Bartering in a Post-Collapse Society

Hello there, Ready Nutrition-land readers!  We are going to discuss a few fundamentals (the pro’s and con’s) of bartering after the entire world becomes “defunct,” so to speak.  Undoubtedly you have all read or heard something pertaining to the topic and considered the subject in relation to your own preparations.  Bartering actually is more than just a skill: it is an art form that must be cultivated, carefully developed, and maintained.  Akin to marksmanship, it is a “semi-perishable” skill that should be practiced and continuously refined to maintain peak performance.

Barter (simply put) is the ability to exchange a good or service possessed for a good or service desired.  Before the advent of money, people purchased things or services with things or services.  Money arose for several reasons, the main one of them being the growth of interdependent societies where goods and services could be purchased or sold with something that was assigned a unit of value.  Barter differs because there is not a “set” amount to the Coleman 32-oz Premium ... Best Price: null Buy New $13.77 (as of 01:55 EST - Details) exchanged items or services: value is assigned to what is exchanged by the purchaser and the seller.

Great discrepancies can exist in times of barter that are usually dictated by supply and demand, particularly regarding the needs of the buyer and the seller.  So with that, whatcha got?  Are you ready to ride your goods-laden horse-drawn wagon into “Bartertown” or will your operation be a little bit more simplified than that?  Let’s talk about some things that may be bartered.

When trading, you may wish to trade your excess/surplus, and it goes without saying this means to build up your supplies of barter able materials.  Some excellent pieces have come from Selco’s writings of his Survival School, and also from Rawles’ Survival Blog providing detailed lists of things to barter and how to go about doing it.  Upon Rawles’ site was posted a most excellent piece that I consider to be one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded Worthington 303955 20-... Check Amazon for Pricing. articles on the subject, closing with the individual and his/her efforts to barter.

Everyone focuses so much on groupthink, group activity, etc., and in reality there will be many individuals and their families who will remain independent, sovereign groups unto themselves for protection.  I wish to cite part of this article for your perusal regarding individuals.  Here it is:

Lone Wolf: This type of person is a very small minority of the prepper world but they do exist. They are the Lone Wolves with bug out bags at home and in their cars. They plan to “get out of Dodge” and “head for the hills” and become invisible at least until things settle down. For most of us that would be a good way to end up starving or dying of exposure or both. These are not the “wannabe’s” without any other option than to try to make it from a Camco Portable Travel ... Best Price: $64.57 Buy New $70.18 (as of 02:55 EST - Details) metropolis to a state park some place. This is the real deal that most likely can survive this way and are not fooling themselves.  These guys typically have military experience including survival school; they are proficient with weapons as are their “hunter gatherer” skills.

They are in good physical shape or have the capacity to get that way in short order. They are well versed in caches and probably have more than one already stashed.  Ironically they “get” what a group survival retreat is about better than some members of group survival retreats. It’s just that they are not “group” types, they are Lone Wolves.  Their plan is to lay low and remain invisible for six months or so. During that initial period, as time allows, they will conduct reconnaissance to find survival group retreats and functioning homesteads. When the time is right they plan to approach the group in a non threatening manner and offer their services to the group. It would take some time to build the trust but under the right circumstances this type of person could do pretty well in a barter world.

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