Fighting for Your Rights – It’s in Your Court

Dozens of articles have been published in the last few weeks, glorifying the removal of vaccine exemptions. The state of Vermont, whose state motto is, “Freedom and Unity,” voted 85 to 57 to remove the state’s philosophical exemption. Other states under heavy fire are California, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maine. Why should we have to fight so hard to protect our children and our own body from medical tyranny?

But the introduction of the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015 by Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (FL-24) has really got me going. My biggest concern is a sneak attack, like the introduction of the Division E (now called the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, or  PREP Act), introduced by  Senator Bill Frist (R) in 2005. The ground work for Mandatory Vaccination for All was set in motion by this bill – and it was signed and delivered in 2005.

The PREP Act was not a separate piece of legislation. It was attached literally at the 11th hour to a Defense Appropriations Bill that had already been voted on and passed – and most of the legislators had already departed for Christmas break. The language provided complete insulation for pharmaceutical companies not only for bird flu products, but for nearly any future fast-tracked vaccine or medication. The drug companies can create a product that can kill you – and you have no recourse unless you can convince the Attorney General that they ‘intentionally’ tried to kill you. We could see more deaths of adults and children as time goes on, like the sad scenario of children in Mexico, … if we remove all rights to refuse.

This is a quote from chapter 10 of my book, FOWL:

The nefarious language that Congressman Obey used objecting to the “Division E” addendum deserved every bit of his tirade. Even Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) commented, ‘Generally around here we measure who the winners are and who the losers are, and we have seen over the period of the last year, year and a half, how the drug companies come out [winners] time and time again, but never, never, ever, ever like they have with this sweetheart deal.’[i]  

[i] Dodge, Catherine. 22 December 2005.

Fast forward: 2015

I’ve been digging through the Healthy People 2020 guidelines, focusing on the sections written for immunizations. Now that I understand it,  I see  “Health People” referenced in almost every vaccine article and CDC document I read. Previously, my eyes just glossed over that phrase; it just never registered.

Some of the HP2020 goals, like increasing seat belt and helmet utilization, smoking cessation, lowering infant mortality, etc, are actually good for Society as a whole. But as far has vaccination policy goes, HP2020 is, in my opinion, the most insidious, sinister plot yet created by HHS to force us to give up our right to refuse a vaccine and invade our privacy.

I will say it again: Public Health is out of control. It has usurped the practice of medicine and is very close to destroying what is left of the doctor-patient relationship.  

Strategists Invited! We need a plan…

It’s doubtful we will permanently defeat these bills unless we find a way drive a stake through the heart of TRUE Beast: The HealthyPeople 2020  Immunization  Guidelines. Maybe we’ll defeat the introduced bills this year, but they will regroup, come back with more funding, more human power, stronger bills next session ….or next year. Or the next. They have five years to drive the final nails into the proverbial coffin of our rights to refuse the next 300+ vaccines in the pipeline. A friend of mine on a Basecamp list summed it up this way: 

“As long as vaccines are perceived to be harmless, mandates will be considered to be harmless. Just an inconvenience. They will just be forcing people to do something good for them they don’t like, like eating your vegetables.”

The difference, of course, vegetables truly are good for you and unless you’re allergic to the carrots, will cause no harm.

We wear ourselves out testifying at hearings. We write articles, put up websites and use social media to post articles about vaccine damaged boys and girls. We take pride in our actions and activities, feeling like Good Soldiers, doing what we can to “convince” fellow humans called legislators about our Rights. It’s all a distraction. It’s a toy they allow us to play with. Even the Trolls are a distraction, keeping us “busy” while HSS and Pharma move the ball closer to the end zone.


They will watch our responses and craft tactics to neutralize our efforts. This plan has been evolving for at least 35 years. In the end, they will sit back and gloat over their “accomplishments.” There has to be a financial pay back or pay off beyond what is admitted. There’s too much effort going in to achieving these arbitrary goals for it to be only about humanitarian reasons of making people ‘healthy.’

It’s like watching a scene from the movie Star Wars – we’re fighting the dozens of little space ships flying at us, occupying all our attention and using up all our bullets , but we’re not going after the Mother Ship. Those sitting in the Control Room on the Mother Ship curl their sneering lips, and conjure up an evil laugh. We are a small annoyance to the Beast, barking at it with articles, debates etc. We’re barely nipping at its toes.


We need a strategy to go after the heart of the Beast, the HP2020 goals AND the the laws that completely shield the vaccine industry from liability. That is the Mother Lode. I wonder what NSA is hearing, eaves dropping on the side bar conversations and late night phone calls between state and national legislators and their pharma overlords. I can only imagine what is being discussed: the loss of money, grants, personal power in their states, or losing their jobs and threats on their families unless they pass laws to remove our right to refuse. It could be a real life movie script or TV show (did you see the rant about the Cabal on the finale of The Black List?) All the testimonies, science, and personal stories of vaccine disasters do not outweigh the whispers with the oligarchy who rule it all.

As dismal as all that sounds, we have to keep the fighting the Good Fight. We must keep lobbying, writing letters, making calls. We never know when the 100th monkey will show up and tip the cart.

Because if we quit? They win by default.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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