men and their culture look down on women and, unless they are covered up like zombies, treat them as sexual objects. After groping the women, insulting them, and calling them whores, these brave males also stole their mobile telephones and wallets. Then they proceeded to throw firecrackers into the crowds celebrating New Year’s Eve. Do you now get, dear readers, why Donald Trump would be a shoo-in?

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