Tin Foil Hat For Your Phone

Most of us carry surveillance devices with us at all times. The East German Stasi could not have dreamed of a better system of surveillance than cell phones. Your phone probably knows more about you than you know about yourself. You need a tin foil hat for your phone.

Your location and movements can be tracked by triangulating the signal from your phone with multiple cell towers. The GPS capabilities of your phone allows even more precise tracking. The same is true of the wifi signals that reach your phone. Police drive around picking up info from cell phones in range.

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There are easy ways to limit cell phone surveillance without sacrificing the incredible usefulness of your cell phone. And it only costs a few bucks.

A Faraday shield blocks electromagnetic waves from penetrating the shield. You can buy a great Faraday shield for your phone, or even make, a simple pouch for your cell phone that will act as a tin foil hat for your phone and block all tracking of your phone while it is in the pouch.

Going to a pro democracy rally in eastern Ukraine? Pop your phone in the pouch before you go. Heading to Ferguson Missouri to protest police? Use a Faraday shield pouch. You can’t receive calls while in the pouch, but it gives you control over who knows where you’ve been. Its a tin foil hat for your phone that actually works!

Reprinted with permission from HowToVanish.com.

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