Guest Post: A Trump "Morning In America"

Submitted by starfcker via The Burning Platform blog,

This week marks a seminal shift in the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. This is the week the establishment rolled over and began to accept that he is their front runner. The wild attacks and blatant put downs will be muted from here on out as the establishment struggles to come to grips with their new reality. Trump has proven to be an immensely popular and muscularly resilient candidate. He has survived fire that would have killed any ordinary candidate.

His reward will be to watch a batch of the so-called serious candidates be exiled to the sidelines. The Rick Perrys of the world, the Lindsay Grahams of the world, were valuable to the establishment at 5% support. They have no value at 0%. 5%, 10 times could have allowed an unpopular Jeb Bush to win a lot of primaries with a surprisingly low percentage of the vote, as long as the minor candidates siphoned off some of the rest. With a half of dozen of them at 0%, that strategy is toast.

Republican kingmakers are nothing if not pragmatic, they want results for their money. They aren’t getting it. They are unhappy. They are angry. But like a chameleon changing colors, they want to be on the winning side. They all know Trump, they also know they can deal with Trump, so they will. The Blitzkrieg is over. Trump survived. The establishment sacrificed many of their finest media plants this past weekend. Every one of them ended up looking like exactly what they are, cheap desperate prostitutes, willing to say whatever was required of them, as long as their paychecks kept coming .

Media brands that took a dozen years to build, are now damaged goods. Where will Trump take this, who knows? But the man knows how to make a deal, the man knows how to win, and the man knows how to set a mark so people don’t screw with him in the future. It must suck to be Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier, and know that you are shut out from the Trump circus for the indefinite future. May their shows suffer damage as a result? They might, and it’s certainly a fate no one else is going to risk. Lots of bazookas got laid down at their feet by the mercenary media this week. They took their best coordinated shot at him, and failed. CNN doesn’t have the ratings muscle to go after him in the next debate the way Fox did. Look for a totally different and much less confrontational take on Donald Trump starting now.

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Reprinted with permission from Zero Hedge.

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