This Food Works as Well as Statins to Lower Cholesterol

And This is How Much You Need

Is it possible that the common tomato can do as good a job at lowering cholesterol as statin drugs, and do so for only a fraction of the cost and without horrid side effects? Recent research from Australia is showing the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

These researchers found that 25 mg of lycopene, a carotenoid found in tomatoes, is effective in reducing LDL cholesterol by about 10%. This is comparable to the effect of statin drugs at low doses in patients with modestly elevated cholesterol levels.

The Synergy Company Pu... Check Amazon for Pricing. So how many tomatoes would have to be consumed to get 25 mg of lycopene? Surprisingly, drinking about six ounces of tomato juice on a daily basis would do it!

This study evaluated information from other studies done across the globe over a period of more than five decades. It assessed the relationship between lycopene, the phytochemical giving tomatoes their bright red coloration, and cholesterol levels to draw its conclusions.

The researchers credited lycopene for its antioxidant capacity that retards the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, characterized as ‘bad’ cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is supposedly behind atherosclerosis and lipid peroxidation, meaning the degradation of fats, oils and triglycerides by oxygen. Though this cholesterol myth has widely been disrupted, many individuals still feel good about lowering bad cholesterol through utilizing health-boosting, natural solutions.

The study concludes:

“Our meta-analysis suggests that lycopene taken in doses ≥25mg daily is effective in reducing LDL cholesterol by about 10% which is comparable to the effect of low doses of statins in patient with slightly elevated cholesterol levels. More research is needed to confirm suggested beneficial effects on total serum cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.”

There’s More to Tomatoes than Lowered Cholesterol

Many types of cancer are initiated by chronic oxidative stress and inflammation. This has made the tomato a superstar in cancer research for its high antioxidant levels and its ability to suppress inflammation.

So far, the most ink has been spent documenting the relationship between prostate cancer and the tomato. The verdict is in – that lycopene from tomatoes reduces cancer risk. Researchers are now busy Lakewood Pure Tomato, ... Buy New $21.81 (as of 10:05 EST - Details) documenting why that is so.

One recently released study has identified gene expression patterns associated with development of prostate cancer which are impacted by lycopene in tomatoes. Study authors noted several mechanisms by which tomatoes and lycopene may be documented in the future, including stem cell features.

Of particular interest is alpha-tomatine, another phytochemical found in green tomatoes that has exhibited the ability to promote apoptosis (appropriate cell death) in already-formed prostate cancer cells, and change metabolic activity in prostate cancer cells that are just developing.

Alpha-tomatine has also been studied for its healing properties in non-small cell lung cancer. Researchers found that non-toxic levels of alpha-tomatine significantly suppressed adhesion, invasion, migration, and metastasis of cancerous cells.

A connection between lycopene’s antioxidant properties and bone health has been documented as well. When dietary sources of lycopene were removed for four weeks in postmenopausal women, they showed increased oxidative stress in their bones and regression in bone tissue that increased their risk for osteoporosis.

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